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Alex Khryplyvyi

Head of Web Department, ProCoders

Experience: 10 Years in IT

Alex brings over 10 years of IT experience to his role as the Head of the Web Department at ProCoders. Starting his career as a web developer, Alex has evolved into a pivotal leader who now manages a team that has successfully rolled out hundreds of projects.

In frontend development, Alex has mastered creating cross-browser compatible HTML/CSS from PSD designs, ensuring that all web pages look consistent across different platforms. He is also adept at developing and enhancing scripts using various technologies, including JavaScript, jQuery, Vue, Angular, and React, which allows him to refine and adapt solutions to meet specific project needs.

On the backend, Alex’s proficiency extends to building robust website infrastructures using multiple frameworks and technologies such as PHP with Laravel, Symfony, Yii, and particularly WordPress CMS, which he has used to develop numerous large-scale projects. 

His expertise also includes integrating various third-party APIs—such as Google Maps, PayPal, Amazon, and RESTful services—to enhance websites' functionality and user experience. 

Furthermore, Alex is skilled in synchronizing multiple databases for systems like CRM and accounting automation, ensuring smooth operation and data integrity across platforms.

Instrumental in driving the growth and success of ProCoders and its partners, Alex brings strategic leadership and technical innovation to the forefront. His strong skill set includes not only web development but also:

  • sales management
  • project planning
  • marketing

In 10 years, a passionate web developer transformed into a leader of 20+ successful startup projects. Alex is a valuable member of the team, helping ProCoders enhance client satisfaction by transforming their visions into reality with expertise in web technology and team leadership.

“If you have difficult implementation tasks and doubts about their realization, let me and the ProCoders team handle them. I’ll make the project live in the highest-quality way according to all the latest trends.”

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