Overview of Average ReactJS Developers Salaries

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Feb 10, 2022
Overview of Average ReactJS Developers Salaries

With this overview of ReactJS Developer Salaries, you’ll know what developers earn, worldwide.

Advantages of React.js are undeniable. It is one of the world’s most popular frontend frameworks, built with JavaScript, one of the most widely used and loved programming languages. No wonder there are a lot of popular React JS websites around the world. With this in mind, you’d think that ReactJS developers would be easy to find and employ. But with more companies than ever building in this framework, developers have their pick of employers to choose from. And the ReactJS average salary continues to rise.

Big money

So, when you plan your IT resources for the year, how much can you expect to spend for top talent? Should you hire ReactJS developers directly for your staff, or should you seek help from an outsourcing firm like ProCoders? Let’s take a closer look at how market forces are affecting ReactJS jobs and salaries worldwide.

ReactJS Developer’s Salaries Market Overview

Demand for ReactJS developers is strong, and that has driven steady growth in ReactJS salaries around the world. In fact, Robert Half reported in 2017 that ReactJS jobs salary will increase by 6.2 percent, year over year through 2025. ReactJS average salaries are now higher than the average growth of salaries for generalized IT positions.

With economic uncertainty and more companies working remotely, IT Salaries are actually increasing faster than predicted with huge variability depending on the market, and the company where companies are working, according to the 2021 salary survey from Hired. For instance, the global average salary increased by 6,2%, and although in the US the average growth is -1.1%, in some states the salaries increased more than by 2.3%.

So, while the job market remains variable, strong demand will mean ReactJS developers come at a premium price, as companies recruit them on their in-house IT teams, contract firms compete to add them to their talent pool, or ReactJS developers themselves decide to take on multiple contract clients.

Employers are getting creative to make their offers stand out, adding perks such as performance bonuses, signing bonuses, travel allowances, catered meals, and more. And keep in mind, startup companies are competing just as hard for their IT talent as larger, more established corporations with well-established benefits plans. So, no matter what the size of your enterprise, be prepared to pay for your coding talent.

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ReactJS Salary Depending on Skills

How much salary should your company estimate for a junior programmer? A full stack engineer? A senior, or middle-skilled ReactJS developer? Whether you’re making a new hire for your IT department, or you’re hiring contract talent at an hourly rate, ReactJS average salaries are paid according to the level of their skills and experience.

The variance in that salary estimate can be substantial. Take, for instance, this recent snapshot of salary ranges from job site Neuvoo for ReactJS developers in the US. From low to high skill levels, salary levels can vary by as much as 100 percent.

Reac.js developers' salaries in the U.S.
Source: neuvoo.com

This chart breaks it down by skill and title level, based ones the latest numbers from the United States. It also shows hourly rates, which vary just as much by skill level as the ReactJS Developer salary:

JS developers'salaries comparing

ReactJS Salary Depending on Country

A ReactJS developer salary will vary widely by country. The cost of living in the US, western Europe, and Canada is far higher than it is in other countries, such as Ukraine, India, or the Philippines.

ReactJS Developer, working in a countryAverage Salary
United Kingdom$100,800
Sources: Indeed.com, Ziprecruiter.com, Neuvoo.com

Where to Find ReactJS Developers for Your Project

The ReactJS average salary’s variance can offer some solutions for employers who can’t afford to bring on full-time staff in their native country. Hire offshore developers in low-cost countries and you definitely cut your expenses.

Advertising for remote employees or outsourced project-based hires on major platforms like Indeed.com, ziprecruiter.com, or neuvoo.com is one way to go about finding candidates. However, there’s a significant human resources lift necessary to find, interview, onboard, train, and manage these hires.

Your company can maximize its international IT team by using outsourcing or outstaffing firms. Many outstaffing and outsourcing companies can help connect employers with talent in lower-cost countries such as Ukraine. ProCoders is one of those companies, providing our clients with lower cost, high-quality coders on a project basis.

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Why Should You Do Your IT Outstaffing with ProCoders?

ProCoders is located in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv — an economic center well known for its concentration of high-tech schools. And ProCoders builds on a ready pool of talent by offering extensive mentoring and on-the-job training, so our people are well versed in as many programming languages, libraries and frameworks as possible.

Best of all, the comparatively low cost of living in Kharkiv means ReactJS jobs salaries are lower than they would be, even in other major cities in Ukraine.

Still undecided? Consider these facts about Ukraine as an IT outstaffing hub:

  • According to Outsourcing Journal, Ukraine was the #1 outsourcing market in Eastern Europe;
  • It’s among the top 20 offshore locations in EMEA (Gartner);
  • Ukraine boasts 200,000 IT professionals, 36,000 Tech Graduates Annually, and 110 Multinational R&D Centers;
  • 80 percent of Ukrainian developers speak English;

When you work with ProCoders for your outstaffing, you’ll get instant access to the talent you need, as well as project managers who can manage that staff, providing you with a truly turnkey process. If you want to manage the team directly, we can help you onboard remote talent and work with them now, too.


A ReactJS jobs salary can vary widely depending on the country the employee is from, their skill level, and the type of job you need your developer to do. Here at ProCoders, we would love to discuss your IT staffing needs with you. With our deep base of ReactJS talent, all stationed here in Ukraine, we can help you meet your business goals for less. Simply fill out the form below, and we can arrange a free consultation!

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