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With over 9 years in developing high-quality web apps and sites, our React experts can build an easy-to-optimize site for higher rankings, greater visibility, and maximized conversion potential.

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    Proven Benefits of SEO for React Apps

    Good SEO for React apps draws traffic and drives growth. It increases conversions and revenue. More benefits we at ProCoders have noticed are:

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    Higher rankings for relevant keywords
    Increased site authority and trust signals
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    More qualified visitors from Google and other search engines
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    Lower cost per acquisition than paid ads
    Future-proof marketing channel that improves over time

    SEO in React JS is crucial if you want your project to reach full potential.

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    The 6 Benefits ProCoders React Developers Bring to SEO

    During our practice, we’ve noticed that React component architecture and rendering process lend themselves well to building SEO-friendly projects. Here are the main benefits of the framework:


    Server side rendering for faster initial page loads


    Efficient re-rendering without full page refreshes


    Easy management of SEO data like titles/meta with React Helmet


    Automated sitemap generation with React Router


    Automatic code splitting and route-based chunking to optimize page speed


    Accessible components improve SEO through semantic HTML

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    Let ProCoders Contribute to Your Team

    At ProCoders, our expert in-house team brings together the full suite of talent needed to build exceptional websites using React. With over 120 specialists – including developers, designers, project managers, and QA testers – we have the skills to match your precise requirements.
    Every team member passes through rigorous screening to verify both their technical capabilities and soft skills. This selective process ensures we provide the highest caliber of web development services.

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    Our process delivers better search results through:

    • SSR implementation for faster indexing through Next JS framework
    • Migration act to Next to improve other SEO metrics
    • Code improvements enhancing crawlability
    • Sitemap setup to guide search bots
    • Speed optimization via caching, compression, code splitting to improve Core Web Vitals
    • Accessibility testing using automated tools

    Why ProCoders

    01. Trustworthiness

    At ProCoders, we pride ourselves on clear and transparent communication so you always know what to expect. We provide realistic projections of the value we can deliver.

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    Why ProCoders

    02. Commitment

    Our team is dedicated to investing the time and effort needed to understand your business, meet your needs, and hit key milestones. We are committed to your success.


    Why ProCoders

    03. Results-Driven

    By delivering impressive search engine results that boost clients’ growth with our expert optimization, we earn enthusiastic recommendations. Our reputation grows in tandem with the success of our clients.

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    Don’t Leave Your Project’s Potential Untapped! Let Our Developers Make It Easy-to-Optimize and Closer to Success!

    The ProCoders Method

    Is React good for SEO? Yes, given the right implementation. The crucial steps in ProCoders work are:



    Industry: Software Development

    Tech stack: Node.js, ReactJS, WP

    Launching a new SaaS requires extensive development resources. To accelerate time-to-market for their product’s web pages, frontegg partnered with ProCoders to engage expert remote developers.

    The agile engineers from ProCoders enabled frontegg to swiftly deliver a polished website positioning their SaaS for success. Our customizable CMS solution provided them with a scalable foundation capable of supporting future growth.

    What Our Clients Say

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    Eldad Giladi
    Full Stack Team Leader, frontegg

    We never got a no from them, they said they can do anything, and they really do.

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    Vetz Petz

    The design style was amazing and they really nailed our brief.

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    UX & Web Manager
    eLearning Platform

    Their service was excellent, and the price was better than the competitors we looked at.; Even though our lead developer left the team, we still launched the project on time – it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

    What’s Next?

    First Contact

    We establish contact and make arrangements for our next engagement.


    To safeguard sensitive information, our team signs Non-Disclosure Agreements prior to discussing confidential project specifics.

    1.5-Hour Workshop

    If you need a self-managed dedicated team, we schedule a FREE workshop that lasts 1.5-2 hours where we talk about your project and its needs.

    Discovery Phase

    For full-scale development, we thoroughly analyze the project, budget, and timeline to create a detailed roadmap tailored to your goals.

    Developer Assigning

    We meticulously match our experts to your project, then connect you with the candidates so you can interview and confirm the perfect fit.

    Website Development

    Following the agreed upon roadmap, our developers deliver regular progress updates, mitigate risks proactively, and ensure fluid communication through your chosen channels.

    Monthly Billing

    Clients can easily pay monthly for developer services through our straightforward, convenient billing process.

    Let Our Experts Partner for Your Success!


    Is React JS SEO friendly?

    Yes, React SEO friendly features are available with the right implementation. ProCoders can help you build a website that is fast and convenient to optimize.

    Why is SEO important for React projects?

    SEO is important for any web project as it helps with brand visibility and traffic increase. Your React applications get found organically, driving sustainable growth in traffic, leads, and sales. Gladly, it’s an SEO-friendly framework, and ProCoders can help you make your project more convenient to optimize to Google Search’ likings.

    What are some of the best practices for SEO React JS? How to make React website SEO friendly?

    React SEO best practices include server-side rendering, title/meta management, sitemaps, page speed optimizations, accessibility, keyword-optimized content, etc.

    How fast can you provide a developer for me?

    3-14 days, depending on the kind of engineer you need and who we have available. ProCoders’ goal is to match you with someone who’s perfect for your project. This means a match in technical and soft skills, as well as your industry vertical.

    What are some of the React SEO problems?

    Common SEO issues are React’s non-semantic markup, no sitemaps, limiting robots directives, suboptimal page speed, JavaScript elements being difficult to crawl, and overuse of client side routing. All of this can hinder search engine optimization if not properly addressed through recommended practices.

    Can SEO with React attract more customers to my business?

    Absolutely. An expert can help draw more qualified buyers to your site by improving search rankings and visibility. An optimized website elevates your brand, drives relevant organic traffic, and boosts conversions. Partnering with us enables tapping into a powerful customer acquisition channel. Discover how our SEO services can expand your customer base.

    nd your customer base.

    When choosing an optimization provider, seek proven expertise optimizing sites in your niche with modern practices. Look for transparent reporting, competitive pricing tailored to your goals, and positive recommendations. An ethical white-hat approach focused on long-term growth is also key.

    What results can I expect from React JS SEO optimization services?

    An increase in organic traffic, lower cost per lead/sale, and greater brand visibility are just some of the benefits of our React SEO optimization approach.

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