PDF Summarization with ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide for Long Texts
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ChatGPT PDF summary apps are powerful tools that can help people process information quickly and accurately. This approach is very helpful for students through learning apps, as well as employee and customer education through learning software (if we’re talking about business use).

It can save time, energy, and even money by simplifying document analysis. Adding this AI chat feature can boost productivity, improve sales, and increase revenue. ChatGPT’s summarization capabilities are easy to use, making it a great tool for anyone looking to make the most of their time.

So, can you upload documents to ChatGPT? What tools to use? How to do it properly? ProCoders has a guide ready for you!

Why Is Summarization with ChatGPT Useful?

Why is it beneficial to use ChatGPT PDF summary?
  • Saves time – condensed versions of large texts will save time on search of the key points.
  • Filters out clutter – no unnecessary sentences watering down your text. Use this feature while integrating ChatGPT for customer service.
  • Allows for a quick reference – using a summary as a reference when creating content is quite beneficial, especially when you need to maintain one message throughout multiple blog and social media posts.

So, how to use a ChatGPT summarizer for PDF files? We have a step-by-step for you, making the process even easier by using a Python script.

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How to Summarize PDF Files with ChatGPT and Python

To summarize PDF ChatGPT using Python script, ProCoders recommend this step-by-step process:

Step 1: Convert the PDF file into a text file using a Python script

The script preprocesses the data in order to better understand the content of the PDF, which makes it easier for ChatGPT to summarize it accurately. The conversion time depends on the size of the document, so you may need to wait.

How to summarize PDF ChatGPT?

Step 2: Slice the text into chunks

By breaking up a large block of text into more manageable segments, it becomes easier to generate summaries that are more readable and digestible by the users. Generally, 10-20 sentences per chunk are recommended for optimal results. 

Step 3: Summarize each of the chunks

After breaking the text into smaller, more manageable chunks, use a ChatGPT PDF summarizer to give each one a unique summary. The summaries for all of the individual chunks are then merged into one final summary.

Step 4: Write a new summary from the merged chunks

As you get ChatGPT to summarize PDF chunks, creating a new whole summary enables the algorithm to process the text quickly without losing any important concepts. It combines similar sentences to ensure the main key points remain, unlike the clutter around them.

Step 6: Generate content from the summary

The summary serves as the foundation for drafting step-by-step guides, blog posts, and prompts. Through this method, GPT-3 is able to generate more significant messages that are individualized for each user.

So, it’s quite easy to summarize PDF with ChatGPT. You can skip the slicing part if you want to, but the result may not be as concise and to the point. So, there you have two approaches to try. But how to upload documents to Chat GPT?

Special tools like the ones on the list below should help you with it.

Best Tools to Summarize PDF with ChatGPT

Can ChatGPT summarize a PDF? Yes, with the help of special tools.


One of the many features of the solution is its ability to summarize PDFs using Artificial Intelligence (AI). To do this, they use OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to automatically recognize and extract the main points of any document.


This application offers users an easy way to summarize PDF documents with the help of ChatGPT’s AI capabilities. Not only does it allow for quick conversion, but also guarantees the safety and privacy of confidential information as every uploaded document is obliterated after 60 minutes or less.

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Why Opt for an Alternative to Regular ChatGPT for Summarization?

Aside from ChatGPT not being able to extract text from PDF files, there are more limitations to consider:

  • Oversimplification – Due to the absence of critical-thinking capabilities, ChatGPT tends to simplify information, potentially omitting vital details. Fact-checking remains necessary.
  • Inaccurate output – ChatGPT’s responses can sound plausible but may lack accuracy. You’ll need to recheck generated summaries rather than relying solely on them.
  • Token limits – The free GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 have a token limit of 4,096 (about 3,000 words), sufficient for most news articles but not ideal for summarizing larger content. Longer texts may require the advanced GPT-4 model.

Nevertheless, there’s an effective solution. Allow us to introduce our ChatGPT summarizing approach, ensuring better results:

Get Better Results with This Summarizing Technique

How to get the best results with This Summarizing Technique?

Split the input text into smaller segments. The smaller, the better, because the GPT’s ability to understand sentences and maintain important details lowers with text volume growth. Summarize small parts of the content, providing context before creating the final chunk to generate a comprehensive summary without missing important details.

When necessary, write a concise prompt for the bot, emphasizing the significance of retaining all important details of the text. By following this approach, you can achieve accurate and comprehensive summaries using GPT technology.

Can ChatGPT summarize a PDF?

Yes, if you use special services to scan the PDF and transform it into text. There are also tools that will help you read and summarize the files on the spot, without the need to paste the text into ChatGPT.

Is Chat GPT’s text summarization technology reliable?

As an AI language model, it can generate decent text summaries based on patterns learned from large amounts of data. However, it should be noted that the result’s quality depends on a lot of factors, including the complexity of the input text, its length, and specific nuances of the writing style.

Are there any limitations to Chat GPT’s text summarization tool?

Yes. Those include the length of text, understanding limit, bias from the data AI trained on, lack of citations, lack of human judgment, and more.


Overall, using ChatGPT and Python for document summarization can be a powerful time saver for entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and anyone else who may have to go through large amounts of information. 

Custom apps used to upload PDF documents, analyze them, and create summaries can help you in a lot of niches, from customer support to employee onboarding or pitching a new product to sponsors. ProCoders can help you by creating such a unique tool according to your business goals!

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