Revolutionizing PDF Reading: ChatGPT’s AI for Easy Information Extraction
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ChatGPT is an exciting new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with documents and data. It is a natural language processing (NLP) system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and interpret texts. 

This technology helps to interact with data in a more natural manner, allowing us to get more use out of our documents. It gathers 25 million daily visits with over a billion users as of February, 2023.

One great way to take advantage of ChatGPT is by using it in PDF reader projects. The latter allows users to quickly and easily extract information from PDF files.

Such a solution minimizes human errors, speeds up dealing with a lot of data, and saves your staff from burnout because of routine tasks.

Is this something you need for personal work or business? We at ProCoders decided to amp up our research in this direction, presenting you an overview of the best ChatGPT PDF reader options in the market, their perks for corporate and personal use, and a how-to for these innovative tools.

It’s time to start using new tech to benefit your business!

ChatGPT: Why You May Need It

Business benefits of ChatGPT are increasing.

More businesses should take advantage of innovative technologies to increase awareness and revenue, however, many think it won’t be useful.

ProCoders is here to debunk the myth. Potential applications for ChatGPT PDF summary and other applications include academic and legal research, as well as business intelligence. Here are some functions of a ChatGPT PDF extension you may find useful for corporate and personal goals:

  • Document summarization.
    ChatGPT can analyze and summarize the contents of PDF files, providing concise summaries that capture the main ideas and key points. This can be useful for quickly reviewing lengthy documents or for generating executive summaries.
  • Information extraction.
    ChatGPT can extract relevant information from PDF documents, such as names, dates, addresses, and other important details. This can be helpful for automating data entry tasks, extracting info for analysis, or generating reports.
  • Keyword search.
    ChatGPT can process PDF documents and provide keyword search capabilities, allowing users to quickly locate specific information within the documents. This can be useful for researchers, students, or professionals who need to find specific info in large PDF files.
  • Language translation.
    ChatGPT can translate text in PDF documents, increasing your company’s international capabilities. This can be helpful for international business communication, a customer-centric approach to all kinds of how-tos and product descriptions, or academic research.
  • Text-to-speech.
    ChatGPT can convert text in PDF documents into speech, allowing users to listen to the contents instead of reading them. This can be helpful for people with visual impairments or for those who prefer to listen to documents while multitasking. It’s a useful feature if you have customers with vision issues.
  • Question answering.
    Can ChatGPT read PDF files? Sure, but not only that. ChatGPT can also answer questions based on the content of those files. This can be useful for referencing specific information in documents or providing more interactive FAQs for your clients.
  • Content generation.
    ChatGPT can generate new content based on provided PDFs. This is a great feature for content creators or writers.

So, all of these features of ChatGPT for PDF can be useful for a business to optimize inner processes, speed up onboarding, and tailor content to clients. But how do these extensions work? Let’s see.

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ChatGPT PDF Reader: How Does It Work

Every ChatGPT and PDF project is unique, so there’s no universal how-to that would fit each app. However, we at ProCoders have used quite a few and have useful tips that suit most readers.

Step 1. Upload PDF to ChatGPT App

To connect ChatGPT to PDF, upload the file or files to the application. Usually, they support any kind of PDFs, including the ones created in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, scanned documents, etc.

Step 2. Document analysis

The Chat will use its NLP capabilities to extract meaningful information from the document and present it in a concise and useful format. It can prioritize the info, ensuring you get only the key points by the end. This is the case if you’re using ChatGPT PDF input for summarizing. You can access other functions via interactive interfaces of the respective apps.

Step 3. Result output

How the output is presented depends on the app and user preferences. It can be voice, plain text, an HTML page, Word or Excel file, etc. Depending on the project, you can create a sharp, professional PDF document, a high-resolution image file, or even an interactive, multimedia presentation. Customized settings will ensure you get the output of the right format, size, and resolution. Then you just export the file and there you go!

The use of ChatGPT PDF summarizer and similar apps is quite user-friendly, so employees and clients of any age and tech skills can use them. The benefits are also clear, so it’s time to present you with a TOP list of such solutions approved by the technical specialists at ProCoders!

ProCoders-Approved ChatGPT PDF Readers on the Market

 It’s time to use new technologies to improve your business.

Here are the products ProCoders is 100% sure will help your business thrive:


Are you interested in creating your own AI solution without having to write lengthy code? Then OmniMind is your best pick. Our top developers will Incorporate ChatGPT algorithms into unique, custom apps and create a knowledge base about your company to impress buyers and get ahead of the competition! PDF readers, customer support chats, etc. – skilled coders are ready to impress you.

The features of OmniMind include:

  • Customization to create a unique project tailored to your company
  • Ability to “feed” the algorithm your own data
  • Personalization
  • Low-code for speedy development and integration

OmniMind can integrate the solution with apps and tech such as Zapier, WooCommerce and Shopify, WordPress, Magento, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

The main advantage of the solution is its versatility. OmniMind’s tech specialists are fluent in the intricacies of the financial, eCommerce, marketing, and other industries, as well as internal operation optimization. It’s low-code, supports 30+ integrations, 50+ content types, and 20+ AI storages.

And did we mention that all your data will be stored within your own resource that we create for you? No third-party storage, unlike the tools you may purchase elsewhere.

From tech support to human error reduction, OmniMind will cover multiple business needs with AI technology.

The main disadvantage is that you need to pay for the services. We wouldn’t really say it’s a con of the platform. After all, specialists create a custom tool for your particular needs. Because of this, the development may also take some time – the crew needs to discuss all your needs and find a way to meet them in a smart way.

The good news is you can get a full technical consultation by contacting the OmniMind team.

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If you’re looking for a way to save time and turn your PDF library into a smart chatbot, AskYourPDF is a decent choice. It lets you talk to your documents, improving learning and understanding of the data presented there.

The main advantage of the solution is its simplicity. All you have to do is upload the document or share a link to it. The tool is also on our list because it saves so much time on working with documentation, editing, proofreading, etc. And should we mention it’s free?

The main disadvantages include not 100% conversations (according to a few user comments) and the fact that you can’t edit the document while using the solution. There’s also a 20MB limit for the files you upload.


Writing a book and want to talk to it for fact check? You can use ChatPDF for that. 3 free files a day are allowed, as well as multiple languages and great security of data.

The feature set is pretty standard – you upload a document and talk to it to find needed information. It’s quick and affordable – a nice fit for writers, students, and any work where you need analysis.

The main advantages include an API, cloud storage for better security, and the ability to delete data after ChatGPT read PDF file.

The disadvantages, though, include the inability to read images and scanned text and the free plan containing only 3 file conversations a day.


Genei will make research easier as a result of ChatGPT reading PDF files and summarizing them for your convenience. The solution also helps create blog posts, reports, and other documents in a couple of clicks.

The service uses include:

  • Importing, viewing, analysis, and summarization of PDF files
  • Ability to leave notes within the interface
  • File storage
  • Generating references 
  • Easy export, and more.

The main advantages are multi-document use in the Pro version, wide functionality, the ability to cite quickly using search, and an intuitive interface. 

The disadvantages are that not all file formats are compatible and the languages are limited.

There are many more applications using AI and ChatGPT in particular that could benefit not only your personal work but your business as well, for example, you might be interested in learning what is Claude2 for that matter. Using technologies like these will save your time, improve employee and customer satisfaction, and make your company more appealing for both, increasing product quality and revenue.

Can ChatGPT read PDF files?

Easily! You can find applications that can read your files out loud or process them into a summary, key takeaways, and even an image, given the right solution.

Is chat PDF free?

ChatGPT-3 is free, while GPT-4 is available as a subscription; as to the apps that send PDF to ChatGPT and process those files, you can find free, freemium, and paid options.

Can I upload PDF to GPT4?

If the application utilized GPT-4 technology, then yes, of course. However, expect those solutions to be paid as GPT-4 comes as a subscription.


ChatGPT is more than a tool that can answer basic questions. You can use ChatGPT PDF summary apps, translation solutions, text scraping tools, and other innovative projects both for personal and corporate use.

The technology will help you analyze data, organize internal processes, onboard employees, and educate customers. If you have an idea in mind that involves AI and ChatGPT in particular, you can create a low-code solution with OmniMind and start dominating your industry ASAP!

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