How to Develop an App for Women’s Health Tracking
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The so-called Femtech market is thriving as females choose to balance their lives with technology. It’s estimated that by 2030, the market value will reach $13.2 billion. The niche includes nutrition and fitness apps, period-tracking software, and more.

You can enter the market confidently if you want to bring use and benefit into women’s lives and have the knowledge of how to build a women’s health application and how to monetize it properly.

While the “use and benefit” and monetization parts are on you, we can help you with the development stage. In this guide, ProCoders shows you the peculiarities of the market and provides:

  • A step-by-step on building a women’s health tracking app
  • Monetization ideas
  • Tech stack for the software
  • The most successful apps
  • The most in-demand features
  • An additional FAQ section

Sounds solid, right?

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Key takeaways:

  • The market size is forecasted to grow steadily with 19.45% CAGR worldwide up till 2030.
  • The best apps by downloads include Flo with 50M+ Google Play downloads, MeetYou with 10+M, and Clue Period with 10M+.
  • The most used features that should be in the women’s health tracking app you start are sign-up, social login, neat trackers, consultation availability, notifications, AI-infused functions, etc.
  • How to develop a women’s health tracking mobile app? There’s an optimal step-by-step that includes vigorous planning, data security compliance, MVP development, final development and testing, and launch.
  • You can monetize the female health tracking app you create by offering in-app purchases, paid ads, and subscriptions.
  • The tech stack needed for the development of a menstruation tracking app includes Google Analytics and Tag Manager, Swift and/or Kotlin, React.js, Zendesk, etc.

Overview of the Women’s Health Application Market

The women health tracking app industry is going to grow up till 2030, according to forecasts.

As mentioned before, by 2030, the market size is estimated to take up a hefty chunk of over $13 billion (according to Grandview Research). As to another study, the estimated CAGR is 19.10% and the market value by 2028 will be $6.61 billion.

Different analyses take varying segments of the industry, but one tendency is clear – the niche is growing. 

The interest and demand for health-tracking apps are increasing, even more so with the popularization of mental health techniques and mentoring software.

While there were (and still are) lots of horrifying consequences of the past few years, the businesses that catch the new wave of digitalization and enter Industry 4.0 of IoT tech are going to survive.

That is given they know how to create female health tracking app (or another one in your niche) of high quality.

Before starting a women’s health tracking app, you should research not only the market but the other players in it as well. So, we’ve prepared a short list of your potential competitors and what’s special about their products.

The Most Successful Women’s Health Tracker Apps

Period tracker app’s TOP list, according to Statista.

According to Statista, here are some of the most-downloaded menstruation tracking apps.


Flo is a multifunctional application where girls and women can find a period tracker, cycle forecasting, ovulation calendar, useful information about pregnancy preparation, conception, early stages of motherhood, and even menopause.

flo logo


MeetYou is an easy-to-use app where you can track your physiological condition, track the cycle, and switch to pregnancy preparation or pregnancy version to get the needed knowledge.

Clue Period 

Clue an app with personalized cycle predictions with ovulation, the best days for conception, and pregnancy forecasts.

Statista only offers info about period tracking apps, but we can’t help mentioning that there are several types of such women’s health tracking apps you can make:

  • Menstrual cycle and fertility tracking – the one we’re focusing on in this section. They offer information on the best days to conceive, when to expect menstruation, some tips on making PMS easier, contraception, hormonal care, etc.
  • Overall female health apps – made for the general public, such apps contain nutrition and workout tips and tools, an optional period tracker, all kinds of to-do lists and reminders, as well as sleeping hours.
  • Pregnancy apps – a web app to track pregnancy with maternal recommendations. These programs guide them throughout the trimesters, offering recommendations on making the pain easier, what symptoms are OK and what are not, and even the estimated size of the fetus! Recommendations for new moms on postpartum depression and taking care of the baby are also useful in such programs.

So, what features to include when building women health app? Based on the TOP-5 picks and ProCoders’ experience with similar products, we’ve chosen some ideas for you.

Main Features of a Female Health Tracking App

Here are the must-have features that will make an app for women’s health engaging, useful, and successful:


An easy registration is essential to be able to track progress, set up the profile according to preferences and the user’s personal data, and more. Social login is a recommended part of this feature because the easier the onboarding is, the better.

Profile setup

during the registration, ProCoders recommend asking for as little information as possible. Lots of fields and questions scare off customers pretty quickly. Instead, let the users fill in the fields with info like age, height and weight, current cycle, activity level, allergies, etc. later.


These are the essence of your app. Depending on its focus, choose trackers. For example, for period and ovulation, according to the current cycle the person mentioned in their profile. Allow for tracker customization by creating different themes. Personalization is never redundant.

accessible female health tracking app

AI-infused features 

For example, recommendations based off the symptoms the user types in. Let AI choose the tips, but always mention that it’s always better to contact a specialist.


Regular as well as personalized, notifications will help the ladies know when their ovulation and period are estimated to start, update them on symptom tracking, and more.

Consultations with doctors

If your users feel like something is off but are afraid or just plan to go to a doctor, it’s wise to offer online consultations. For this, you can use AI chatbots (basic questions) and real medical practitioners or psychologists (depending on your focus). Make sure you hire true professionals because it’s human health we’re talking about.

Just to make sure, this is a good addition if you’re creating an app connected to a hospital. Otherwise, it’s necessary to learn more about the laws of the countries you’re launching in and ensure you have a medical establishment as an official partner to be able to provide real consultations.

Referral system 

To bring new users through the existing ones, offer to invite a friend and get a bonus such as a Premium subscription for a month or some points they can gather to purchase goods from your eStore if you have one (we recommend that you do).


Selling physical goods such as lower-back pillows to ease pain, pad cases for easy transportation, tourist combinations, etc. will help your customers get a more wholesome experience with you as a brand and assist you in monetizing the female health tracking app development faster.We bet you may think about adding something to the plan based off our research and recommendation. But what about the actual steps of menstruation tracking app development? (or another women’s health application) How to make a fitness app or a healthcare app for women?

Key Steps of Women Health Tracking App Development

There will come a time when all the planning will be finished and you’ll have to trigger the women health tracking app development process. So, how to make healthcare app? Let us tell you what to wait for.

Step 1: Determine your idea

Based on the information you get from this guide and consultations with specialists in the field, you have to determine your idea first.

  • What kind of a women app do you want to create?
  • Why do you want to create it? What’s your position? It can be empowering women, making healthcare for ladies more available in remote areas, etc.
  • What’s your goal with the app? It can be monetization, brand awareness, etc.
  • Who is your narrow target audience in the female segment? Teens? Women over 25/35/50?
  • How to develop an app for women’s health? Through an in-house team or using staff augmentation services?

By answering these questions, you’ll get the big picture of the menstrual cycle tracker you want to develop.

Step 2: Plan your budget and time

Outlining every minute, every dollar, and every step is very important. You have to think about the little things, like the best launching time. For example, it may be after New Year’s, as people get into the mood for their resolutions and sometimes even act on them. Or it may be spring when it’s time for awakening and change. Many women catch this mood as the winter passes.

As to the time and budget for healthcare app development, you can trust this to ProCoders. We have a Discovery Phase where our analysts study the information you provide and, based on it and their experience, come back to you with time and cost estimates, as well as a plan on what to do next. 

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Within the plan, we’ll prioritize 2 of the 3 qualities you value the most: time, money, and quality. Which two they will be is your choice. For example, if you need a product as quickly as possible, we’ll handle it and create an app of a high quality, but the price will be higher, as we’ll need more people of a higher skill level. And if you’re a startup that is tight on budget, we’ll take our time and develop a decent app for your brand start.

Step 3: Develop a prototype and an MVP

As you know what you want and have a crisp outline of the app, investment needs, and the time you have left, it’s time to create an MVP – a minimum viable product. This is a basic version of the app, kind of playground where you can see what works and what doesn’t.


There have to be standard functions like sign-up and sign-in, a general tracker, a notification or two, etc. This is the version you can polish later on and add special features to get a fully-baked app.

In this step, you’ll have to decide whether your app will be:

  • Native or cross-platform
  • Able to integrate with HealthKit on iPhone and Google Fit on Android devices
  • Using any third-party integrations
  • Using artificial intelligence

You can use MVP to promote your project to potential investors and “early-bird” customers to get additional funding and recognition, and to make a women’s health tracking app that actually stays on the market.

Also, for the MVP and the final program, you’ll need a secret weapon – professional mobile app developers for hire with experience in the industry. 

Step 4: Work on data security

For any website or program, data security is no joke.especially so if we’re talking about healthcare applications. Your users will provide sensitive information about their reproductive and overall health, so it makes sense to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, and other crucial security policies. 

Step 5: Approve the final development

Here, let’s talk about how to hire specialists for the final development and compilation of frontend and backend. You can:

  • Hire a team yourself, which will take a lot of time, money, and effort.
  • Use freelancers’ services, which is quick but you never know what result you’re going to get and whether the task will be completed at all.
  • Use staff augmentation, where technical and HR professionals choose the best specialists with experience in your niche, interview them, and provide you with top-notch talent.

ProCoders is a company that hires developers in different industries to accommodate customers’ needs. Our employees know how to create women’s health tracker app that will bring you money and boost brand awareness.

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Step 6: Test the app

Testing is oh so crucial! Unfortunately, developers still test and review many projects, when the task is actually for QA experts. It’s worth hiring a team or some additional quality assurance staff to ensure your project launches without any serious bugs.

And these bad boys are detrimental to brands’ reputations. A faulty application, particularly one connected to healthcare, will garner lots of bad reviews. Eventually, it will cost you much more time and money to resurrect your company and win users’ trust again. 

Step 7: Launch, market, and gather feedback

After all the circles of checking and testing, it’s time to launch your marketing campaign and the app itself. If you collaborate with a decent period tracking app development partner, you should get full support even for some after-launch time. ProCoders offers such a service – we don’t leave our clients alone at the most important period for the project.

We can’t help but remind you that if you hire trained professionals to make your app for women’s health, you’ll save time and budget, also making this whole process easier and more effective. After all, launching an app isn’t just about development and testing. You need a marketing strategy and have a lot of other core business-related tasks. 

Not to mention you’ll have to work on monetization and choose the best models for the project. Gladly, we have some ideas based on what’s the most successful in the apps we help develop.

Monetization Models for Your Women’s Health Period Tracker App

You can choose several models to get the first cashflow as soon as possible after launch. Here are the most effective strategies:

  • Paid subscriptions – one Premium sub or several plans to target different needs and budgets.
free premium period mem
  • Paid advertisements – only relevant and not too aggressive to avoid bad reviews. Remember that you create an experience. Also, it doesn’t hurt to offer a Premium subscription from time to time where there are no ads.
  • eStore – an in-app store can contain anything from yoga mats for sessions to soothe pain to maternity pants. Make them branded and high-quality.
  • Referral programs – the more users you bring in, the more of them will buy a subscription or get something from your store.

Of course, the monetization of the women health tracking app you’ll develop also depends on the devs’ skill quality and tech stack. The checkout systems are a part of it, so let’s see what technology may be needed for your product.

The Tech Stack Needed to Develop an Awesome App for Tracking Women’s Health

Here’s what programmers often use when compiling applications. Keep in mind that the list may differ expert by expert, and if they value communication like ProCoders does, you can ask them about their choices and reasons for them.

So, usually, we see the following stack:

  • App and data – PHP, Kotlin, Swift, React.js, Amazon Cloudfront, etc.
  • Analysis and utilities – Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Fitbit, etc.
  • Cusomer support – Zendesk, GSuite, etc.
  • Design – Sketch, etc.
  • DevOps – Github, Xcode, Datastax, etc.

It’s OK if you choose to handle only the business part of the process and none of these words ring a bell. That’s what engineers and other specialists are for. By the way, ProCoders has lots of them for women’s health app development.

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How ProCoders Can be Helpful in Building Women’s Health Tracker App?

If you’re looking for someone who knows from their experience how to create female health tracking app, ProCoders must be on your list of staff augmentation partners.

We can provide your project with one additional developer or a whole team, depending on your situation and needs. Our 4-stage hiring process ensures you get only the best specialists.

ProCoders also can test your app and find bugs that may undermine your future success. We have experts of different levels already working for us, so onboarding will be quick and easy. And in case all of our pros are engaged in other projects, we’ll find the needed people for you in around 4-6 weeks.

So, when looking for someone who knows how to create women’s health tracker app, if you choose us, you opt for:

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Professional approach
  • Honest communication

ProCoders develops based on experience and uses top-notch skills for every client. We’re focused on long-term collaborations and building products that stay on the market.

FAQ. Here’s some more information about building women health app: why, how much, how long, etc.
What is women’s health app market size?

The market value in 2022 is $3.2 billion worldwide with the US being the largest market growing at 18.1% CAGR. It’s estimated that the same annual growth will be maintained until 2030. The research also estimates a global CAGR of 19.45% from 2022 to 2030.

The tendency is clear as day – women are striving to achieve a healthier, more high-quality living. Businesses help them by creating top-notch programs. ProCoders help businesses to develop those to the highest standard for an adequate price.

Why are women’s health apps so popular?

It’s convenient to track your cycle,  the work-life balance becomes easier, and these appsbreak old grumpy stereotypes.

For years, women’s wellbeing was defined by how fit or skinny she was. Not to mention the horror and shame menstruation seemed to be to the rest of the population (no offense, gents).

Such applications help break the pattern of “dieting for life” and change it to “eating healthy for a better quality of life”. And period-tracking on your phone has become a much more convenient option than keeping a paper calendar in your purse and tracking start and end days.

How much does it cost to create your own women’s health tracker app?

Around $60,000 or more if you want an app that is worth downloading and has chances of becoming a part of the TOP-50 or even TOP-10 list. We can discuss your expectations and where we can help cost-efficiency-wise during further communication via ProCoders’ Discovery Phase.

There, we’ll talk about your needs and the real prices instead of those $3,000-some you may see on the Net. We’ll agree on the feature set, scale, and quality of your app so that our analysts can provide you with realistic numbers.

How long does it take to develop a women’s health tracking application?

Usually, about 4-8 months, but there are lots of factors to consider first. When we say “usually”, we take the average scale and type of app. But what if yours is different?

ProCoders always encourages you to get clear estimates before starting a project. We can provide the time and cost to you via our Discovery Phase. There, our analysts study your idea and requirements, compiling a plan of the next steps for you, how much time the project will take, and how much you’ll have to invest.


To start a women’s health application, you need to know that the market is growing, so at least until 2030, you have all chances for success. Competitor research is also important, so you may want to look into apps such as Flo and Clue to see what women are looking for from healthcare programs.

A lot depends on the features you include, so we recommend building in sign-up, social login, AI features, real consultation availability, and personalized notifications. 

You can monetize your project by offering paid subscriptions with different plans and creating an eStore with physical goods. In-app paid ads are another way to boost revenue.

That’s a lot of info to digest. ProCoders can provide you with full technical support for the app for women’s health you want to make and save you time and money to do the core business. Let’s schedule a call and discuss how we can help you!

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