Flutter Benefits Overview: Technical and Businesses Advantages
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There is a tool that includes ease of development with its own performance and at the same time maintains visual consistency when working on different platforms. We are now talking about Flutter, a universal artist that allows you to no longer bother and create applications that will run smoothly on different types of devices. Let’s understand how this could happen and what other advantages Flutter hides in itself.

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What Is Flutter?

Flutter is a set of open-source development tools for creating modern cross-platform applications from Google. It appeared back in 2015 and was called the Sky. Then it could only work for Android and render about 120 frames per second.

Three years later, Google carried out a large-scale coup, announcing the creation of the first stable version of Flutter. It has improved its productivity by making it possible to work simultaneously with Android and iOS, Windows, Linux, and updates are easily found in the public domain.

Facts and Statistics

To understand all the huge advantages of using Flutter, let’s take a look at the facts and statistics:

  • Flutter is not only a simple framework with UI elements like buttons, sliders, etc. but also a full-fledged software development kit that has everything you need to create high-quality applications. Flutter consists of API interfaces, ready-made diverse widgets, and its mechanism for visualization, command-line tools, etc.
  • Flutter is based on Dart language, which is quite productive and easy to learn. Now you can enjoy beautiful widgets that are easily accessible because you have your hot engine with high-performance rendering. It has huge visual capabilities because you can safely create your own design for the application by choosing the appropriate user interface elements. This is one of the strongest Flutter advantages.
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  • Flutter is based on React Programming Architecture that supports Android Studio, Firebase APIs, inline videos & ads. Thanks to its high performance, lightness, and visual uniqueness, these undeniable advantages of Flutter allowed it to quickly enter into competition with React Native for the development of native applications.
    Over the past two years, Flutter’s popularity has increased significantly. And this happened at the expense of Flutter benefits in terms of finding a powerful qualified force ready to learn new and modern things.
  • According to Google Q3 developer survey in the third quarter of 2021, around 92% of developers are positively satisfied to work with Flutter, and more than 53% – very satisfied.
  • The share of developers has grown from 26 to 31 % and is steadily moving towards an increase. By the end of the year, it is expected that it will reach 40%. All this is the result of the stable development of Flutter as a reliable partner for the business sector.
  • The level of professionalism of programmers has significantly increased compared to last year. This is made possible by the conditions that Flutter creates for its users such as open access to resources and a huge database of educational materials.
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  • A huge wave of popularity takes Flutter to the top of the ratings around the world. Here is a map created by specialists who start business cooperation with it and face the benefits of Flutter. There are more and more specialists in this field, but the market is still not saturated.

As you can see, Flutter is widespread all over the world, and therefore finding a reliable outsourcing company that implements all advantages of using Flutter in your project is the most important task today.

The Popular Apps or Products Developed on Flutter

It seems like every day there is some new product that uses the advantages of Flutter, and the flow of compliments on his account is constantly growing.

The Popular Apps or Products Developed on Flutter

In 2022, there are already at least 26 major applications that have trusted Flutter and become popular around the world. This software kit works with such world giants like:

  • Google
  • The New York Times
  • eBay
  • Square
  • Groupon
  • BMW
  • Sonos
  • Tencent and so on.

Companies around the world quickly seized on the new trend, trying to meet the demands of the time and the benefits of Flutter app development. Using the official website, you can learn more about global clients and their experiences.

Social MediaKlasterMe, Pairing, In10, Meeve, N8, Baidu
EntertainmentHamilton, MostMuse, Topline, Music Tutor, InKino, Stadia
Fitness and HealthPerfectly, Watermaniac, Insight Timer
ShoppingXianyu, HuYu, Motors, Grab
Finance and BusinessCriptomaniac Pro, Google Ads, AppTree, Abbey Road Studios, Groupon, Greentea

Also, you can see different apps connected with education, navigation, and travel based on Flutter. You can even make a medical app or build a telehealth app based on it! So, no matter what industry you are interested in, you have a great opportunity to use the benefits of Flutter in your next project.


All Flutter benefits helped in creation of special artificial structure your daily activities and make you think a little about current problems and tasks.

Xianyu for Alibaba

Alibaba has created a built-in app in Xianyu and has already received over 50 million downloads. That is a huge result of cooperation with modern society’s demands and business needs which Flutter created.

benefits of flutter app development

Motors app by eBay

This is a powerful guide created in Flutter to browse, buy and sell all types of vehicles directly from customers. Here the real bright pictures as benefits of Flutter help owners to make a deal in the shortest possible time. And buyers find the car of their dreams!


Fans of Broadway musicals are simply thrilled with the new opportunity to watch exclusive storefronts, news, movies, merchandise stores, and more.

example of flutter app

Ken Ken by The New York Times

You want to develop yourself not only physically, but also mentally. This app helps you solve exciting puzzles on popular Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and the web. This is a great way to realize your thinking activity using strong advantages of Flutter like speed. Now it remains to prove that your brain is faster than your app!


With this app, you can not only help merchants track campaign performance, but also manage customer satisfaction, and get efficient support. The world has become even closer with Flutter benefits for those who want to get recognition.

Flutter Advantages List: Technical Side

Quick start

If you have started cooperation with Flutter, then a quick start begins. The process of installing and running the Flutter environment will take no more than half an hour, and you are ready to start moving forward on the path to a new application. This is one of the huge amounts of Flutter benefits.

quick start is one of the best advantages of using flutter

Ease and accessibility of using the language, tools, and extensions

As you already know, Flutter uses the Dart language for programming. It is a language that Google has implemented to replace JavaScript. If the developer has any experience in JavaScript, then switching to Dart will not be difficult. Flutter took care of the functional plugins that are already included in the default toolchain.

However, if you do not find suitable ones for yourself, then it is easy to find a library in the pub. dev and use it in your project. It is quite simple to create plugins for your platform. This will take some time, but it will significantly expand the functionality.

Clean development process

The process of working with Flutter can be called clean and convenient in many ways. Some developers face the problem of heavy CPU overload (for example, this may be due to a large number of elements in WebViews), and to solve this problem, additional elements are needed. This makes the process more time-consuming.

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Flutter solved this problem with the help of the ListView, which displays lists right out of the box using high speeds. Therefore, it is easy to use the benefits of Flutter app development when the time is on.

Full Consistency

Flutter provides full alignment of user interfaces, business logic for Android and iOS. This exact picture shows one of the main benefits of Flutter app development. Specialists no longer face problems with the style of the platform, and the end-user will be able to enjoy the guarantee of the quality of work.

The excellent interface of any complexity

It seems that the most striking of the Flutter advantages is the ability to customize everything you want to do on the screen. If you create such a perspective using native platforms, it is much more difficult.

This instrument made the process of creating the best-selling realistic image completely without increasing the application load. Manipulate color, shape or shadows, crop or transform – here you can implement the most daring ideas with maximum comfort.

And also, what a beautiful smart clock Google created in collaboration with Lenovo, using the wide functionality of the Flutter user interface. Your project has every chance to become noticeable.

Own Rendering engine

The native rendering engine allows you to create identical user interfaces on all platforms. Usually, the rendering process causes additional difficulties in the property display layer for the platform widget and synchronization of widget data for the framework.

And here Flutter is trying to do everything to facilitate this process. It uses Skia and doesn’t need a specific user interface component for rendering in only a canvas for painting. Such a powerful advantage of using Flutter!

Light bulbe
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Simplified implementation of the logic

When creating applications, some companies rely on implementing coordinates, working with accounts, Bluetooth, and so on. This will all be easy to implement in a future application with the help of a plugin.

We do not exclude that there are some features that are not available at the plugin level and, as you may have noticed, the resourceful Flutter has succeeded here. It implements an easy way to establish a link between your own code and Dart. This is a great chance to connect the desired with the real.

High Performance

Application performance is probably one of the key categories when developing a good UX. Flutter 1.17 improved rendering performance by 50 % on new iOS devices and reduced memory consumption by over 70%. This fact displays the great picture of Flutter advantages around another software development kit you choose to follow.

flutter vs react native mem

It is safe to say that the high performance of Flutter is almost equal to the native application, and in some complex animation interfaces even surpassed these indicators. One of the great advantages of Flutter comes from the fact that it doesn’t rely on intermediate code representations. The application is already embedded in the machine code, which minimizes almost to zero any performance errors in the process.

Compatible with popular editors

Taking advantages of Flutter has become even easier with the easy compatibility with editors. Whichever you choose for yourself, Android Studio, IntelliJ, VS Code, or Emacs, Flutter provides settings for their use.

Live Reload

Flutter decided to use its advantages to the maximum by creating an incredible live hot reload feature. Previously, the developer had to write special code and wait for compilation, and then download it to the device (or use a stimulator) to see the changes of plugins. But now you can see the changes in real-time or if you face some errors while writing the code, Flutter helps you to change it without restarting, which is fantastic.

flutter is easy

This turned out to be in the past, the system started working as a separate live mechanism, which after clicking “save” starts reloading the application code. This is a huge saving of time and resources, which as well as possibly reveal the benefits of Flutter app development in reality.

Technical Limitations of Flutter

As you know, Flutter is still quite new and sometimes not fully understood, compared to earlier hybrid platforms like React Native or Xamarin. If we talk about React Native in more detail, it creates more opportunities for users thanks to direct access to Skype, Discord, Instagram, and Facebook. On this side, Flutter does not yet have such access. But we can put a confident “yet” here because Flutter is in a stable development process.

Large file size

This is an important aspect to consider when working with Flutter. All applications will be quite roomy in terms of files. Finding enough space to store apps may be a challenge for some people. However, the heaviness of the files has a certain additional benefit from Flutter, which can not be ignored – it is higher performance and an improved runtime environment.

large files are coming mem

Lack of a wide range of libraries and plugins

Before working with Flutter, you need to ask yourself a specific question – what libraries and plugins you will need in the future. Since this SDK is young and has not yet had enough experience in this aspect, finding suitable, albeit free and open-source libraries, will be your additional burden.

No plugins in Google Maps

The Dart at the official level has not yet connected the modules for the cards. However, developers are actively trying to find a way out of this situation. So many active advantages of Flutter can not be eclipsed by an unfinished project module alone. There is a module in the system that allows you to integrate Google Maps into your Flutter code.

Lack of 3D capabilities

Flutter is actively immersed in working with 2D perspectives and currently does not implement 3D perspectives. Google believes that applications do not need 3D functionality yet, because most applications simply do not use this feature. However, who knows what another Flutter perk is on the road?

Flutter Benefits: Business Side

Every company entering the market wants to get a more significant competitive advantage and win loyal customers. From a business point of view, Flutter has an undeniable advantage, which is to bring development and its speed to a higher level. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Flutter to understand why we recommend using it as a reliable implementer of your business goals.

Economical side

In the past, you would have had to develop apps separately for Android and iOS using two development teams to meet the needs of all your potential customers. Now you don’t need to do this. All you should do is turn to a reliable outsourcing team that can bring all Flutter advantages to your project.

one does not simply create two apps without flutter mem

Speed and scale

You are preparing a new product and, of course, you want to release it faster to the market. Also, an additional task, which is of enormous importance, is to provide scale so that more customers can use your application. Flutter manages these two tasks quite well using cross-platform applications.

Bright user interface

There are already so many applications on the market that without a memorable or non-standard interface, the client is unlikely to be able to remember it among others. Using Flutter in development, you have the best choice – a wide range of tools for creating a design that is suitable for your product, as well as the Skia graphics engine for creating colorful computer graphics, fast rendering, and personalized design.

this is the best

With this state-of-the-art set of tools, you can enjoy the benefits of Flutter as much as possible, and your customers will definitely appreciate the expressive aspects of widgets and tools. It is great when your customers can not take their eyes off your application, because it is not only informative but also visually captivating.

Ease of code integration

Flutter is very mobile when it comes to embedded code in an existing platform or set of applications. It is so flexible that it will not be difficult for a developer to implement a new code in their own application code. Developers have long been convinced that SDK works wonders in programming and enjoy its benefits all the time.

Powerful support

Google values its brainchild and strives to create a strong support community, helping to develop Flutter itself, developers, and companies that work with this Kit.

And although some people are still skeptical of the young and progressive Flutter, it is not slowing down and is gaining popularity around the world, collaborating with world leaders such as eBay, Alibaba, BMW, Google, The New York Times, and others, which tried advantages of using Flutter and do it again.

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Despite the still young track record, Flutter is doing a great job and helps its users to conquer the business market, creating a huge number of benefits of Flutter app development for companies.

ProCoders Advice

To use or not to use Flutter in your future projects? This is an important question on the agenda of many business owners. But, despite the young age, the stage of growth, and minor shortcomings, experts around the world are sure that the advantages of using Flutter are much stronger and risks are minimal.

Summing up all our research on Flutter, we want to give you some effective advice that will help to make the transition to the bright side of this SDK with the most exciting benefits for you:

Discovery phase

When starting to think about your project, do not ignore the technical document which is a necessary road map to your goal. This is not a waste of money, but an opportunity to put everything on the shelves, see the real perspective without embellishment and correct those points that may make it difficult to work in the future.

At the stage of building a technical document, ask yourself the question: Will Flutter be able to implement the capabilities of your project? If so, then don’t think much time and get started (for example, by examining the app developer hourly rate). Here, Flutter is the best way! But if not, it might be a good idea to look at our article comparison of Flutter vs. Xamarin.

Speed of the App

Pay attention to the speed. You need the fast speed of your framework, then this advantage of Flutter quickly changes the course of your project to fast tangible results. As the experience of many business owners (startups or big enterprises) who considered Flutter only as a backup option for their development has shown, they were mistaken.

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Check Flutter developers availability

The path of trial and error still led them to the right decision to choose this SDK as the main engine of their project and most of them did not regret it. When planning the launch of your application, you should trust the professionals and advice of experienced outsourcing companies, who will be able to implement all your bold ideas. And Flutter is another good helper in this direction. Your app will fly.

Use widgets

Flutter is all about widgets, which are unrealistically beautiful, multi-faceted, and loyal to customers. If your approach can be described in the words “it’s all about the widget”, then do not pay attention to the easily solved disadvantages of Flutter. The picture will be more than impressive and will be able to charm each of your potential customers.

boy says i see widgets everywhere

Use additional libraries

It is worth remembering about the limited number of libraries in Dart, but a developer who has at least the slightest experience with JavaScript or languages from the C-series can easily add them from external free resources. Flutter has adapted a wide ecosystem of third-party packages and libraries to suit every taste and color.

Flutter support

Programmers note that Flutter has one of the best documentation systems. You are under the powerful protection of Google and can easily communicate with the community on any issue that interests you. If two-way communication is important to you, then Flutter wins the race here, too. Enjoy all Flutter advantages with the best support you have ever tried!

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If your task is to create a beautiful high-performance cross-platform application that will meet all the needs of your customers, Flutter is probably the most suitable tool for this at the moment. You hire one team of professionals; enjoy the economic benefits that you can safely spend on marketing or finding new partners. As a result, it became much easier to get an interesting application with minimal risks.


A simple code that creates a bright juicy image of your application at high speeds, which conveys information to each of your users. This sounds like something unrealistic. But the world has changed so much that the supernatural in the past is commonplace now. Making dreams come true and doing it beautifully and correctly without much difficulty should become the slogan of 2022.

Start working with the advantages of using Flutter is another way to carry this motto through life. We do not see any obstacles to the realization of your desires with the benefits of Flutter app development. And if you wonder how to create Dapp with Flutter – read our blog further.

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