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    Does the digital world run on JavaScript? Maybe. A recent survey from Statista shows 69 percent of developers surveyed said they were proficient in the language. With the use of JavaScript language, libraries, and frameworks on the rise, the hiring market for JavaScript experts is getting tighter.

    It’s never been more important to find the best JavaScript developers for hire than it is right now.

    ProCoders can help take you there

    We have a ready stable of JavaScript developers, software engineers and coders that ready to augment your existing IT team.

    Our team of more than 50 experts can help you hire JavaScript developers, and create the kind of dedicated outstaffed team that can help you meet your business goals. Whether you are looking for a single JavaScript developer for hire or an entire team, we’ll hook you up with suitable coders in no time.

    Our JavaScript experience tells the story

    With clients as small as startups or as large as multinational enterprise corporations, ProCoders has the depth of experience you need to hire JavaScript expert programming teams. We’ve programmed hundreds of web and mobile applications in the language, offering true Full Stack capabilities. Take a look at some of our most recent JS projects.

    These companies trust their business to ProCoders

    IoT SaaS Distillery

    When Roth River came to us with the need for a customer-facing mobile app, our team helped them conceptualize the project, choose the proper framework, assemble an outstaffed team and produce the app from start to finish.
    The app created turned out to be a major part of the company’s overall product offering and business strategy, setting them ahead of their competition.

    Software as a Service

    Bringing a new SaaS product to market takes enormous amounts of development time and talent. ProCoders helped Frontegg get to market faster by providing surge staffing.
    Our developers ensured Frontegg got their product in front of customers, and get one step ahead of their competition, all while staying on time and on budget.

    Fitness Health&Wellness

    Dryft came to ProCoders to develop a mobile app that would support its key product offering — the ability to take fitness classes at gym locations that “drift” from day to day. The JS application we developed allows users to book equipment, make mobile payments, and pay only for what they use.

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    Our JavaScript Capabilities

    With millions of JavaScript developers to hire in the international JavaScript community, JavaScript has a robust number of libraries, run-time environments and frameworks that have been developed using the language.
    At ProCoders, we’re committed to ensuring our staff is up to date on all the latest JS technologies. Work with us, and you can be sure you’re hiring the right JavaScript programmers for your project.


    Our rock-stars are hands-on with 50 more Ruby, Python and JavaScript – based tools and libraries. What stack do you use?

    Hire JavaScript expert programmers through ProCoders

    If you’re looking to hire JavaScript Developer talent, ProCoder’s outstaffing model makes it easy for you. We assemble a dedicated team of highly skilled JavaScript coders, software engineers and developers for you, all excellent English-speakers who can work remotely as an adjunct to your existing IT staff.

    Staff Augmentation

    Consider us as a valid extension to your own team. Here at ProCoders, we pride ourselves on matching you with JavaScript developers that perfectly fit your needs, saving time and money you otherwise would’ve spent when you hire JavaScript coders locally.

    Staff augmentation has many benefits compared to other recruitment models. Take, for example, the fact that the developer works directly for the client, which increases transparency and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings. At the same time, the search and testing process for the client is carried out by an authorized agency, which employs experienced and competent specialists, so that at the end you can get a seasoned coder in a short time without the headaches associated with employing an in-house staff. If you need to find a JavaScript developer hassle-free, specialized agencies are a way to go.

    Here at ProCoders you can hire a dedicated full- or part-time team of experienced JavaScript programmers matched to your exact requirements in terms of skills and hours needed. We charge a normal monthly fee paid on a retainer basis, to make our partnership even more streamlined and smooth.

    A Dedicated Outstaffed Team

    • Two+ weeks Discovery Phase dedicated to researching all in’s and out’s of your project
    • We use your specific R&D requirements when creating the teams
    • A wide variety of specialists to choose from for the team – UX/UI designers, software engineers, QA specialists
    • Straightforward and transparent monthly billing period
    • Our developers sign NDAs before any project to protect your confidentiality
    • We make sure your deadlines are met by assigning a delivery manager who’s in charge of the project
    • Assemble your team and get straight to work in no time

    Outstaffed R&D

    A three to four weeks Discovery Phase dedicated to researching all in’s and out’s of your project

    We use your specific R&D requirements when creating the teams

    A wide variety of specialists to choose from for the team - UX/UI designers, software engineers, Q/A specialists.

    Straightforward and transparent monthly billing period

    Dedicated managers overseeing development, for a turnkey experience

    Our developers sign NDAs before any project to protect your confidentiality

    We make sure your deadlines are met when developing sprints

    Assemble your team and get straight to work in no time


    Hi there!
    I have a project to build but I don't have experienced developers to handle it locally.

    Can you guys give me a ballpark estimate how much would it cost?

    George George

    Hello! We can do something even better: Research your project, create prototypes and assemble a team for you.

    You can use our online calculator or let's schedule a call to have more details!

    Thinking about hiring JavaScript programmers on a monthly basis?

    Get a ballpark estimate in a few clicks.

    JavaScript experts for hire in every industry vertical

    At ProCoders, our business is knowing your business. Because our developers work with our clients directly, we develop a deep understanding of the performance that’s needed from your digital properties, and how they relate to your business’s key performance indicators. When you hire JavaScript programmers through ProCoders, we’ll ensure your JavaScript applications make the grade for your customers, and respond to the unique challenges of your marketplace, too.


    In 2022 education is key, and having access to knowledge from anywhere in the world is a detrimental part of it. We can help you revolutionize the world of online learning platforms with our skills and expertise.


    We can help you build outstanding software as a service application to fit right into the growing and profitable market. Maximize your efficiency and keep abreast with the latest technological advancements.


    Crafting a customized logistics app can offer your business flexibility, scalability, and confidentiality like never before. Deliver real value to your company by building a team of top-notch experts and bringing your creative vision to life.


    Discover new approaches to retail with digital transformation. Offering unique customer personalization and building brand loyalty has never been as easy as today. We in turn will create a thriving mobile platform with you!

    Social Media

    Hire JS developers with ProCoders and build a meaningful community of like-minded individuals. Social media nowadays is an extremely forward-looking field and we’ll help you stay on top!

    Internet of Things

    Discover a new way of doing business through an Internet of Things application with ProCoders. Cover all of the fundamentals from R&D to data storage & data access to dominate the market.

    How to hire JavaScript developers at ProCoders

    When we find JavaScript developers for you, ProCoders makes the onboarding process as easy and painless as possible. We have a large staff of JavaScript developers to hire that can be onboarded in as little as two days. If we don’t have staff members readily available, we can help vet highly rated developers that are an exact match for your project needs. In this case, onboarding can still take place within two weeks, allowing you plenty of time to interview our custom curated candidates.
    Call on us when you’re ready to hire Javascript programmers, and we can handle everything for you, from beginning to end.

    Needs Assessment

    We study all ins and outs of your project in order to make constructive suggestions regarding the demanded technologies, the tech stack, and the number of developers. Thanks to our analysis, you will hire exactly as many developers as you need, and their qualifications will clearly fit the project.

    Selection process

    If we have available developers from our large talent pool, then within 24 hours you can get their CVs and schedule interviews with those who you think will bring more value to the project. Fortunately, we have many JavaScript programmers for hire, so this process usually does not take long. If your request is very specific or all of our developers are already busy with other projects, then the process may take a little longer, approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the requirements.

    Interviews and Work Team Assignment

    Behind the scenes, we conduct the most thorough selection of candidates, so that only the best of the best get to interview with you. We are 100% confident in their hard and soft skills, experience and qualifications. However, in an interview, you can easily see it for yourself and find JavaScript programmer to augment your team with.

    Work Process and Billing

    If you are satisfied with the interview stage, then it's time to sign the contract, hire JS engineer and get started! Our developer comes under your command right after signing the Master Service Agreement. We send an invoice for a fixed amount once a month for your convenience.

    Your JavaScript team, delivered

    When you hire JavaScript developer talent through ProCoders, our staff becomes your staff. We believe in our developers working directly with you, not hiding them behind a maze of project managers and middlemen. You benefit from the flexibility an outstaffed team offers, while your ProCoders staff works seamlessly with your in-house IT Team. Ask us questions and give us your directives, directly. Your ProCoders team will dovetail perfectly into your existing project management systems and status meetings.

    Rather than automate the talent matching and project management process, our personal, hands-on approach ensures that you’ll get the customized help you need, when you need it. And with 100 percent of our staff speaking fluent English, you’ll ensure your wishes don’t get lost in translation.

    The ProCoders Difference:


    We value direct communication because it removes unnecessary intermediaries and eliminates any possibility of misunderstandings or misapprehensions resulting from playing chinese whispers. If something went wrong, then it can be quickly fixed, but it doesn’t make sense to complicate the process in advance.


    Honesty and transparency are our core principles and we stand by them. We don't hold back even the tiniest information about the workflow, so you have access to all of it.

    Corporate Culture

    The developers we work with can fit perfectly into any team, thanks not only to their fluency in English but also due to their Western mentality. They easily accept any business environment and because of this they immediately understand how to integrate and showcase it in the final product.

    Business Ethics

    Here at ProCoders, we work with companies from different countries (North America, Europe, Asia), of different sizes, whether they are large corporations or small businesses, and different industries. This extensive experience has given us the opportunity to learn more about the functioning of various markets, so our developers not only have outstanding technical skills but can also offer non-trivial solutions for your projects.

    What our clients say about us

    Nathaniel Jewell CEO at Dryft - first mobile fitness studio

    As a result of the satisfying products the team delivered, ProCoders continues to direct platform updates. Attentive and accessible, the team is available around-the-clock to resolve challenges. Providing high-quality services, they remain a valuable partner.

    Nathaniel Jewell
    CEO, Dryft


    How long will it take for my Javascript developer to start working?

    24 hours. We try to work with a 15% bench, so if we have a free developer with the required skills and experience, then we can hire him on the same day. However, there is a high demand for our services, so the right developers may not be available at this particular moment. In this case, the hiring process can take 2-4 weeks, but as a result, you will still get the perfect specialist for your team.

    Is it easy to scale the Procoders’ team up or down?

    Our team's capacity to scale is a major benefit. Finding a suitable developer can take anywhere from 24 hours (if we have available developers who fit your requirements) to a couple of weeks. The process of removing a developer from your team is also fairly quick and easy. You need to send one month’s notice and the next month they won’t be working for you anymore. No additional paperwork or compensation payments are required.

    What factors affect the rate of developers besides work experience?

    The rates are determined not so much by the employee's experience as by their technical skills and knowledge of a particular program. A rare language will be more expensive since there is a higher demand, but more popular technologies are typically less pricey due to the competition in the field. JavaScript is still not losing its popularity, so the rates for it remain competitive.

    What is your billing process?

    We bill on a monthly basis at hourly rates that are multiplied by 160 hours. Most of our clients receive a discount as a result of our developers working a little bit more than usual each month, which is a better deal than paying hourly.

    Can a non-technical CEO manage a team?

    Yes, you can! Some clients are worried about management because teams in ProCoders usually fall under their direct control. If you prefer a hands-off experience, we can supervise the execution of the day-to-day work ourselves with the help of our Project and Delivery Managers.

    Can you put together a team that meets the requirements of my project?

    Undoubtedly! ProCoders specializes in the perfect matching of clients and developers since 2015 and during this time, we have been able to assemble dozens of teams for our customers all around the world from South Korea and the USA to Sweden and Italy. In addition, our old clients often come back to us when they need help with their development process again, this is how good we are at what we do. In addition, you can use our Discovery Phase analysis, where we carefully analyze your project and then give our expert opinion on the approximate duration of the project, preferential technologies and services, tech stack (and the optimal number of developers), as well as the approximate budget! After the Discovery Phase, you will understand why you need each specific developer and you will not have to hire too many or too few.

    What tech stack do your developers cover?

    With expertise in React.js, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Laravel, and Symfony among other popular technologies, our team can create both web and mobile applications (cross-platform mobile frameworks like React Native and Flutter.) On our tech stack page, you can see for yourself!

    What is the price of creating a web or mobile application?

    The final cost of your project will depend on a few key elements, including your current capacity (do you need an entire team or just a few key specialists to complete the project? ), the qualifications and experience of your coders, the size and complexity of the project, and its anticipated duration. Right now, it is just impossible to give universally applicable standard pricing. On the other side, it means that we may tailor the price for you based on the amount of hours our coders will work for your team rather than having an arbitrary package price.

    When do I need to hire JS engineer?

    JavaScript is a versatile and lightweight programming language that serves multiple purposes. If you want to create web and mobile apps, add interactive behavior or animations to web pages or delve into game development - JS is your choice.

    What is your experience with JavaScript?

    During our many years of work we’ve often used JavaScript as our primary tool. From using React.js and Node.js to create a unique online e-learning platform to using Vue.js to develop a comprehensive CCM system. If you are looking for experienced JS developers for hire with a large portfolio - you're in the right place.

    What additional skills should a developer have?

    Despite the versatility, the skills of front-enders and back-enders are somewhat different. For front-end: HTML5, CSS3, Angular, React, Vue, Webpack. For back-end: SQL databases, GraphQL, Node.js, Websocket, Docker.

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