What Is NFT in the Metaverse: Differences, Uses, Top Projects
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Back in March 2021, a digital collage by American artist Beeple was sold at an auction for $69.3 million, in what instantly became the most expensive NFT ever. Since then, many tech enthusiasts, experts, organizations, and even laypersons have taken a deep interest in various use cases of the NFT crypto metaverse in our world today. For startups and SMEs at the early stage looking to invest in NFT for metaverse, you might find out that the space seems overwhelming.

However, in this article, we will introduce you to the key concepts and definitions behind NFTs and Metaverse projects, go into detail about the most prominent projects, and share our knowledge on what may be next for NFTs in the future.

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What Is NFT?

To compare everything about NFT vs metaverse, the former refers to unique tokens for digital assets that can be distinguished from each other by their variable properties. Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs do not have fungibility — meaning one token cannot be exchanged for another without changing its value.

Real Uses of NFT

Crypto NFT and metaverse have been growing in popularity as of late and receiving a lot more attention in the crypto space. But do you know any real-world use cases for this new token type?

Digital Collectibles

A digital collectible refers to any digital item that users can own and trade with other users via a blockchain network or platform. They could also be traded for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies through exchanges. For example, a movie studio might create digital collectibles for their movies and sell them as merchandise in exchange for money or cryptocurrency.

Immutability Tokens

NFTs create unique digital assets that are immutable and cannot be altered once created. This makes them ideal for recording property deeds and other documents that need to be permanently stored in the blockchain. Immutability tokens allow users to prove that they were the original creator or owner of something.

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Game Rewards

Games often have their own internal economies parallel to the real world where players can buy virtual items and sell them on an open market or trade them with other players within the game itself.

Digital Identity

Blockchain technology can provide a secure and immutable way to store your personal information and documents in a decentralized database. This can help prevent hackers from stealing personal information from centralized databases through data breaches or phishing attacks since all sensitive data remains encrypted on the blockchain.


For years, the entertainment industry has been gradually shifting to accommodate the digital age. NFTs can also be used to act as tickets for events or access passes for venues such as sports stadiums or concert halls.

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What Is Metaverse?

The word “metaverse” was coined to describe a blockchain-based 3D environment in which people can create, share and experience content, a virtual reality universe existing on top of the internet, and an interconnected network of worlds where people can interact with each other using avatars.

Real Uses of Metaverse

The metaverse will bring together people, brands, social networks, businesses, applications, and services all within a single, real-time 3D environment. In this article, we examine how this is possible and its relationship to what is web 3.0.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads are becoming more common in cities across the world, with many companies using them to promote their products and services. The Metaverse offers another way for companies to advertise their products or services within the real-world environment, which makes it more immersive and engaging than traditional digital ads.

Events and Conferences

This can be done through the use of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). It allows people to virtually attend events as if they were there in person.

Virtual Tourism

The Metaverse can be used to create virtual tours of destinations around the world. This is a great opportunity for those who cannot travel due to various reasons, whether they cannot afford the financial costs, the busyness of work does not permit them to do so, or they otherwise cannot leave their country. These tourists can experience the immersive experience of exploring monuments, museums, landmarks, etc. virtually.

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Education and Learning

The metaverse provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to create interactive lessons that help students learn more effectively and retail information for longer. However, this is still an emerging trend in e-learning, and one can already anticipate challenges in terms of student engagement. Yet, there is a lot to explore in this field for learners and teachers.

Real Estate

Real estate companies have begun using virtual reality to give consumers an immersive look at homes they may be interested in buying or renting. It also helps sellers by giving them an edge over their competition when it comes to attracting buyers because they are able to provide a more realistic experience than their competitors who may be using traditional methods. It also saves clients the time and distance to inspect listings that may be different from what photos capture.

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Difference Between Metaverse and NFT

In this section, we explore the various components of the metaverse vs NFT as well as the methods and ways in which they have diverse applications.


The Metaverse: this is a term used to describe an interconnected virtual universe, sometimes called a 3D web. The metaverse is made up of multiple virtual spaces, each containing its own rules and governance. The metaverse can be thought of as the internet on steroids, which allows more advanced interactions between users and applications.

NFTs: Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a type of digital asset that can be used by a variety of different users. Non-fungible tokens have unique identifiers used to distinguish one token from another.

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The Metaverse: The concept of the metaverse has origins in many ideas about the potential for future technologies to change human experience. Snow Crash, a 1992 science fiction novel by Neal Stephenson, introduced the term “metaverse.”

NFTs: The first major NFT art projects were created by CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties in 2017, which generated a lot of buzz and hype for NFTs. Since then, many other projects have launched their own non-fungible token platforms with varying degrees of success.


The Metaverse: a virtual reality platform where people can create and share virtual experiences. It allows for cross-chain communication and transaction capabilities which opens up a variety of use cases such as asset exchange, gaming, social media platforms, etc.

NFTs: metaverse crypto NFTs are limited to one chain and collections of assets from different platforms cannot interact with each other unless they share the same contract address.


NFTs: they are accessible to anyone with a smartphone and access to a marketplace. This means that NFTs can be easily accessed by the majority of users, but there is one area where they are less accessible than their counterparts in the metaverse: VR and XR systems.

The Metaverse: The main reason that NFTs are not as accessible as their counterparts in the metaverse is due to their lack of support for VR and XR systems. While any smartphone can be used to access NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea, it’s not possible for all users to access the metaverse so simply.

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How to Use NFT In the Metaverse?

NFT is a game changer. It’s proven to drive engagement, retention and revenue for companies using it. Here, we’ll highlight specific ways that it features in the metaverse.

Virtual Marketplace

The virtual marketplace is perfect for how to use NFT in the metaverse because it allows users to easily buy and sell digital assets. Users can also create exclusive limited-edition items that only exist within a virtual world or game — these would be ideal for collectors looking to acquire rare items.

Art gallery

The metaverse can be used as an art gallery where people can buy digital art using NFTs. This is a clever use case for digital art because it allows artists to get paid directly by their fans without going through a go-between company. In a virtual art gallery, NFTs can be used to represent pieces of art that can then be sold or rented out.

Play-to-Earn Gaming

One of the most popular uses for NFTs is in video games – especially those that require some kind of leveling up or achievement system. Players can earn tokens by playing certain parts of the game or completing tasks within it. These tokens can then be used to unlock various levels or access new content within the game.

Social Interactions/Events

In the Metaverse, you can use NFTs as an avatar that represents you when interacting with other users. You could also use NFTs as tickets or badges for events, such as conferences or concerts organized by your company.

Virtual Real Estate

NFTs are ideal for creating virtual real estate because they can be used as collectibles that people want to own. Virtual real estate can range from a small plot in a virtual city where users can build homes or businesses, to entire planets where users can build civilizations from scratch, all within the metaverse.

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Top 3 NFT Metaverse Projects

If you run a startup and you’re looking to create your own metaverse NFT project, you can draw inspiration from the examples below, which are some of the hottest metaverse and NFT innovations out there.


This is a China-based company building virtual reality experiences for users. Since its founding in 2017, it has been a popular name in the metaverse industry, facilitating unique interaction in the virtual world. The Decentraland metaverse is built on the following technologies: Gatsby JS, React, Babel, and more.

Axie Infinity

This is perhaps the only metaverse game that allows users to earn NFT rewards from playing. Axies are fantasy creatures, and they are valuable in the game. Users can buy and sell Axies on the platform. The technologies that support Axie Infinity include: Next.js, Webflow, Moment JS, React, etc.

The Sandbox

This is another community-driven metaverse platform where members can trade NFTs on the blockchain platform. It includes an NFT Builder for creating voxel assets, a marketplace for transactions, as well as a Game Maker for those who want to build gaming experiences. This makes it a richly comprehensive platform for metaverse innovations. The Sandbox uses the following technologies: Nuxt.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Vue, Webpack, etc.

How to Implement an NFT With Metaverse?

Drawing from the ideas of NFT on metaverse projects given above, you can begin the process of creating your own NFT and metaverse software as a way to make money from web3 by going through the steps outlined below.

Discovery Phase

The first step is where the client shares his requirements and objectives with the developer. After analyzing them, the developer prepares a proposal that explains how he will develop the software and what it will include. ProCoders provides you with complete project support, right from the discovery phase, which can take as little as 2 weeks to ensure a speedy time to market.

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Assembling the Team

To implement NFT with metaverse, you’ll need developers who are experienced in creating custom software for your industry, designers who can create eye-catching interfaces for users and testers who can handle any bugs that crop up during development so they don’t disrupt customers’ experiences once the product is released. ProCoders provides urgent team scaling and augmentation services. We always have a team of developers, engineers, and designers on the ‘bench’ ready to be deployed to relevant projects.

Design and Development

This covers all the processes involved in developing your idea into a functioning product, right from building the initial MVP/prototype. It may take some time depending on many factors including the complexity of your idea, the number of features included in it etc. At ProCoders, we are always transparent about our processes and workflows. For instance, we require our developers to sign NDA contracts to ensure the protection of our client’s information before each project.

Testing and Quality Assurance

This can be done by using automated testing tools or manual testing methods. If there are any errors found in the testing process, they should be fixed as soon as possible before releasing the product on time. ProCoders’ developers work with a fast and efficient communication workflow that ensures that issues are resolved quickly. Typically, as a rule, our engineers respond to requests within 30 minutes during business hours.

Continuous Improvements and Updates

Once a product has been released, there will always be room for improvement. This improvement can happen through continuous improvements or updates to existing features within the codebase.

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ProCoders’ Expert Opinion About the Future of NFT And Metaverse

The future of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse is bright. The industry is still in its infancy, but it has already witnessed some major developments.

For one, the first generation of NFTs focused on digital art, but we’re now seeing new types of applications emerge.

This aligns with the decentralisation goal of NFTs and the metaverse, which ultimately engenders more freedom for creators. If a creator wants to sell their work on an exchange, they can do so without having to deal with complicated contracts because everything is handled by smart contracts and recorded on the blockchain where it cannot be tampered with or censored.

In addition, NFTs can be used for any kind of digital asset, from video games to movies and beyond. The ability to transfer these assets into the physical world has created a huge demand for designers and developers. These professionals will help create new experiences for users. At ProCoders, our developers have great experience working with technologies that enable NFT platforms and metaverse experiences, such as Vue, React, Node.js, PHP, and more.

F. A. Q.
Can I Make Money on Metaverse?

Yes, you can. The platform offers a combination of digital asset services, like an auction house and a payment system, so that companies can integrate their business models into blockchain technology. Businesses can trade these digital assets to earn revenue from their users or other companies. Another way that startups can make money with NFTs is by auctioning them off. Finally, there are some businesses who choose not to sell their NFTs at all but instead use them as promotional giveaways or rewards for customers who interact with them in some way.

What Is Metaverse in Crypto?

Metaverse is a blockchain-based virtual reality platform that allows users to create their own avatars, buy or sell digital assets, interact with other users, as well as build decentralized applications (dApps) within its virtual ecosystem. The project also provides an open-source platform for developers to create and deploy smart contracts, as well as their own digital assets.

How Do You Make Money With NFT?

Businesses can use the Metaverse chain to create their own tokens and then sell them, or they can create their own digital assets using the platform. They can then sell these on their website or through an exchange like Coinbase or Binance. These tokens can be used as loyalty points, currency, or even a way to create an entirely new economy within the virtual metaverse world.

How Do You Invest in the Metaverse?

There are many ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. One of these ways is by investing in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which is an event where companies sell their own cryptocurrency tokens for investors to buy. Another way is through trading, where investors buy and sell tokens on exchanges. You need to find out what kind of business works best with NFTs and then you need to commit yourself to making that business succeed.


  • The future of gaming, content, media, and other industries looks bright with NFTs and metaverse. If you run a startup and you’re looking to create your own blockchain NFT metaverse project, you can draw inspiration from projects like Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and The Sandbox.
  • At ProCoders, our developers have great experience working with technologies that enable NFT platforms and metaverse experiences, such as Vue, React, Node.js, PHP, and more.
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