How to Make Your Own Metaverse: First Steps in Trendy Business
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You have heard about Metaverse and the hype around it and are considering making your own. But where do you start if you want to create your own metaverse? Follow this rich guide to create your own virtual environment and become one among the first to start a metaverse business.

What is Metaverse?

The Metaverse is an open platform for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) experiences. It is a 3D internet where people can communicate, create, and share in new ways. The aim of metaverse development is to make a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.

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7 Reasons to Create Your Own Metaverse Project now

Decentralized systems have the potential to change many aspects of our lives. Creating your own Metaverse project is a fun and challenging experience. There are plenty of reasons to create your own metaspace, so here are the top ones.

1. The demand for immersive content is increasing rapidly

Traditional media formats are losing popularity due to their inability to deliver high-quality video experiences at low cost and high speed.

2. Establishing new platforms for creative exploration

The metaverse can also serve as a platform for experimentation with new forms of expression and creativity —inside and outside traditional media forms such as music, movies, TV shows, and books.

3. Addressing current remote work challenges

Remote workers often face challenges like a lack of communication and collaboration with other team members, which can make it difficult to do their jobs effectively. By creating a virtual world for remote workers to interact in, you can help them overcome these challenges.

you can make your own metaverse to improve communication between remote workers

4. Enabling the monetization of benefits

You can monetize the benefits of this new form of entertainment by selling advertising space or offering premium subscriptions to certain users.

5. Virtual goods sales

Another option is to sell virtual goods within your metaverse VR that users can buy using real money or cryptocurrencies.

6. Subscriptions

This is more of an offline approach than an online one, but if you’re running a large MMO server with thousands of players who log in every day, then it might be worth charging monthly subscriptions for access to premium features or extra storage space.

7. Merchandising and sponsorships

If your virtual world has its own currency then you could start selling branded products like t-shirts, mugs, or mousepads with logos on them — even offering free items in exchange for social media shares could be worthwhile if it gets people talking about your product!

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Top 5 Companies Developing the Metaverse

Many companies are launching projects related to how to start a metaverse. Forums and consortiums are being formed, and these standards can be useful in how to make your own metaverse. However, the following companies stand out in their approach to implementing their metaverse projects.


Even though Apple is not regarded as a major player, CEO Tim Cook claims that the company is already investing in the metaverse. In fact, earlier in 2022, The Motley Fool named Apple the best metaverse stock.

Facebook (Meta)

There have been indications of Facebook’s changing direction since as far back as 2014 when it purchased the VR company Oculus. Meta is committing $10 billion yearly into metaverse investments because Mark Zuckerberg sees the space as the company’s future direction.

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Like every other company, Microsoft has been making inroads into the metaverse space by enabling immersive interactions. Evidence of this is Microsoft purchasing the leading gaming platform Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion back in May 2022.


Nvidia’s metaverse strategy is summed up under its Omniverse platform, which enables the creation of 3D virtual worlds and digital twins. According to estimates, by 2030, Nvidia could record up to $10 billion in metaverse-related sales.

Epic Games

In 2021, the company secured a $1 billion investment to fund metaverse projects. In 2022, it raised more funding that doubled the previous amount, also dedicated to the metaverse. Epic Games owns the popular game, Fortnite, which enables a battle royal virtual immersive gaming experience.

Key Metaverse Technologies

There are a lot of different technologies that enable Metaverse to operate smoothly. The combination of these technologies powers the Metaverse infrastructure, allowing it to be as entertaining, as profitable, and as safe as possible.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The most common virtual reality experiences are gaming and entertainment, but the use of VR technology is expanding into other areas of life, including education and medicine.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, or GPS data.

Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to automate actions on the metaverse in a way that mimics real-world human behavior and solves problems.


Blockchain is another emerging technology that was created as a means to make transactions more secure by using cryptography techniques such as public key encryption and hash functions. The metaverse uses blockchain to create a decentralized ledger for storing digital assets on its network.

3D Technology

It allows you to create three-dimensional images using computers or other electronic devices so that it looks like real-life objects or scenes when viewed with special glasses or goggles called anaglyphs (red/blue).


NFTs are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replaced by another asset with the same characteristics. NFTs have been used in video games for years, but recently have become popular as collectibles due to their scarcity and uniqueness.


Metaverse Real Use Cases in Various Industries

The metaverse is not just a video game. It’s much more than that—a platform for business and social interactions, an investment opportunity, and a revolutionary way of solving various real-world challenges. Here are some real use cases and examples of how to create a metaverse that would be useful in various industries.

  • You can create a metaverse platform that can be used to enable a personalized learning experience for each student.
  • In gaming, by using the Metaverse blockchain to create game assets, players can easily trade items with each other and monetize their efforts.
  • Blockchain allows real estate owners to rent out their properties directly to tenants without having to go through middlemen like real estate agents or brokers who charge high fees for their services.
  • The Metaverse blockchain can be used to facilitate the issuance of digital assets, such as stocks, bonds, and bills.
  • Metaverse can provide a trusted platform for smart manufacturing systems to provide real-time data analysis, asset management, and secure transactions.

Must-have Features of Metaverse for Your MVP

Since the core functionality of any software is determined by its features, let’s consider essential Metaverse features for your future MVP.

Decentralized Identity Management System

The metaverse allows you to manage your identity in a decentralized manner through a unique identifier by creating an avatar on the blockchain which can store information about yourself such as name, age, and address. This safety feature makes it easier for someone else to verify your real identity without having access to any personal information about you such as bank account details or even phone numbers etc.

Digital Assets & Asset Exchange

This feature allows users to issue digital assets on the blockchain when you create a metaverse world, and they can be used as a means of payment for goods or services offered by other users. Digital assets can also be used for fundraising purposes by creating an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The asset exchange helps users trade assets efficiently.

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Wallet & Payment Gateway

The wallet helps users store their assets securely, while the payment gateway facilitates payments between two parties with different wallets through smart contracts on the blockchain platform. This speeds up transactions while ensuring transparency throughout the process.

Tokenization Platform & Protocols

A tokenization platform allows users to issue their own tokens. This can be done through platforms like Ethereum, NEO, or EOS. Protocols define how these tokens work once they are released into the market. The protocol determines how tokens can be transferred from one user to another, which determines whether they can be traded on exchanges or used by other applications connected to your platform.

How to Make Money With the Metaverse

Because the Metaverse technology offers so many applications, there are plenty of ways to make money with it as an entrepreneur.

If you already own a company, the Metaverse can be integrated into your existing business. For example, if you’re running an online gaming company, you could incorporate metaverse features into your games so that players can interact with each other and trade items on the blockchain. Or if you’re selling real estate, you could create virtual tours of your properties that people can explore before making a purchase decision. The Metaverse is a great place for businesses because it provides them with an opportunity to connect with their customers through more than just an online store. Customers can now engage with your brand through immersive experiences that bring more revenue to the business.

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As a new entrepreneur, one way you can profit from this is by creating your own virtual reality world for users to explore using the Metaverse platform. You can charge them money for access to your world and make money from ads displayed inside it as well as selling digital items like clothes, furniture or other items that would be found in real-life homes or businesses such as restaurants or stores. The Metaverse blockchain allows for the creation of digital assets and digital identities, which are then stored on its blockchain. The creation of these assets and identities are what allows users to interact with each other in an immersive VR environment.

Challenges in Building a Metaverse Virtual World

The development of a metaverse is an ambitious goal, but also an exciting and rewarding one. In this section, we will look at some common design and development obstacles to creating a metaverse virtual world.

Maintaining security

Developers have to ensure that their virtual world is secure from hackers and other threats. This is the most important part of building a metaverse virtual world because it determines whether users will trust it or not. The solution to this challenge is to hire experts who can make sure that your platform has the best security features to protect your users and data. Technologies that guarantee security in the metaverse include blockchain, tokenization, zero-trust approach and by adopting open standards.


As the number of users increases, the needs of the metaverse will also increase in how to make a metaverse world. This means that the developers will have to add more features and services to the application. If they do not do this efficiently, then their application may crash or slow down when too many people are using it at once. You can ensure scalability through such solutions as a dual chain network architecture or an open source metaverse.

User Experience

If people don’t enjoy using your real-time simulations, then they won’t stay there for long and will leave sooner or later. To improve this, you need to make sure that everything works smoothly and that there are no bugs or errors that people might encounter while using your VR world.


How easy it is for people not yet familiar with blockchain technology to use this platform? This challenge can be addressed by designing intuitive user interfaces that are easy to use and friendly even for those who have never heard about the technologies before. A metaverse should be accessible to as many people as possible. It should have an interface that works on any device, and it should also be easy to use regardless of your physical ability.

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The Step-by-Step Process to Create Your Own Metaverse World

To start a metaverse project is no small feat, but it can be done. Whether you are acting alone or with an outstaffed team of developers, there are several important steps involved that future metaverse owners should know.

1. Business Analysis and Budgeting

This means doing competitive research, identifying customers and competitors, and examining their products, services, and marketing efforts. It also means examining your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as your team’s capabilities. This is why startups looking to break into the metaverse should prioritize having a rich discovery phase as a solid foundation. How to start mataverse? ProCoders knows the answer. During our many years of work, we have established indispensable processes to help business leaders supercharge their metaverse projects.

2. Assembling Development Team

Once you know what you want to build and how it will work, you need people who can build it. This might be an internal team or an external agency that specializes in metaverse and web 3 project development. A great option is to hire an outstaffed team of competent developers. You can achieve this through ProCoders and get a team of developers that can build your project from scratch right from the discovery phase to the project launch. With the presence of specialists in our pool, this can take about a month or even a couple of weeks. Our hiring process includes interviews with our tech leads, who are not only highly experienced developers but also have up-to-date information about every minor change in the technologies area because they don’t stop working on new projects.

3. Wireframing and MVP

Before you can even begin coding your project, it’s important to create wireframes and develop an initial prototype (or “MVP”). This will allow you to test out basic functionality and user experience before developing more advanced features. At ProCoders, for example, during the discovery phase, we help our clients decide which features of the project are absolutely necessary for MVP production. In this way, we ensure efficiency and make the focus clear.


4. Frontend and Backend development

The first thing when trying to build a metaverse platform is to choose your programming language(s). If you’re creating an application for mobile devices (iOS or Android), then you will probably want to use Objective C or Swift for iOS development or Java for Android development. There are also cross-platform technologies such as Flutter and React Native that are suitable for smaller application development. If you’re creating something more complex like a social network for example, then the Ruby on Rails framework may be better suited for backend development.

5. Quality Assurance

This process will involve testing all possible scenarios, including edge cases, which are situations that don’t always occur but can happen if certain circumstances arise. You should also test different browsers on different devices to make sure they are properly supported by your app. At ProCoders, we have a great team of QA specialists, and we can help you test every feature of your project.

6. Project Launch and Continuous Support

After quality assurance testing are complete as you develop a metaverse, your team can launch your project into production! You may also want to consider ongoing support for your product, so it stays up-to-date with emerging trends and features over time. At ProCoders, our aim is not just to make some app or software simply for the money. Rather, we are a company that prefers long-term partnerships with our clients. We want to make your business fruitful even after the main development work is done. After all, you’d still need some developers to work on your project for continuous support, and we can provide them to you.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Metaverse?

The answer to this question depends on the complexity of the metaverse. If you want to create an avatar-based world where users can interact with each other through avatars, then the development cost would be around

One could break down the costs of building a typical avatar-based world with interaction as follows:

  • Development costs: $15,000 to $20,000 per month
  • Infrastructure costs (server): $1,500 per month
  • Infrastructure maintenance: $1,500 per month
  • Marketing and promotions: $2,500 per month
  • Support staff salaries: $10,000 per month
GeoMonthly Rate (all levels average)
United States$100,000 – $200,000
Central Europe (Estonia, Albania, etc.)$50,000 – $70,000
Germany$90,000 – $150,000
Brazil$40,000 – $80,000
India$40,000 –  $75,000

The development process for a metaverse is similar to any other software project; you will need to define clear goals and objectives before proceeding with development. Once you have these details in place, you can proceed with the actual coding part of your project.

How to Launch Your Metaverse Project With ProCoders

ProCoders is an offshore outstaffing firm for software development. We help clients assemble teams of experienced developers, save money through outstaffing, and get expert developers right from the discovery phase.

We work with startups and small businesses to provide them with high-quality software development services at affordable prices. Our team has extensive experience in building complex web applications and mobile apps using technology stacks such as ReactJS/React Native, AngularJS, Angular 2/4, VueJS, MeteorJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS or PHP/Laravel/Agile Methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban.

We will help you create your product from scratch or improve existing applications by improving their performance and adding new features that will make them stand out from competitors.

F. A. Q.
How much does it cost to build a metaverse?

The cost to build a metaverse is dependent on the amount of time and resources available. Typically, the rate is approximately $50,000 to $150,000 monthly to build a metaverse. While development in locations like the US can go as high as $200,000, development in Central Europe, for instance, can be as cheap as $50,000 – $70,000. Some technologies are more expensive than others, so it’s important to make sure that whatever you choose fits within your budget, as well as being able to meet all of your requirements.

What makes a metaverse?

Metaverses are virtual worlds that are open to everyone, where you can meet with friends, explore new worlds, and play games. Users can also create their own spaces within the metaverse, which they can then populate with objects or other people. Some features of metaverses include augmented and virtual reality, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, etc. They are not bound by location, but rather by imagination (and technology).

What are the top 5 Tech Startups in the Metaverse to Watch in 2022?

The Metaverse is an ever-evolving landscape, and there are a lot of startups to keep your eye on. Roblox, NextMeet, PlayersOnly, GuildFi, and Zash are some of the top tech startups in the metaverse to watch in 2022. Roblox is a gaming platform where kids can create their own worlds and games. NextMeet is a video conferencing platform that allows users to join conference calls from anywhere in the world. PlayersOnly is a gaming platform where people can play games with other players from around the world or just chat about games they love. GuildFi is a social networking site for gamers where they can meet new friends and connect with people who share their interests. Zash is an augmented reality startup that allows users to create customized avatars for themselves using their own photos or videos of themselves.


  • The most obvious use case to launch a metaverse is entertainment. The virtual world can provide a new way to experience movies, games, and social interactions.
  • The metaverse is not just a video game. It’s much more than that—a platform for business and social interactions, an investment opportunity, and a revolutionary way of solving various real-world challenges
    Developers have to ensure that their virtual world is secure from hackers and other threats. This is the most important part of building a metaverse virtual world because it determines whether users will trust it or not.
  • A profitable option in how to create a metaverse is to hire an outstaffed team of competent developers. You can achieve this through ProCoders and get a team of developers that can build your project from scratch right from the discovery phase to project launch.
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