Self-Managed Dedicated Software Development Team as a Service

Meet deadlines efficiently and launch your product in time with a dedicated software development team from ProCoders. We’ve completed over 150 crews for clients worldwide, covering tech stacks of most levels. Work with us to assemble the perfect group of engineering professionals who will meet the needs of your business.

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    Benefits You Get When You Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

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    A self-managed dedicated software team delivers considerable benefits because it’s built according to your specific business and technical requirements. You have complete managerial control over the process and can easily make changes as the project evolves. 

    Here are TOP-3 benefits we at ProCoders hear all about from our partners after they hire a dedicated software development team with us:

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    Access to a Skilled Team

    You tap into a pool of experienced professionals. These teams often consist of developers, UX/UI designers, project managers, DevOps engineers, and quality assurance experts, ensuring that you have access to a wide range of talents and technical expertise in a short time.

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    Cost Savings

    Team dedicated software development can be cost-effective as it often involves lower operational costs in comparison to maintaining an in-house crew. You can save on taxes, benefits, office space, and infrastructure expenses.

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    Focus on Core Activities

    By outsourcing software development to dedicated team, your in-house team work can focus on core business activities, such as strategy and innovation.

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    A software development dedicated team enables you to benefit from an entire group of engineering professionals with varying skill sets and talents.

    Plus, with ProCoders, you get flexibility, scalability, and the power to directly manage your application and/or feature releases with unlimited technical support.

    Hire dedicated development teams with ProCoders!

    ProCoders will connect in whatever way works best for you in your time zone. Our priority is the success of your project, so we are always available and never make promises we can’t keep.
    When you’re hiring with us, you get Pros. Not just Coders.

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    How to Hire Dedicated Software Development Team in 3 Steps

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    Discover the Development Project

    Our Discovery Phase consists of two stages:

    • A free workshop – we meet in person or arrange a call that lasts for about 1.5-2 hours and ask questions about your project. We get deeper into the details to evaluate your technical needs and match them with the professionals we have on board.
    • Discovery Phase – our crew of business analysts and tech leads research your project in detail, building a roadmap for it and planning every step so that you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of the delivery.

    Consider us your personal detectives. During project discovery, ProCoders starts by conducting in-depth research to define the business requirements.

    We answer all your burning questions:

    • How many features will your application have?
    • What will the user roles be?
    • How many integrations are needed?
    • What reports are needed to analyze performance and more

    Then we create a prototype, complete an evaluation, and deliver a winning concept. This whole process helps us assemble and provide the best dedicated software development services team for your project.


    Outline Scope & Deliver Estimates

    At this stage, we offer the deliverables after the Discovery Phase. Shifting from detective to personal guide, our next step is to provide you with a detailed roadmap. 

    In this step, our experts also design and deliver prototypes of software architecture, user interfaces, and 3rd party APIs. The end result is a highly detailed project estimate by feature, plus a plan for a dedicated team in software development to create an application within the agreed-upon timeframe.

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    Build Dedicated Software Development Team

    The main goal of our software development services is to build an expert group of engineers who meet the unique needs of your project. To accomplish this, we construct and manage your group of project generalists, from front-end and back-end engineers, to UI and user experience designers and QA engineers, and anyone in between. 

    You get ultimate flexibility all along the progression of the project with the opportunity to utilize full-time or part-time crew members, all based on the scope of the project and how it evolves.

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    What IT talent are you looking for?

    How to hire a dedicated software development team? How to make sure you meet your deadlines? Book a call with ProCoders Head of Partnerships, George K. Helgesen

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