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Self-Managed Dedicated Software Development Team as a Service

Cover every stage of your development process with self-managed dedicated team service from ProCoders. We’ve built 50 dedicated teams for clients all over the world. Work with us to assemble the perfect group of engineering professionals who will meet the needs of your business.

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    Why Self-Managed Dedicated Development Team Services?

    A self-managed dedicated software team delivers endless benefits because it’s built according to your specific requirements. You have complete control over the development process and can easily make changes as the project evolves. Self-managed dedicated team service enables you to benefit from an entire group of engineering professionals with varying skills and talents. Plus, you get flexibility, scalability, and the power to directly manage your application and/or feature releases with unlimited technical support from ProCoders.

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    • Dedicated Team from Start to Finish

      Your dedicated team is structured in a way that meets the unique needs of the project at the necessary times all along its progression.

    • Shared Project Management

      You’re the captain and ProCoders is your first mate. You drive the big picture and project scope while the self-managed dedicated software team manager takes the lead with IT resources, development processes, and testing and delivery following the detailed roadmap approved during your discovery phase.

    • Honest & Transparent Communication

      Communicate with every member of your engineering team directly in order to eliminate blind spots. Telephone calls, video conferences, in-person office meetings — ProCoders will connect in whatever way works best for you. Our priority is the success of your project so we are always available and never make promises we can’t keep.

    When you work with us, you get Pros. Not just Coders. © Oleg Kopachovets, CEO at ProCoders
    Self-Managed Dedicated Team Service Makes the Difference

    Service is our superpower!

    • ProCoders puts partners first, and we’re proud that our portfolio, public reviews, and customer testimonials prove it. To demonstrate our expertise and credibility, we offer references on request to all new clients.
    • We take a personalized approach to every dedicated team-client relationship. Our leaders are always available within your unique business hours, whether it’s an EST, CST, or PST timezone.
    • Our self-managed dedicated development team services are unmatched by our competitors. We form partnerships and invest all of our resources into the success of your project.

    3 Steps to Building a Self-Managed Dedicated Software Team

    1. Discover the Project

      Consider us your personal detectives. During project discovery, ProCoders starts by conducting in-depth research to define the business requirements. We answer all your burning questions: how many features will your application have?; what will the user roles be?; how many integrations are needed?; what reports are needed to analyze performance, and more. Then we create a UX prototype, complete an evaluation, and deliver a winning concept.

    2. Outline Scope & Deliver Estimates

      Shifting from detective to personal guide, our next step is to provide you with a detailed roadmap. In this step, our experts also design software architecture, user interfaces, and test 3rd party APIs. The end result is a highly detailed project estimate by feature, plus an estimate for an engineering team to create an application within the agreed-upon timeframe.

    3. Build Your Dedicated Team

      The main goal of our self-managed dedicated development team services is to build an expert group of engineers who meet the unique needs of your project. To accomplish this, we construct and manage your team of project generalists, from front-end and back-end developers, to UI/UX designers and QA engineers, and anyone in between. You get ultimate flexibility all along the progression of the project with the opportunity to utilize full-time or part-time team members, all based on the scope of the project and how it evolves.

    What IT talent are you looking for?

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