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Are you looking to build a new website, app, or software solution but need help figuring out where to start? Bring your digital product vision to life faster and smarter with the ProCoders Project Discovery Workshop. We’re passionate about understanding our clients’ businesses inside and out before beginning any project. Our 1.5-2 hour benefits Discovery Workshop is the first step in our important, proven process for aligning expectations, uncovering challenges, and crafting winning solutions.

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    Create a Digital Roadmap in Just One Agile Product Discovery Workshop

    The event is a focused collaboration where we dive into the inner workings of your business. The goal is to learn how your company operates, its ecosystem, customers, problems to solve, expectations, etc.
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    1,5-2 hours
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    Online or In-Person
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    NDA Signed On-Demand

    We’ll craft a digital roadmap tailored to your goals, exploring questions like:

    How does your business operate day-to-day?

    Who are the members of your core product team?

    Who uses your business product or service? What are their user stories?

    What challenges are you facing in your product market and industry?

    Where do you want your business to go next?

    How can we maximize value as your technology partner?

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    Led by our VP of Partnerships, project managers, senior developers, UX designers, and other experts, each Product Discovery Workshop agenda is customized to your needs. This is the first engagement stage before the Discovery Phase where we get to know each other, and ProCoders is ready to invest the needed time into this process.

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    What Our Clients say about us

    We could talk all day about the work we do. But we’d rather have our partners tell their experience with ProCoders had a real impact on their business goals. Here’s one of our favorites:

    Peter Ericsson

    They have gone the extra mile to fulfill our ideas to create a very professional, fast, and robust app.

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    Accelerate Results with Data-Driven Insights

    We don’t just ask questions – we listen closely and analyze your responses to uncover actionable insights as to your target audience, their user story, your business plans, and tech needs. Our strategic approach includes creating charts and graphs so you can clearly see our findings.

    In just 1.5 hours, you’ll walk away with:

    • A summary outlining your current project stage
    • Custom visual representations a.k.a a vision board
    • A tailored Discovery plan
    • A preliminary proposal for the next steps

    The end result is alignment, clarity, and confidence as you move forward toenter the target market and create value proposition for your software with the right technology partner by your side.

    Meet Our Project Team and Explore Your Technology Potential with Our Complimentary Agile Discovery Workshop. Get Started!

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    Commitment-Free Exploration of Your Digital Potential

    We offer our Insights Discovery Workshop at no cost and with no commitment required. Consider it our investment in you – a chance to demonstrate our strategic approach and get to know each other better.

    We don’t believe in aggressive sales or locking you into contracts. We’d rather roll up our sleeves and explore your digital potential, no strings attached.

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    Meet our team


    Craft your digital roadmap


    Unlock key insights in just 90 minutes

    The First Step Toward Winning Solutions is Understanding Your Business Goals. Let’s Get Started!


    What is a Discovery Workshop? What happens during the meeting?

    It’s an open discussion to learn about your business processes, goals challenges, and more. We’ll ask strategic questions and create visual maps to document key findings. You’ll walk away with a plan summary and proposal for the next steps.

    Who should attend the initial meeting from our company?

    We recommend including decision-makers and key stakeholders who can provide insights about the business needs. Our team is flexible – our VPs, project management specialists, and senior staff can meet with both individuals and groups.

    How much does the ProCoders Agile Discovery Workshop cost?

    Nothing – our initiative is completely free! We provide Discovery Workshop services to establish trust and align expectations before partnerships form.

    What if we decide not to move forward after the online workshop?

    No problem at all. The meeting is exploratory by design, with no commitments required afterward. We provide honest value upfront.

    How do I schedule a workshop session?

    Getting started is easy! Just complete our registration form with your availability and preferences for meeting online or in person. We’ll contact you to confirm the details.

    Are you qualified in how to run a Discovery Workshop?

    We at ProCoders are constantly improving customer experience. In 9 years, we’ve built loyal long-term relationships with business representatives in different industries and countries. Your idea is in good hands.

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