3 Advice on Hiring Full-Stack Developers
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A full-stack developer carries out the duties of backend and frontend programmers by being good at server-side and client-side technologies. It is an important task requiring significant positions in development teams. When comparing full-stack vs backend vs frontend, having a full-stack developer is a reasonable decision. This kind of software engineer is highly desired by companies because they have more capability than others.

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Types of Full-Stack Developers

Much confusion exists about what a full-stack developer really does. Can they do everything? Or do they rather specialize in one particular technology stack? Full-stack developers are categorized into different stacks corresponding to their technology skills. This section highlights some popular full-stack technology stacks used to classify programmers.

MEAN Stack

This represents MongoDB, ExpressJS, Google’s AngularJS, and NodeJS. It is among the most sought-after stacks, especially since all the technologies represented are JavaScript-based. Some modifications include MERN, which replaces AngularJS with React Native; and MEVN, which uses Vue.js

LAMP Stack

LAMP stack programmers are primarily skilled in Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is among the earliest known programming stacks. Also, one can flexibly modify it as a cross-platform stack, such as WAMP for Windows devices and MAMP for macOS computers. It could also be fitted for Android or iOS.

Full-stack .NET

When looking for full-stack engineers, you may opt to hire .NET developers. Many experts work with Microsoft’s .NET framework as their primary platform. Its versatility makes it more endearing for an increasing number of companies today, especially with the framework’s support for cloud technologies. It is well-favored in web API development.

Light bulbe
Hire JavaScript Developers

Full-stack Ruby on Rails

Ruby-based full-stack development is a lightweight, flexible framework that is receptive to various programming paradigms, libraries, components, and technologies. Besides Rails being, obviously, the backend framework, the developer’s choice for frontend as well as database technologies is very open

Full-stack Python

Due to its portability, low-code implementation, simple syntax, and open-source architecture, Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world. So, it is not surprising that many full-stack developers for hire choose Python as their base technology.

Full-Stack Web Developers

Many full-stack developers focus on web development. This requires proficiency in frontend web programming frameworks, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as web frameworks including Laravel, Django, jQuery, Angular, Flutter, and so on.

Full-Stack Java Developers

A Java-based model of full-stack development enables you to build apps for desktop as well as web and mobile from mobile games to advanced business apps like ecommerce CMS programs. As one of the most favored development technologies, Java is highly scalable and handy in full-stack programming.

Roles, Skills, and Responsibilities of a Full-Stack Developer for Hire

Full-stack coders are not restricted to coding responsibilities. They are key members of software development teams. They are responsible for tasks ranging from design to coding and deployment.

Frontend and UI/UX

In web development, the principal technologies required are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Full-stack programmers should possess fundamental understanding in these areas, as well as in UI/UX design to build intuitive software interfaces.

Backend Technologies

In practice, many full-stack programmers are primarily backend developers with an additional specialization in frontend technologies. No one can succeed in full-stack programming without proficiency in backend technologies.

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When you hire app developers, a full-stack expert can organize data into structured formats through database servers and technologies such as MongoDB and MySQL.

Testing and Security

Full-stack engineers need to be able to troubleshoot issues at multiple development layers. They must also be familiar with security best practices.


Any candidate to fill that position must be capable of juggling multiple, sometimes unrelated, assignments and delivering on them appropriately.

When Do You Need a Full-Stack Developer?

Full-stack programmers seem like the affordable option when assembling development teams. Just hire dedicated full-stack developers, right? If so, one must wonder why backend and frontend coders have not gone out of business yet. The answer is simple: hire full-stack web developers because they are important, even though they can’t be do-it-alls.

For project management tools to develop a simple MVP or integrate an API, one developer with a full-stack focus might be able to handle everything with minimal assistance. Many startups can optimize costs by hiring fewer programmers with a full-stack basis instead of multiple specialists.

back end and front end developer together are a full stack

However, this approach would not work with large enterprises or big projects that surely require specialization. So, what’s the function of full-stack coders in such contexts? Surely, they can be great team leads or liaisons, bridging both backend and frontend teams while contributing to tasks that combine both sides, such as security, testing, and quality assurance.

Benefits of a Full-Stack Developer for Your Business

Why do many teams today require full-stack developers for hire? They get a unique range of benefits that specialist programmers cannot fully afford. The versatility of full-stack programmers enables a lot of advantages.

Cost Optimization

Perhaps the most popular reason many companies, especially startups, opt to find full-stack developers is the cost optimization that their skills provide. An experienced full-stack programmer can wear multiple hats on the team, fulfilling responsibilities that would have been assigned to separate people.

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If flexibility matters to you, then have a full-stack programmer on your team. With their capacity in both backend and frontend development, such a professional can switch roles within the team according to the demands.

Vast Experience

Full-stack experts have a deep experience rooted in the vast exposure they have garnered in the course of their work. Since their range extends across several languages and projects, they possess extensive and unique insights that enhance project delivery.


The most collaborative developers you would find, in terms of output, are full-stack programmers. Even in technologies and languages where they have no specialization, they have a basic knowledge, that helps them to relate at a sufficient level.

full stackOverFlow mem

Project Direction

Full-stack engineers are useful in determining the direction of the project. Their comprehensive expertise is useful in selecting the right technology stack. This would help make the product suitable for the company’s business needs.

How to Find a Full-Stack Developer for Hire?

Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and so on are great resources to hire dedicated full-stack developers, especially if you want to hire some quickly. However, the downside of this is low-quality web application development.

Alternatively, you could employ an agency or job board, but then there is the hassle of screening candidates. AngelList, for instance, is a platform to search developers by location, skill sets and experience. However, in our encounter, it is preferable to go for an agency that will do all the heavy lifting while you focus on your core business.

Therefore, the most efficient hiring process for full-stack developers, it seems, is offshore outstaffing. Because you are targeting offshore talents based in affordable locations such as Ukraine, you can avoid unnecessarily high hiring costs. In addition, the outstaffing model used by companies such as ProCoders helps companies to commence and complete projects in the fastest time possible.

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ProCoders has a great pool of dedicated full-stack developers who are skilled in a variety of programming languages. From the initial idea to developing the project, we can deliver a product that meets your requirements and expectations when you hire web developers with us. To outsource app development services is also a reliable option because it provides quick staff augmentation for when there is a gap in your team.

Where to Hire Full-Stack Developers?

When trying to find full-stack developers, this section lists specific places that you can look to, in order to find the top programmers in the industry.

Freelance Platforms

You can find dozens of full-stack coders by sorting through freelance platforms. Some platforms, such as Fiverr and Upwork, have a less rigorous process but have a wider range of options. Other platforms are rather restrictive, but that’s because of the strict vetting process that they have implemented, such as Arc and Toptal.

Review Platforms

Review platforms allow you to assess the skills and results of various development companies. Many such platforms have a ranking and awards system to classify teams according to experience, performance, and reliability.

For example, ProCoders has won Clutch awards such as the global top staff augmentation company and top web development company Ukraine. These platforms, such as Clutch, UpCity, GlassDoor, etc. also allow clients to post public reviews, so you can learn more about the team you want to hire.

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Job Boards

If you want to hire full-stack developers directly as employees of your company, then consider checking job boards. AngelList is a popular option, but it is restricted to the United States, although you can hire remote developers. Indeed, GitHub, and LinkedIn are other popular platforms with a global focus, wherever is your location.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as online communities, are also great places to look into. For a tech company, contacting professionals in your network is also great to find developers for startup.

Interview Questions when Hiring a Full-Stack Developer

At ProCoders, we hire developers and assemble teams for clients in fields such as SaaS, IoT, and business intelligence, from startups to enterprises. The following questions include some of the ways we interrogate candidates to understand their skills and abilities and determine if they are a good fit for a role.

  • What is your favorite technology stack?
  • How do you get updated with the latest industry trends?
  • What valuable soft skills do you possess for this project?
  • How do you determine the right technology stack for a project beforehand?
  • Do you work with new technologies or do you prefer reliable traditional ones?
  • How do you implement the business logic of a software product?
  • What tools do you need to build an efficient and scalable website?
  • Is search engine optimization a priority for you while coding?
  • Would you rather optimize an existing system or build a new one? What factors would inform your choice?

This limited list contains general queries but not technical questions. In our opinion, based on working with developers, it is best that your technical questions are informed by the technology stack that you expect the programmer to handle if hired.

3 Steps to Hire a Full-Stack Developer for Your Project

Anyone who works in tech knows how difficult it is to hire any developer, talkless a full-stack expert. However, what if you could hire a top developer in only three steps? This section shows you how.

Determine the Requirements

First, set the requirements for the project. What are your goals and objectives for the software? What is your budget for execution? How long do you expect the development process to last? All these would inform the hiring choices you make.

Assemble your Team

When assembling your team, you have a number of options. There is nothing better than putting a competent team in charge of your project. That’s what you get when you hire with ProCoders: a custom-built team of developers who listen to you and build according to your expectations.

better hire an IT department, than hire dedicated full stack developer

Screen the Developers

While we vet our developers at ProCoders before releasing them for any client project, we encourage clients to interact with our developers directly to ensure that they win their trust. This also helps us to be transparent. Ask the right questions that help you to make a smart decision.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Dedicated Full-Stack Developer?

The salaries of full-stack developers for hire, like every other professional, vary by location. If you are looking to save costs on building your next software, then you might want to ignore local talents for affordable foreign talents. As seen in the table below, talents from countries such as Ukraine and India have lower costs than their western counterparts.

Use the table as a guide to determine where to hire your next developer from. For developers who are not so cheap to distort your project and are neither too expensive, then you should look towards Ukraine.

Full-Stack Developer Salary

Country Entry-levelIntermediateSenior
United States $74,666$106,834$132,704
Ukraine $15,313$21,559$27,217
United Kingdom$54,088$77,392$96,132

Find Full-Stack Developers for Hire with ProCoders

What is it like to hire dedicated full-stack developers at ProCoders? Since we are based in Ukraine, that means you can access affordable talents. However, that does not equal a compromise on talent. We are very rigorous about the selection process by which we hire developers. Therefore, you can rest assured that only the best in the industry would be assembled for your project.

In providing developers for clients, we think the most important factors are trust and reliability, and these have won us the praises of clients. In the words of the CTO of a digital signage service we worked with, “The trust built between them and us in a very short period of time really makes them stand out.” Many companies have made the right choice to hire full-stack developers at ProCoders, you can, too.

F. A. Q.
Are all full-stack developers the same?

A full-stack developer is someone who has knowledge of all layers of the technology stack. They are able to write code for both backend and frontend.  While they do not necessarily specialize in both areas, they can work with multiple languages and frameworks. However, there are many types of full-stack developers based on the technologies they use.

What is the first step to successfully hiring full-stack developers?

When hiring for a full-stack developer, it is important to make sure you are clear about the company’s goals and objectives. Once you have these requirements in place, you can start looking for the best talent. The best candidates will have the expertise to build the software that meets your needs.

Are soft skills important for full-stack developers?

A full-stack developer needs to be able to juggle multiple tasks, which is why soft skills are so important. A software engineer, for example, might work on both the front-end and back-end of an app. As such, he or she will need to be able to switch gears at any time during development. This means having the discipline to focus on one thing at a time, but also being able to pull different pieces of information together in order to finish a project.


Full-stack developers bring versatility, flexibility, and experience to a development project; these are no ordinary professionals. Often, they function as the building blocks of development teams. That’s why you must get hiring right, especially if you are a startup. If you need help hiring the best fit full-stack developers for your company’s projects, ProCoders is the right choice. Give us a call today!

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