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With 150+ teams already augmented, ProCoders is THE company when you need not just a high-quality platform but the one easily optimized for higher rankings, visibility, and sales. Hire Vue SEO experts with us to make sure your website is ready to hit the first Google Search pages!

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    Why SEO Matters for Vue Apps

    Good Vue.js SEO elevates your brand, drives free traffic, and boosts conversions. With ProCoders development optimized for search bots, you can:

    • Reach more customers with relevant keywords
    • Establish domain authority and trust
    • Acquire visitors more cost-effectively than running paid ads
    • Future-proof your marketing as algorithms evolve
    • Get more qualified traffic, leads, and sales
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    Can you make Vue SEO-friendly?

    Yes, if you work with professionals who know the right approach to this JS framework. ProCoders developers excel in Vue project creation, as well as in over 50 other frameworks if you need to migrate, for example. They can help you build time-proof platforms that will reach your target audience ASAP!

    Let’s Discuss Your Goals – We’ll Craft a Website Aligned to Success!

    ProCoders Tailored Vue App SEO Approach

    How to succeed using Vue 2 to create beautiful SEO-ready websites? With just several manipulations we can combine Vue JS and SEO even before uploading optimized page content.

    Here’s what we do:


    Server Side Rendering with Nuxt for indexing


    Accessible components using semantic HTML


    Automated sitemaps to guide search bot crawling


    Intelligent Vue code splitting for faster page loads


    Making the page load faster with Vue lazy hydration


    Ongoing optimizations to match evolving algorithms

    Choose from Over 120 Specialists to Enhance Your Project

    01. Building Remarkable Websites

    Our in-house squad brings cross-functional expertise to build remarkable websites. Developers, designers, project managers, QA experts – we have all the precise skills to match your needs.

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    Choose from Over 120 Specialists to Enhance Your Project

    02. Crafting Elite Services

    We carefully screen each team member for both technical brilliance and soft skills. This selective process produces groups of experts equipped to provide elite services for your precise requirements.

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    Choose from Over 120 Specialists to Enhance Your Project

    03. Our Holistic Approach

    You get more than talent – our rigorous methodology fosters collaboration and accountability from start to finish. The result is a seamless experience and a stellar website optimized for your goals. Let our holistic approach provide the website excellence you deserve. 

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    SEO Is One of the Most Useful Tools in Brand Awareness Improvement. Start Early – Let Our Developers Become SEO Guides for Your Projects!

    Why Choose ProCoders as Your Vue SEO Partner

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    8 Years of Vue JS SEO Optimization Expertise

    Crafting high-performance websites since 2015

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    Cross-Functional Talent

    Full teams covering design, development, PM, testing, as well as post-launch support.

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    Selectively Screened

    Rigorous 4-stage interview and testing process ensures top notch talent.

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    Industry Leading Edge

    Staying on top of the latest Vue and SEO trends to make sure your site stays popular.

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    Open Communication

    We talk honestly about all the pros and cons of the project because we’re committed to bringing a positive result for your business.

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    Actionable Recommendations

    Expert guidance to boost the search results presence of your website.

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    ProCoders expertise can give your project a competitive edge from Day 1!

    SEO for Vue can be versatile if you know what additional frameworks to use for help. We opt for Nuxt SEO kit and a proprietary methodology that helps the combination work upon launch.

    Let’s Craft a High-Performance Website Tailored to Your Goals

    The ProCoders Advantage: Our Step-by-Step SEO Methodology


    We learn about your target audience, technical needs, business goals, and industry.


    Our experts create a development strategy tailored to the requirements we ‘discover’ during Phase 1.


    ProCoders developers build a Vue JS SEO-optimized website.


    We test the platform to see if it fits the rough Google index standards as to page speed, mobile friendliness, and other factors.


    Our team provides ongoing optimization and support.

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    ProCoders Success Stories

    IT Company (NDA)

    This case is under NDA, so we won’t share the name and details about the company. In broad strokes, we’ve recently had a partner from California referred to us by another business we provided services to.

    They needed to rebuild their website, maintenance and support, as well as speed, accessibility, security optimization. The expected results were overall better user experience and higher ranking for the website.

    Up to 5 of our employees worked on the project and:

    • Met every deadline
    • Improved UX
    • Improved page speed
    • Improved accessibility

    According to the Head of Demand Gen of the company:

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    They delivered items on time and are very timely to respond. They are able to work independently once given a project or task. They are able to understand project requirements and deliver what is needed. Their ability to work quickly and communicate with US-based employees is impressive. They are competitive rates for the high quality of work they deliver. They are good problem solvers who are able to figure out clever solutions for difficult issues.

    More of What Our Clients Say

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    Software Company
    VP of Marketing

    Their ability to deliver quickly has been impressive. Also, they’re very familiar with technical SEO.

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    Engineering Company

    They’re all super responsive and meet all of our deadlines.

    What to Do Next? Getting Started with ProCoders

    Initial Contact

    We connect to discuss your needs and arrange next steps.

    NDA Signing

    We sign NDAs to protect confidential project details.

    Discovery Phase

    For full development, we analyze the scope and create a tailored roadmap.

    Team Matching

    We meticulously match experts to your needs and then facilitate interviews.

    Agile Development

    Our team builds per the roadmap, offering creative solutions, providing updates, and mitigating risks.

    Streamlined Billing

    Convenient monthly payments for services through our straightforward process.


    How can the Vue JS framework improve search engine optimization?

    With proper implementation, it allows building fast, accessible websites that search engine crawlers can read and index effectively.

    Is Vue SEO friendly?

    Is Vue good for SEO? Yes, it can be optimized for search engine optimization friendliness with the proper implementation including server-side rendering.

    Will Vue or React Hurt My SEO? Are there any Vue SEO problems?

    Neither will inherently hurt search engine optimization if implemented properly. Default client side rendering can make content more difficult for search bots to index, but server-side rendering solves this.

    What is the Vue SEO Impact on my site?

    Typical results include increased organic traffic, lower cost per lead, higher conversion rates, and greater brand visibility in search engines.

    What is your working process?

    We tailor the process to each client but generally include auditing, strategic recommendations, development, optimization, and ongoing support/maintenance.

    What are some SEO best practices?

    Server-side rendering, Vue meta tags, meta descriptions and titles management, image optimization, sitemaps, optimized performance, semantic markup, quality content.

    How can you optimize my existing website for better Vue SEO?

    By analyzing which elements can be improved, implementing changes like SSR and speed enhancements, optimizing content, tracking performance in search, and refining over time.

    Let’s Build a Successful Platform Together!
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