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At ProCoders, we transform mobile app ideas into visually stunning and user-friendly experiences. Our dedicated team of UI/UX designers brings expertise and creativity to every project, ensuring your app not only looks great but also provides an intuitive and engaging experience for your users.

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    Case Studies

    In our work, we aim for creativity, effectiveness, and impact on user engagement and satisfaction. From enhancing existing UI/UX app design to developing new concepts from scratch, ProCoders has a proven track record of delivering designs that captivate and convert.


    ProCoders partnered with Ushahidi to enhance their platform, focusing on redesigning the mobile app and improving UI/UX design. This effort aimed to streamline the user experience, making event reporting more intuitive and accessible. By assembling a team with a dedicated UI/UX engineer and leveraging technologies like Angular, Ionic, and AWS, ProCoders transformed Ushahidi’s mobile application into a user-friendly platform. 

    This redesign not only improved navigation and functionality but also aligned with Ushahidi’s mission of enabling easy, open-source crisis reporting. ProCoders’ commitment to delivering impactful solutions was evident in our meticulous approach to UI/UX, ensuring an engaging user experience.

    UI/UX Mobile App Design Company: Testimonials

    Todd Pritts
    Todd Pritts
    Founder & CPO, Roth River, Inc.

    “We maintain our partnership and team dynamics with no plans to end any time soon.”

    man symbol
    Alessandro Banini
    CEO, bigshot360 srl

    “They are always willing to invest their time and expertise in clients’ products.”

    David Losada - Director of Technology
    David Losada
    Director of Technology, Ushahidi, inc

    “They always strive to deliver the expected results.”

    The ProCoders Engagement Process

    01. NDA-Signing

    1. This initial step involves both parties signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that all shared information during the engagement remains confidential. It establishes trust and safeguards proprietary information.

    The ProCoders Engagement Process

    02. Discovery Workshop

    1. A free 1.5-hour collaborative session where stakeholders from both sides come together to understand project objectives, requirements, and expectations. It’s an interactive way to align visions and establish a common understanding.

    The ProCoders Engagement Process

    03. Discovery Phase

    1. An in-depth analysis phase where detailed research and planning are conducted. This step involves gathering all necessary information on the project’s scope, potential challenges, and strategic approaches. At this stage, we build a roadmap and develop prototypes if needed.

    The ProCoders Engagement Process

    04. Team Assembly

    1. Based on the project’s needs identified in the Discovery Phase, a dedicated team is assembled. This team is tailored to the project’s specific requirements, ensuring the right mix of skills and expertise for successful execution.

    The ProCoders Engagement Process

    05. Product Development

    1. The phase where the actual development of the product begins. It involves designing, coding, testing, and iterating based on feedback. This step is guided by the project plan and milestones set during the discovery phase.

    The ProCoders Engagement Process

    06. Open Communication

    1. Throughout the engagement, maintaining open and transparent communication is crucial. Regular updates, meetings, and feedback sessions ensure that all parties are aligned and any issues are promptly addressed.

    The ProCoders Engagement Process

    07. Convenient Billing

    1. The final step involves setting up a monthly billing and payment structure that is transparent, fair, and convenient for both parties. It ensures that financial transactions are handled smoothly, aligning with the agreed-upon terms.
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