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Enjoy seamless migration services from WooCommerce to Shopify by our dedicated team of experts. We at ProCoders know exactly how to use the powerful features of eCommerce platforms to enhance your e-commerce presence. We offer a hassle-free experience, ensuring that your business thrives!


    Transition with Confidence – ProCoders Provides Expertise in WooCommerce to Shopify Migration!

    Why Migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify?

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    What People Say About ProCoders

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    VP of Marketing
    Financial Services Company

    “The project was finished quickly with clear collaboration throughout.; I felt they quickly understood our needs and had strong solutions. No road block was a problem, the can-do attitude was positive and collaborative.; ProCoders are responsive and proactive. They thought of everything 2 steps ahead!; Most unique was the quality of work – excellent! and excellent communication – the project was finished quickly with clear collaboration throughout. ”

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    Director of Operations
    Construction Company

    “Going live was seamless, corrections were fast, and the final product was better than we envisioned.; We made suggestions through Figma, and revisions were made within 24hrs.; Going live was seamless, corrections were fast, and the final product was better than we envisioned.;I can’t stress enough how good their communication is. This quality is lacking in all industries, and over 120 days, no emails went unresponded, and no tasks went uncompleted.“

    It’s Time for a Flawless Migration – Let ProCoders Handle Your eCommerce Evolution!

    Transfer WooCommerce to Shopify: Our Migration Services

    Detailed Service Breakdown

    How to switch from WooCommerce to Shopify? Here’s how ProCoders experts do it.

    Custom Solutions


    Tailored migrations, WordPress eCommerce development, and Shopify development for unique business models and requirements.

    Specialized integrations and feature development for a bespoke eCommerce experience.


    The typical timeline for migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify is between 4-8 weeks, depending on the complexity and scale of the project.

    Working with ProCoders: A Step-by-Step Guide

    What to do next? ProCoders has a very convenient collaboration process. No hassle, no hidden terms!

    Initial Consultation:

    Understanding your business needs and goals.

    Discovery Phase:

    After a 1.5-hour free workshop, our specialists study your idea and create a roadmap to its implementation.

    Expert Matching:

    We choose the best developers, designers, QA specialists, project managers, etc., depending on your staff needs.


    Migrating data, customizing the store, and integrating essential tools.

    Testing & Launch:

    Ensuring everything works perfectly before going live.

    Post-Migration Support:

    Assisting with any post-launch needs or concerns.

    Convenient Payment:

    Just like a subscription, you make monthly payments using a suitable channel.

    Make Your Move to Shopify Effortless – Trust ProCoders Developers for Reliable Migration!


    Can Shopify and WooCommerce work together?

    Yes, they can be integrated for specific functionalities, but using one platform often offers a more streamlined experience. While you can create two stores or combine the solutions, it may require more time and money investments.

    Why is Shopify better than WooCommerce?

    The platform provides a more user-friendly interface, superior security, dedicated support, and better scalability options. We can’t say it’s better for each project, as we always study the requirements of our partners before helping them choose the best eCommerce platform.

    Is WooCommerce more expensive than Shopify?

    While WooCommerce is free, the total cost can be higher due to hosting, plugins, and extensions. So, the price depends on the scale you need, but the core plugin is free. Shopify offers a more predictable pricing structure.

    Can I Keep My Domain Name?

    Yes, you can keep your domain name. You’ll need to update your DNS settings to point to your new Shopify store.

    What Happens to My Products, Customers, and Orders?

    The migration process involves exporting data from WooCommerce (products, customers, orders) and importing it into Shopify. Ensure that you follow the correct steps to transfer this information seamlessly.

    What About Customizations and Plugins?

    Custom features and plugins used in WooCommerce may not have direct equivalents in Shopify. You’ll need to assess and recreate these functionalities using Shopify apps or custom development.

    How Do I Set Up Payment Gateways?

    Shopify has its payment gateway (Shopify Payments), and you can also integrate with other third-party gateways. Set up the preferred payment gateway in your Shopify account.

    What Happens to Subscriptions and Recurring Payments?

    If you have subscription or recurring payment services, ensure that these are supported by Shopify or find suitable alternatives. Apps like ReCharge may be used for subscription management.

    Will My Email Subscribers Transfer?

    Email subscribers are typically managed separately from your e-commerce platform. Ensure that your email subscriber list is exported and imported into your chosen email marketing service.
    At ProCoders, we are dedicated to making your WooCommerce to Shopify export a successful and rewarding journey. Contact us today to start your transition to a better, more efficient eCommerce platform.

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