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    A custom WP theme is not just about aesthetic appeal; it’s a crucial component of your digital strategy. Our expertly crafted themes enhance user experience, strengthen brand identity, and amplify your online presence. Experience the transformative impact of a theme that’s uniquely yours.

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    Our Technologies and Expertise

    Our team excels in website design services and website development WordPress, but the talent doesn’t stop there. We hire people fluent in a range of technologies, including PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS, APIs, Ajax/JQuery, XML/RPC/Web Service, GIT, and more.

    We specialize in Headless WP, Workflow automation, CSS3, Bootstrap, LESS, SaaS Frameworks, and popular page builders like Genesis, Avada, Elementor, and Divi.

    So, we can do more than professional WordPress theme development!

    Cases We Worked On

    01. MESH

    MESH, a standout player in finance team operations, recognized the need for a more efficient, automated spend management platform. Aiming to merge the convenience of automation with enhanced flexibility, MESH sought a transformation in how finance teams function.

    The primary obstacle for MESH was the creation of a WP site that could provide fast performance and an excellent user experience, a need unmet by their existing digital setup. Their vision was for a site that embodied both efficiency and innovation.

    Mesh site on mac

    02. ProCoders’ Solution

    Addressing MESH’s requirements for speed and a modern interface, ProCoders took up building a brand-new WordPress site from scratch.

    We equipped MESH with a user-centric and adaptable CMS by integrating a custom solution using Elementor. This approach made content updates straightforward while ensuring a visually striking and unified design.

    Moreover, understanding the importance of cross-platform usability, we fine-tuned the WordPress site for outstanding mobile and desktop performance, ensuring readiness for any shifts in user behavior.

    Mesh site on phone

    03. Results

    The outcome was a WP site that surpassed MESH’s expectations. The finance team now leverages a platform that not only excels in speed and adaptability but also elevates user satisfaction significantly.

    This case exemplifies how targeted WP development services can align seamlessly with business goals, fostering operational efficacy and innovation in the financial sector.

    Mesh site on tablet

    Our Partners Say This About Us

    real estate agent illustration

    “The site is simple for us to update ourselves, ProCoders made sure we understood how to do that and are available for further questions should we need. Most unique was the quality of work – excellent! and excellent communication – the project was finished quickly with clear collaboration throughout. Overall a genuinely positive experience, would highly recommend!”

    VP of Marketing

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    How long does WordPress theme and plugin development take?

    The development time varies based on complexity and specific requirements, typically ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months.

    Are custom WordPress themes mobile-friendly?

    Yes, all our custom themes are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring optimal performance on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

    Can I easily update content after your WordPress web design and advanced theme development?

    Yes, of course, our themes are built with user-friendly content management in mind, allowing you to easily update and manage your website’s content.

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