Automate & Enhance: Contact Form 7 Salesforce Integration

Transform how you manage customer data with our new Salesforce Integration for Contact Form 7. This plugin, developed by ProCoders, bridges your WordPress site with Salesforce, automating data transfer and enhancing lead management efficiency. No more human errors!

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    Streamlined Data Management for Accelerated Growth

    Our plugin seamlessly captures and syncs leads directly from your WordPress forms to Salesforce, ensuring your sales team gets real-time access to customer information without manual data entry.

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    Install the Salesforce WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin in Simple Steps

    01. Contact ProCoders to download the plugin.


    Install the Salesforce WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin in Simple Steps

    02. Upload the ‘cf7-to-salesforce’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

    plugin 2 step

    Install the Salesforce WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin in Simple Steps

    03. Activate the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

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    Install the Salesforce WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin in Simple Steps

    04. Set up by connecting your Salesforce account as detailed on the plugin’s settings page.

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    Why Choose Our Contact Form 7 Salesforce Lead Plugin?

    Opt for ProCoders’ WordPress Salesforce form plugin for a straightforward, reliable, and robust solution designed with user ease in mind:

    Empower Your Sales Strategy! Integrate Salesforce with Contact Form 7 via Our Plugin.

    Who Are We?

    ProCoders is your software development partner committed to simplifying technology for businesses globally. With a professional team of over 120 middle and senior developers experienced in multiple technologies, we’re dedicated to enhancing your digital capabilities and making complex technology accessible to businesses of all sizes.


    How do I connect Contact Form 7 to Salesforce using the plugin?

    To connect Contact Form 7 to Salesforce, install and activate the WPForms Salesforce Integration plugin available from the WordPress plugin repository. Once activated, go to the plugin settings within the Contact section of your WordPress dashboard. You’ll need to input your Salesforce API key and other necessary credentials here. After setting up the credentials, map Contact Form 7 custom fields to Salesforce to ensure accurate data transfer. Finally, test the integration by submitting a test form to confirm that data is syncing correctly with your Salesforce account.

    You can contact us for the best practices for using Contact Form 7 with Salesforce!


    Where can I find my Salesforce API key?

    Your Salesforce API key can be obtained by logging into your Salesforce account and navigating to the Settings under your profile. Look for the ‘Reset My Security Token’ option under ‘My Personal Information’. If you need a new API key or cannot locate the existing one, use this option to reset it. Salesforce will then send a new security token to your registered email, which will serve as your API key, combined with your password. This key is essential for accessing Salesforce APIs and integrating with other services.

    How can I contribute to the Contact Form 7 Salesforce web to lead plugin’s development?

    We welcome your contributions to our Salesforce Form Integration plugin! Please reach out at to discuss how you can help.

    is Contact Form 7 a good choice for Salesforce integration?

    While integrating Contact Form 7 with Salesforce can be complex, our plugin simplifies the process, making it as easy as a couple of clicks. This allows for seamless data mapping and transmission between the systems without needing extensive technical knowledge.

    No More Manual Data Entry!

    Boost Efficiency with the Salesforce & Contact Form 7 Integration Plugin by ProCoders.

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