Supercharge Your Sales Funnel with PipeDrive Integration for Contact Form 7

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually entering data from your WordPress site into PipeDrive. ProCoders introduces the PipeDrive & Contact Form 7 Integration plugin, designed to automate and enhance lead management by directly syncing every form submission with your account.

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    Efficient Lead Collection for Growth

    Our plugin enables the smooth and quick capture and sync of leads directly from your WordPress forms to PipeDrive, streamlining your workflow with no manual effort. 

    Enjoy the simplicity of automatically:

    Key Features of Our Plugin to Transform Your Workflow

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    Easy Integration with PipeDrive Entities:

    • Connect Contact Form 7 with PipeDrive, enabling direct integration with Leads, Persons, and Organizations. This feature simplifies the setup process, allowing you to link your forms directly to your CRM components without complex configurations.

    Automated Syncing of Form Submissions:

    • Synchronize every submission from Contact Form 7 to your PipeDrive account. This automation ensures that all data captured through your forms is instantly updated in PipeDrive, enhancing the speed and accuracy of your data management.
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    Intuitive Mapping of Form Fields:

    •  Easily map specific form fields to corresponding PipeDrive properties. This intuitive feature allows for precise data transfer, ensuring that information collected via Contact Form 7 is accurately reflected in the relevant PipeDrive fields, enhancing data integrity and utility.

    Secure Communication:

    • Benefit from the most recent PipeDrive API for enhanced security and reliability. This feature utilizes the latest API versions, offering robust security measures to safeguard your data and ensure dependable communication between your WordPress site and PipeDrive CRM.

    Make the Right Choice! Integrate PiprDrive with Contact Form 7 through Our Plugin.

    Install the Plugin in Simple Steps

    01. step

    Download the plugin from


    Install the Plugin in Simple Steps

    02. step

    Upload the ‘cf7-to-pipedrive’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

    CF7 Plugin

    Install the Plugin in Simple Steps

    03. step

    Activate the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.


    Install the Plugin in Simple Steps

    04. step

    Configure settings by linking your PipeDrive account as guided on the plugin’s settings page.

    CF7 STEP 3

    For WordPress Multisite:

    • Install the plugin via ‘Network Admin’ -> ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add New’.
    • Activate on individual sites for precise control.

    Why Choose Our Plugin?

    Our PipeDrive & Contact Form 7 Integration plugin stands out in the competitive integration solutions market for its straightforward, reliable, and fully supported technology. Businesses opt for ProCoders because our solution is:

    Transform Your Lead Management Today!

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    Who Are We?

    ProCoders is a software development company bringing a decade of experience partnering with global clients to the table. Our team of over 120 programmers is proficient in more than 50 technologies and platforms. 

    With a track record of augmenting over 150 development teams, we are dedicated to demystifying digitalization for businesses. Our mission centers on making technology accessible and straightforward, helping companies enhance their operations through innovative software solutions!

    PipeDrive for eCommerce WordPress: FAQ

    Could you help me with some questions I have about your plugin?

    Absolutely! For detailed assistance or any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website: ProCoders Contact.

    Is it easy to integrate Contact Form 7 with PipeDrive using your plugin?

    To integrate PipeDrive with WordPress, you typically need to use third-party plugins or custom API integrations. One common method is using the WPForms plugin along with the PipeDrive add-on, which allows you to connect your forms directly to PipeDrive. Alternatively, you can use custom code to connect the PipeDrive API to your WordPress site. For a simpler and more efficient solution, consider using our ProCoders best PipeDrive WordPress Integration plugin, which streamlines the process to just a few clicks.

    How do I obtain a PipeDrive API key?

    Your personal API key can be found by navigating to Settings > Personal Preferences > API in your PipeDrive account.

    How can I contribute to the plugin?

    We greatly appreciate your interest in contributing! If you’d like to get involved, whether by reporting bugs, suggesting new features, or proposing enhancements, please contact us at We highly value community contributions and continually seek ways to enhance our products.

    What is Contact Form 7?

    Contact Form 7 is a widely used and highly customizable WordPress plugin that enables you to create and manage multiple contact forms. It has many features and integrations, offering a flexible solution for capturing user data and enhancing communication.

    Is Contact Form 7 GDPR compliant?

    Yes, Contact Form 7 complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It incorporates various features and settings that assist website owners in adhering to GDPR requirements, including mechanisms to secure explicit consent from users before collecting their data and options for data retention and erasure.

    Is PipeDrive a CRM or marketing tool?

    PipeDrive is a versatile platform that serves as both a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and a marketing tool. Initially launched as a marketing automation tool, PipeDrive has expanded to offer an integrated suite that combines CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service functionalities.

    Is it easy to connect PipeDrive to WordPress using your plugin?

    Yes, our plugin significantly simplifies the integration of Contact Form 7 with PipeDrive. Designed for ease of use, it allows you to smoothly sync your form submissions with your PipeDrive account, eliminating complications.

    Accelerate Your Workflow with the PipeDrive & Contact Form 7 Integration Plugin.
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