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At ProCoders, we are passionate about utilizing technology to help businesses worldwide. Whether you're looking to build a brand-new website or upgrade your existing one, our ChatGPT engineers are here to help.

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    Hire ChatGPT Developer Through ProCoders: Services We Provide

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    Website development

    Our developers specialize in creating custom, intuitive websites that are tailored to your specific brand and business needs.

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    Chatbot development

    Our ChatGPT developers have the expertise to build chatbots based on advanced AI technologies that provide a seamless customer experience.

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    Custom software development

    We can help you with building custom solutions and delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive your business forward.

    Hire ChatGPT Developers Through the Most Effective Working Model

    An experienced ChatGPT developer for hire is an essential building block for your project's success. At ProCoders, we offer the most effective working models to ensure you have access to the best ChatGPT developers in the business.

    01. Discovery Phase Services

    If you have an idea for a project but need help planning, our Discovery Phase is perfect for you. Our team of skilled ChatGPT specialists will analyze your case, create a roadmap, and develop a budget and time plan that aligns with your goals.

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    02. Dedicated Team

    If you have no tech team and need to hire ChatGPT developers and the rest of the experts without HR hassles, our dedicated team model is ideal for you. We’ll carefully handpick highly qualified professionals from our pool of talented employees to work solely on your project, ensuring we deliver the results you need.

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    03. Staff Augmentation

    Do you already have a team in place and need additional resources and a fresh perspective on your project? Our staff augmentation model is a great match. ProCoders’ experts will help you find the right GPT coders for hire who are available and have the technical skills to take up your project ASAP.

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    The ProCoders Work Process When You Hire ChatGPT Programmers Through Us

    Looking to hire the best ChatGPT programmers in the business? ProCoders is here to help. We offer a hassle-free process that guarantees to deliver highly qualified experts that align with your business and project needs. Here are the steps to get started:


    Non-Disclosure Agreement Signing

    At ProCoders, we prioritize the safety and security of your data. Before we begin any partnership, we ensure the signing of a non-disclosure agreement to safeguard your sensitive information.


    Initial Consultation

    Before you hire any ChatGPT programmer from ProCoders, we conduct an initial consultation to evaluate your project's challenges and tasks. This helps us determine what staff to assign to your project.


    Assigning ChatGPT Developers

    Once we have a clear understanding of your project needs, we assign a senior specialist to meticulously select ChatGPT coders with the skills and expertise that fit your specific project requirements.


    Task Completion and Regular Updates

    Our professionals possess exceptional problem-solving skills to carefully complete each task on your project. To keep you up-to-date, we offer direct communication with our ChatGPT experts for speedy development and regular updates.


    Flexible Monthly Billing

    Our monthly billing system is flexible and secure. You can choose a subscription-based model that suits your budget and never worry about the next payment again.

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire a ChatGPT Specialist with ProCoders?

    At ProCoders, we focus on delivering the best value for our clients while ensuring quality solutions. We offer flexible development models that cater to different budget ranges and project needs. You can hire a middle specialist for around $4K a month or a senior one for $5,500 a month. The final pricing of your project depends on the hourly rate of the developers, platforms used, tech stack, level of dev, and other technical questions
    To give you a glimpse of our potential collaboration, let’s see our pricing plans:

    Hours per month:
    1+ month
    • 1 business day response time
    • 2 hours Min billing quote
    • QA service included
    • Project manager included
    • Range-only tasks evaluation
    • x1.5 Non-business time
    Hours per month:
    2+ months
    • 2 business hours response time
    • Full time mode
    • QA service not included
    • Account manager included
    • x1.3 Non-business time

    TOP-3 Reasons to Choose ProCoders, According to Our Clients

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    Full Technical Support

    Our team of ChatGPT developers provides end-to-end technical support for your project, starting from the planning phase to post-development or ongoing maintenance. Our specialists take the time to understand your unique needs and design customized solutions that address those needs while achieving your goals.

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    Top-Quality ChatGPT Developers

    We know how to hire ChatGPT developer that delivers due to a rigorous hiring process that includes an expert-led interview and test procedure to evaluate the candidate’s skill level and drive. This helps us in selecting top staff exclusively for you, ensuring that you get access to only the best talent of the tech job market for your project.

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    Transparent Communication

    At ProCoders, we place a high priority on honest, open, and transparent communication with our clients. You can contact us through any suitable channel for regular updates throughout the entire process of development. Our ChatGPT programmers for hire will provide constructive feedback on the project as it progresses, identifying potential areas of concern and suggesting solutions to address them.

    Top Businesses Trust ChatGPT Integration to ProCoders

    ChatGPT OmniMind

    A metallurgical business that manufactures parts for construction came to ProCoders with a request to develop a bot for consultations based on the company's knowledge base. We, through our OmniMind project, ‘fed’ ChatGPT data about the range of parts and their characteristics. This has helped sales managers quickly navigate the diversity of the assortment, speeding up order processing and increasing customer satisfaction.

    ChatGPT OmniMind

    A company in the Human Resources industry turned to ProCoders for help as they needed an LMS (learning management system) solution for easier and faster onboarding of new employees. We needed to fine-tune ChatGPT to transform it into a bot knowledgeable about the details of the businesses processes, values, beliefs, etc. Every new employee can just ask questions and get immediate answers without the need to contact their manager several times a day. Handy!

    What Clients Say About ProCoders

    Gustav Guldberg
    Gustav Guldberg
    CTO at MultiQ

    The trust built between them and us in a very short period of time really makes them stand out. They reach out to us more frequently than we do to them, to ensure that we’re happy with the work being delivered, and that everything is working with the coder — moreover, we have trial periods with the coders that were brought in for different projects.

    Chris Manlow
    Chris Manlow
    UX & Web Manager at LTG

    Their service was excellent, and the price was better than the competitors we looked at. Even though our lead developer left the team, we still launched the project on time - it wouldn't have been possible without them.

    Need More Proof? Talk to Our Partners Personally!


    How do you find ChatGPT developers for your project with ProCoders?

    To find the right ChatGPT software developers for your project, we at ProCoders start by contacting them and providing details about your project and requirements. They will then use their expertise to select the most suitable developers from their team and assign them to your project.

    What fields of expertise do ProCoders' ChatGPT developers excel in?

    ProCoders' ChatGPT specialists have expertise in various fields, including natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. They also work on projects in various industries, such as Warehouse Management, Healthcare, AdTech, IoT, Logistics, eLearning, eCommerce, Retail, Sports & Fitness, so they know how different businesses work, which enhances the quality of their work.

    What OpenAI models and variations does ProCoders leverage for ChatGPT development projects?

    ProCoders leverages GPT-2, GPT-3, and BERT, among others. ChatGPT developers we find and hire long-term always select the most appropriate model based on the requirements of your project.

    What is ProCoders' standard methodology for imbuing OpenAI models into software solutions?

    ProCoders follows a standard yet effective methodology which involves project complexity and requirements analysis, model selection, its training and fine-tuning, ChatGPT integration into the software solution, testing, and deployment.

    In what ways can the dedicated ChatGPT developers at ProCoders enhance your business operations?

    Our dedicated ChatGPT coders can enhance your business operations by developing intelligent chatbots for support to increase customer satisfaction, creating virtual assistants, implementing natural language processing for data analysis, etc.

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