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Veronika Bychkova

Head of Marketing, ProCoders

Experience: 3 years

Veronika has led the marketing team at ProCoders for the past three years, combining her industry knowledge with ongoing education in several key areas. She has completed practical courses in: 

  • Data Analytics and Market Research
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • PPC Fundamentals
  • Advertisement and Media Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Leadership and Team Management, etc.

These courses have equipped her with the skills needed to effectively manage and enhance ProCoders’ marketing strategies.

Previously a Content Manager and Text Editor, Veronika has a strong background in refining marketing content to ensure it is clear and effective. She plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of all published articles, applying her keen eye for detail to ensure they meet high standards.

Her leadership extends to building a marketing team from the ground up, which has become a core component of the company's success. Veronika oversees the creation and distribution of content, directly contributing to the company’s reputation and presence in the digital market.

Veronika’s approach involves using the latest marketing tools and techniques to meet the company’s goals, incorporating Artificial Intelligence to optimize processes and increase the efficiency of the team, and supporting ProCoders and its clients in adapting to the digital landscape.

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