Building a custom trained ChatGPT based chatbot

Are you looking for a chatbot that can provide personalized customer support and assistance to your clients? ChatGPT may be a great option, but it can only provide general responses and may even generate hallucinations. This is where a custom trained ChatGPT comes in.

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    Building the Backend

    The main challenge in building a custom-trained ChatGPT is how to create the backend. This is where OmniMind comes in. OmniMind offers a seamless low-code custom AI solution that can enrich and train data from your website, Google Drive, and 50 other sources to build a customized ChatGPT.

    Who Can Benefit

    OmniMind can be beneficial for a wide range of professionals, including:

    Web developers


    Customer support specialists

    Sales managers

    How It Works

    By using OmniMind, you can build a chain of data enrichment and training that includes your website, documents from Google Drive, and other data sources. Once you have built your customized backend, you can easily integrate it. So you can get:

    • Google Dialogflow ChatGPT integration
    • Amazon Lex ChatGPT integration
    • ServiceNow ChatGPT integration
    • Drift ChatGPT integration
    • Hubot ChatGPT integration
    • Olivia ChatGPT integration
    • Intercom ChatGPT integration

    2 easy steps

    1. Provide links to your custom content such as Website, PDF, Google Docs, Youtube and 50+ others formats
    2. Get a webhook URL to configure your chat provider

    Easily integrate our chatbot with popular platforms!

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    Key Features

    OmniMind offers several key features, including:

    Custom trained ChatGPT for personalized responses
    Seamless integration with various platforms
    Low-code AI solution for easy implementation
    Data enrichment and training for better accuracy
    Personalized customer support

    People talking

    I was struggling to find an efficient way to import my knowledge base content into a chatbot. But then I discovered OmniMind, and it made everything so easy! I was able to directly import website links, PDFs, and even YouTube videos. And integrating it with my chatbot was a breeze. Thank you, OmniMind!

    As someone who's not very tech-savvy, I was worried about the process of cleaning and preparing my data for a custom chatbot solution. But with OmniMind, it was a breeze. I was able to easily import my existing knowledge base and even add specific missing details. And the best part? Integrating it with my chatbot was so simple. I highly recommend OmniMind to anyone looking for a hassle-free solution.

    I was impressed with how easy it was to integrate OmniMind with my chatbot. The platform allowed me to directly import my knowledge base content from various sources including website links, PDFs, and YouTube videos. And the best part? The backend can be installed in a variety of chatbot platforms, so I had the flexibility to choose the platform that worked best for my needs. Thanks to OmniMind, my chatbot is now more intelligent and effective than ever before!

    Benefits You Get with OmniMind

    OmniMind offers several benefits for businesses, including:

    Personalized Support

    Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized support

    Automated Customer Support

    Increased efficiency and productivity through automation of customer support tasks

    Data Security

    Enhanced data security and privacy through on-premises deployment options

    Enhancerd Customer Experience

    Increased revenue and profitability through enhanced customer experience and improved customer retention

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