Laravel Developer Salary and Rates
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Laravel is a PHP web development framework that is well-known for its flexibility and ease of use. Its popularity stems from its easy-to-install and use, with ample online documentation. This means developers can create websites much faster than with other frameworks. In addition, using the Laravel PHP framework has several advantages:

  • Laravel allows you to start quickly with a small, single-page website and later expand to a complex website.
  • Laravel utilizes easy-to-use syntax and automates several commonly performed tasks, like routing, authentication, sessions, and caching.
  • Laravel has a large, growing community, so finding the right Laravel developer is easy. Laravel is among the top choices for e-commerce websites, wiki sites, and social media portals, like Invoice Ninja, Alison, Barchart,, etc.
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When hiring a Laravel developer, it is important to consider the hourly rate of the programmer. Due to the prevalence of projects using Laravel, skilled software engineers are in high demand, which means a senior Laravel programmer may demand a higher salary than an entry-level programmer. This affects a Laravel website cost significantly.

Laravel Developer Salary Trends:

According to the 2022 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, the demand for software professionals continues to outstrip supply. Stack Overflow corroborates this in their 2021 survey, showing that software engineer salaries continue to rise globally. These surveys focus on the United States and Europe. Therefore, hiring software engineers is expected to continue to get more expensive in these regions.
It should also be noted that different technologies pay different salaries, which also vary by location, with Laravel/PHP typically being one of the more affordable technologies.

Laravel Developer Salaries

Based on Location

Where software engineers live significantly impact their salary. In the US, those who live and work in larger cities are more likely to have higher salaries than those working in rural areas. This is because the demand for tech talent is highest in large cities, so those living in tech hot spots like Silicon Valley often earn well above the average salary.

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According to, the typical salary for a senior Laravel/PHP programmer is approximately US $80,000 annually. While not as high as in the United States, Laravel/PHP developer salaries (just like Rust programmer salary) in Europe are also high. Salaries in Europe for Laravel/PHP developers typically range between US$12,000 to US$100,000 per year, which varies depending on the country.

United States$73,000$80,000$89,000+
United Kingdom$70,000$85,000$95,000+

Hiring developers in the United States and Europe is expensive, so one of the best ways to save when hiring skilled development talent is to broaden your search outside your borders. For example, in Central European countries, like Estonia or Poland, highly skilled software engineers can be hired for a fraction of the cost to hire an app developer in the United States or Western Europe.

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The typical salary for a talented Laravel/PHP developer in Estonia is around $26,000 per year, so for the cost of one software engineer in the United States, you can hire a team of software engineers and accelerate your project’s development.

Based on Work Experience

A software engineer’s comprehension of the framework and overall PHP skills is the most important factor when determining their salary. Because of this, it is probably obvious that hiring a more experienced software engineer will almost certainly cost more than an engineer with fewer years of experience.

A Laravel developer will primarily develop using the framework. Still, a highly skilled software engineer will also be able to code directly in PHP code, as there is sometimes a need to create custom solutions.

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Because salaries grow with experience, the most highly skilled software engineers in the United States and Europe are expensive to hire. Expensive salaries for local software engineers make it tempting to build a team with fewer engineers or hire Laravel developers who are more junior than your project demands.

As we noted above, location is a massive factor in software engineer salaries. Some of the best development talent in Central Europe (Estonia) can be obtained for a lower cost than hiring junior developers in the United States and Europe (Germany).

Where to Find a Laravel Developer?

As we noted above, Laravel is one of the best frameworks for creating web applications with an easy-to-use syntax that makes building web pages easy. Moreover, as one of the most popular web frameworks backed by a large community, Laravel/PHP developers are pretty easy to find.

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As we noted, there is a significant cost disparity between a Laravel developer’s salary/Laravel developer hourly rate in the United States or Europe compared to hiring those in Eastern Europe. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable Laravel developer that speaks your language, IT outstaffing or outsourcing to Central Europe is a great solution that is easy on your budget.


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