How to Hire VueJS Developers: CEO and HR Checklist
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Vue.js is a rapidly evolving development framework. It has a lot of benefits, as would be explored in this article, but it has not quite gained as much ground as other more established frameworks. Yet, there have been some popular apps and websites built with Vue.js, including Behance, GitLab, Keap, Alibaba, etc. In ProCoders’ experience, we have designed a number of functional Vue.js web apps for companies in various countries.

During recessions in 2023, we expect that the Vue.js developer job market undergoes significant changes. Increased competition leads to lower rates, while a larger pool of candidates expedites the hiring process. Companies can find skilled developers at more affordable rates, achieving a quality-cost balance. The recession drives demand for remote work, expanding the talent pool and opportunities for Vue.js developers. So, if you think you might need a Vue.js specialist – now is the best time to do that!

In this article, we break down the basics of how to hire VueJS programmers that give you value for your money.

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Benefits of Hiring Vue.js Developers

Vue developers for hire can offer several benefits to businesses, which make Vue.js an attractive choice for companies seeking to develop modern, high-performing web applications while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. But let’s take a closer look at what Vue.js can offer:

Adaptability and Scalability

Vue.js, a ‘progressive front end JavaScript framework’ created by Evan You, is designed to be highly adaptable, ensuring a versatile and scalable development process. Its model-view-view model architecture makes it easy to integrate the view layer of the core library with other libraries, resources, and projects, making it a popular choice among developers and companies worldwide.

Lightweight and Easy to Learn

Compared to other popular JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular, Vue.js is lightweight and easier to master. Developers only need knowledge of HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript to learn Vue.js. This lower learning curve can lead to faster onboarding, increased productivity, and in the end, faster application development.

Improved Performance

Vue.js offers performance advantages over AngularJS, which is slowly becoming outdated. Vue.js features a more efficient one-way data flow compared to AngularJS’s two-way data binding, resulting in better overall performance and faster web applications.

Strong Community Support

As an open source project, Vue.js benefits from a vibrant community of developers who continuously contribute to its improvement and expansion. This ensures that the framework stays up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices, providing businesses with a reliable and future-proof solution for their web development needs.

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Efficient Single-Page Applications

Vue.js provide a powerful solution for building single page applications (SPAs) with robust user interfaces. Its component-based architecture allows developers to create reusable components, streamlining the development process and improving maintainability. Vue Router, the official routing library for Vue.js, enables seamless navigation between components without refreshing the entire page, providing an enhanced user experience.

Effective State Management with Vuex

Vuex, the official state management library, ensures a consistent and predictable way to manage and modify the application’s state. This becomes especially important when dealing with complex applications where multiple components need to share data or when state persistence is required across different views.

Seamless API Integration

Vue.js’s ease of integration with APIs enables developers to build modern web applications that can communicate with various backend services or third-party APIs. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their applications and adapt to changing requirements as needed.


As Vue.js is open-source and has a lower learning curve, businesses can hire developers with more affordable rates compared to those specializing in other JavaScript frameworks. This cost-effectiveness allows companies to allocate resources more efficiently and develop projects within budget constraints.

Future Growth and Market Demand

Vue.js’s popularity and adoption are expected to grow in the coming years, making it a smart choice for businesses looking to stay competitive in the market. By hiring Vue.js developers, companies can ensure that their projects utilize a modern and in-demand technology stack that aligns with current and future industry trends.

Points to Consider Before You Start Hiring a Vue.js Developer

These are some of the existing developer hiring models explained in this section:

  • In-house development
  • Staff augmentation
  • Outsourcing

In-house Development

The traditional employment model involves building a permanent team of developers with monthly salaries and other typical employment benefits (financial and non-financial). These developers may work on-site or remotely, but the characteristic feature is that they are employees (not contractors or freelancers) of your company. It is suitable for large enterprises.

Staff Augmentation

This is a more flexible hiring option that allows a company to quickly fill gaps in a development team. With staff augmentation, you can hire Vue developers to become a part of your team for a limited period of time. Such a developer functions more like a contractor and they are not part of your full-time staff, even though they must be as committed to the project during that period.

It’s a smart move which ensures that the project does not slow because of a particular skill that’s lacking in the team. It is suitable for both startups and large enterprises that want to hedge their team’s skills.

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Some companies may prefer to have a different company entirely handle how to find Vue.js developer for them. There are many software development companies (core hiring agencies or outstaffing agencies) that recruit developers and build development teams for clients. This option helps a company (the client) to save money, time, and effort on an elaborate recruitment process.

Caesar about outsourcing

Also, it is affordable in that it may help you bypass expensive local hires to hire Vue developer from offshore locations in foreign countries like Ukraine, India, Mexico, etc. where talents are cheaper but still of high quality. Staff augmentation is a temporary arrangement to close gaps in your team, whereas when you outsource, you entrust the entire project to a third-party. It is suitable especially for startups that may not have adequate resources to hire full-time.

Some Tips for Vue.JS Programmers Hiring Interview


More and more companies are doing away with the college degree requirement for hiring programmers. However, in the development space, a Computer science degree remains helpful for most developers. Of course, one can become a fantastic programmer without a computer science degree.

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However, having a theoretical background understanding of computers, algorithms, and networks expands a developer’s capacity for decision-making. Therefore, even if you do not have a degree requirement for hiring developers, ensure that candidates have a basic understanding of computer systems.


Experience is an important part of the hiring process for any candidate, regardless of the field. However, for Vue.js developers, you should not just look at the length of a candidate’s experience. You should also consider the quality of their experience, assessing what solutions they have solved, platforms they have built, results that they have delivered, and so on.

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Also, you should consider the relevance of their experience. If a highly skilled candidate has not worked on any project in your industry, consider assessing them based on their transferable skills from previous projects.


Certifications are proof of knowledge. However, there is some debate about the usefulness of certifications in the development space. After all, why does certification matter if a person can code very well? In any case, certifications are still important in many hiring considerations, and for a good reason.

Acquiring certifications demonstrates a willingness to learn. Software development is a rapidly evolving space with new innovations every now and then. Therefore, the ideal candidate should be open to learning new things whether by formal or informal means.

Vue.js Developer Skills

Of course, what makes a proficient developer is what skills they have. Before hiring a Vue.js developer, be sure to have outlined all the required skills for the job, matching each skill and level of proficiency to the candidates. Do this for both hard and soft skills. Some elaboration is given below.

Soft Skills

A developer does not just have to be highly skilled, they should also be able to perform well in collaborative settings. That means when interviewing developer candidates, you should try to find out what it is like to work with them. This will help you determine, for instance, if they are a good cultural fit for your company.

For roles such as senior developers, ask them about their experiences working with junior developers to determine if they are great leaders and team players.

vue.js developers hiring process depends on communication

Hard Skills

You can determine the technical skills of a developer by asking specific questions about the development process during the interview stage or by setting up a live coding test. Instead of focusing on purely knowledge-based answers, ask them questions about their past work experience to gain insights into the type of projects they have handled, technologies and tools they have worked with, methodologies they have used, solutions they have provided, and so on. That could help you find out whether the person will be capable to use all Vue.js benefits in your project as well.

Where You Can Successfully Find Vue.JS Experts?

At this point, the question that remains on your mind probably is this: where can I find vue.js developers for hire? Once you know where the best programmers are lurking, how to hire Vue.js software development team becomes quite easy.

Outstaffing CompanyAn outstaffing company provides clients with prequalified software developers. They already have developers in their employment and assemble a team for the client when a project comes in.1. No direct legal obligation to employees.
2. Lower development costs.
3. Process optimisation.
4. Direct control over your project with staff augmentation.
1. Possible communication barriers.
2. Risk of data leakage.
Freelancing PlatformsPlatforms such as Upwork,, and alternatives allow you to hire freelancers for specific projects. They are great for staff augmentation but not for assembling an entire team, as you need to make different agreements with them.1. Cheaper to engage. 
2. Offer flexibility for upsizing the team. 
3. Freelancers are driven to meet the satisfaction of clients.
1. No maintenance support after the project. 
2. Inefficient screening process. 
3. Freelancers don’t provide guarantees; they can disappear at any moment.
Hiring AgenciesHiring agencies help you save time and effort in the recruitment process by sourcing talents for you from the market based on your requirements. They can be used for staff augmentation or recruiting developers for your in-house team.1. Better for finding highly specialized talents. 
2. Shorter hiring process. 
3. Flexibility to hire Vue.js programmer for short assignments.
1. High cost of recruitment fees. 
2. Can’t guarantee the cultural fit of candidates. 
3. Responsibility for salaries and allowances, possible legal issues.

As you can see, outstaffing companies offer the most comprehensive benefits, balancing cost-effectiveness, process optimization, and reduced legal responsibilities. If you’re looking to hire Vue.js experts, consider partnering with a reputable outstaffing company like ProCoders to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process.

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Checklist on How to Hire a Vue.js Developer

At ProCoders, we understand the importance of hiring the right Vue.js developer for your project. Even if you already decided to work with an outstaffing company – this is not the end. You have to choose the company and then, choose a developer within its staff. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve created this comprehensive checklist that outlines the essential steps to make. Our goal is to make your hiring process as smooth and effective as possible!

  • Define your project requirements:
    • Outline the project scope and specific deliverables
    • Identify the necessary tech stack and skillset for your project
    • Determine the level of experience needed (junior, mid-level, senior)
  • Check the company’s portfolio:
    • Examine their past projects.
    • Evaluate the technologies used.
    • Assess the composition of their teams.
    • Determine if all this aligns with your objectives.
    • Evaluate how their products compete in the market.
    • Check their product testing and deployment processes.
    • Examine client testimonials and references:
  • Request contact details of past clients.
    • Talk to previous clients directly about their reviews.
    • Assess the overall satisfaction of their past clients.
  • Make sure they provide direct access to developers.
    • Assess their transparency and communication processes.
    • Ensure they’re open to collaboration and treat clients as partners.
    • Analyze the company’s performance history:
  • Interact directly with the developers.
    • Verify their proficiency in Vue.js and other relevant technologies.
    • Ensure they have experience working on similar projects.

By following this checklist, you can ensure that you hire a VueJS app developer from a development company that meets your specific needs and expectations.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Vue.JS Developers: Hourly Rate and Salary Comparison

In this section we break down the average costs to hire a VueJS developer by years of experience and strategic locations so that you can know where to find Vue.js experts that are affordable and meet your needs.

Junior Vue.JS Developer Monthly RatesMiddle Vue.JS Developer Monthly RatesSenior Vue.JS Developer Monthly Rates

At ProCoders we know the market well because we are in a constant search for new specialists for our team too. If you have other questions regarding different salaries in IT, for example, the cost to hire an app developer – you can find this information in our blog. Or simply contact us directly and ask all your questions in person 🙂

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How ProCoders Team Can Help You to Hire The Best Vue.JS Developers?

ProCoders have executed standout projects using Vue.js technology. Notable examples include projects for HANDLE, a medical equipment sales company and Blue-o-Two, a tour company. In the first case, we built a comprehensive logistics tool for Capital Cycle Management that enabled the company to manage its warehouses better via real-time asset tracking and predictive analytics.

This happened in 2020, at the height of COVID-19 and we could still deliver excellent results, cutting time to market by 30%, saving costs by up to 40%, and increasing income by another 30%. In the second case, we built an app that allowed customers to book tours. The company’s staff could also make changes and updates from the backend without writing a single line of code.

We’re ready to help you get your latest Vue.js projects completed on schedule and within budget. You can hire dedicated Vue.js developers from our pool of dedicated staff, or through our flexible staffing model, which allows you to tap into an experienced team when you need it, then move on when your project is complete.

Whether you need to bring on an initial team or scale up your development team, we can help. We have an extensive network of Vue.js developers with the skills needed to take on any project, big or small. We also offer dedicated support for your team after they’re on board. Our teams can help you establish best practices for using Vue.js, develop strategies for integrating the technology into your existing apps and build new projects from scratch.

F. A. Q.
Is it a good time to hire VueJs developers during a recession?

Yes, it can be a good time to hire Vue.js developers during a recession, depending on your specific business needs and circumstances. During a recession, many companies might be looking to cut costs and optimize their operations, which can create an increased demand for efficient web applications. Vue.js is a lightweight, flexible, and powerful framework that can help businesses achieve this goal. Moreover, during a recession, you may find highly skilled and experienced developers who are more available due to layoffs or a slowdown in hiring in other industries. This can provide you with an opportunity to build a strong development team at potentially lower costs. However, it’s crucial to carefully assess your business needs and resources before making any hiring decisions during a recession.

Will AI replace Vue.JS developers?

While AI has made significant advancements in recent years, it is not expected to replace Vue.js developers in the foreseeable future. AI can help automate certain aspects of software development and assist developers in writing more efficient code. However, web development, especially with frameworks like Vue.js, requires a deep understanding of user experience, business requirements, and creative problem-solving, which are areas where human developers continue to excel. AI can be a valuable tool for developers, complementing their skills and improving productivity, but it is not expected to replace the need for human expertise and creativity in software development.

Where Can I Find Vue.js Developers for Hire?

Once you know where the best programmers are lurking, how to hire Vue.js experts becomes quite easy. The popular options are through an outstaffing company, a freelancing platform, or a hiring development agency. Those are the three options discussed in this article although you can find and hire Vue developers via other, non-conventional means, on social media, for instance.

How Much Does a Vue.js Developer Cost to Hire?

In this article, you find us break down the average costs of hiring Vue.js developers from strategic locations so that you can know where to find Vue.js experts that are affordable and meet your needs. Rates are collected from five countries namely the US, Ukraine, UK and India.

How do you find a good Vue.js development company?

Hiring a Vue.js development firm is a great way to solve your hiring challenges, especially since this space has become even more competitive. However, it’s hard to look for a good development company if you don’t know where to start. We explain how factors such as having a rich portfolio, providing excellent support, and consistently good results, among others, can help you choose a good Vue.js company.


Hiring a developer is a big decision. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing Vue.js developers, like their skills, should you hire them full or part time, do you need Vue SEO services, and whether they should work remotely or in your office.

Are you using Vue.js in your project today? Are you thinking of switching to Vue.js? This is a great time to make the switch. Vue.js is rapidly becoming the go-to framework for modern web apps. There is no better team to handle your Vue.js projects than ProCoders. Our projects for companies such as HANDLE, Blue-o-two, SDCN, etc. are proof of this, all 30+ of them created using Vue.js. We deliver the best quality; contact us today.

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