Golang Programmer Salary: Startup Guide for 2023
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With the continuous growth of the number of Golang programmers in the past 5 years, startup companies and corporations are seeking to hire Golang developers more than ever. This means it is only expected that this hiring trend will continue in 2022.

Are you looking to hire a Golang programmer or are you curious whether the time has come to start learning it? Then this is your lucky day. You can use this handy guide to give you an idea of average Golang programmer salary and a list of the factors that influence how much do Golang developers make yearly.

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4 Factors Affecting the Go Language Developer Salary

The developers who have expertise in Go language will have a bright prospect with a high-income trend. Let’s explore the factors affecting the average Golang developers salary.

Expertise and Skills

The level of expertise is the most important factor that affects the Go developer salary. If you want your project to succeed, then it’s important to hire the right person for the job. You should look for someone who has experience using Go as well as other programming languages like JavaScript or Python. Expert Go developers are in great demand and they can get a higher salary.

The experience also affects Go language developer salary. The more experienced they are, especially in industries such as transport, advertising, fintech, e-commerce, etc., the better they can solve problems quickly and efficiently.

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The location of your office can affect the salary of Go developers. If you have an office in Silicon Valley, then you will have to pay more than those who are located in other parts of the world. In general, cities with a large number of technology companies or high-growth startups tend to have higher salaries than other cities in their country — though this isn’t always true.

For example, New York City has one of the highest Golang developer salary in US. This is because there will be competition between them for job opportunities. More importantly, Golang developers’ salaries vary widely from country to country. This is due to the fact that the cost of living varies from city to city and country to country. We, Procoders, are located in Central Europe which makes our rates affordable for startups as well as large enterprises.

Technology Popularity

Go is one of the most popular programming languages today. It was developed by Google as an alternative language for C++ or Java (C#) because these languages were difficult to use for operating systems or servers due to their complexity. As a result, Go became popular among developers because it was easy to use and could run on any platform without being limited by hardware specifications or operating systems like Linux or Windows OSs.

The demand for skilled Go developers is growing day by day as well. Due to this fact, there is a shortage of Go developers in most companies, and they can earn good money if they are hired by a startup.

Lack of talents

If there aren’t many developers who know how to use a certain language or technology, this means that they are in high demand. This is especially true if your business needs someone with specific skills or experience with a particular technology or framework — such as Go applications — because they have fewer choices when it comes to finding people qualified enough to do the job right.

If you’re looking for someone who knows how to program in Go, you might have trouble finding people who fit the bill, especially outside North America.

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Golang Developer Salary Depending on Location

If you are looking for someone to hire Golang developers, you should consider their location. Some locations are friendlier to startups looking to save costs. For example, Estonia has a lower cost of living which ensures that developer rates are minimal compared to western locations. At the same time, the country boasts of significant technical universities that produce superb talent.

Therefore, by outsourcing Golang development to this location, you can hire better programmers for the same amount of money. In this article, we try to compare the Golang developer average salary depending on the country they work in. For instance, a senior Golang developer salary in USA earns upwards of $120,000. These rates are from SalaryExpert.com.

CountryJunior (Annual)Mid-Level (Annual)Senior (Annual)Average Hourly
USA$79,267 $107,254 $130,705 $54.76
Estonia$45,323 $75,352 $98,703 $38.59
UK$72,658 $105,322 $121,039 $53.33
Germany$56,995 $81,195 $100,774 $41.04
Hungary$40,062 $69,697 $91,937 $35.35
Poland$46,131 $77,004 $100,449 $38.18

Go Developer Salary Based on Experience

If your startup is looking to hire a Go developer, you may be wondering what the average salary of a Golang developer will be based on his experience level.

Junior Developers

Junior developers are the least experienced in the field and have a basic knowledge of programming languages. They may have completed a certificate or diploma course in computer science or software engineering, but they have not worked as programmers professionally. They’re often just starting out their careers and are still learning the ropes of working on an engineering team.


According to data from Glassdoor and Talent.com, a junior Go developer can be making anything from $79,000 to $130,000 in the USA averagely per annum. Sometimes, though, some may earn as low as $52,000, but that is not typical.

Mid-Level Developers

Mid-level developers have a few years of experience and are specialized in a particular area of software development. They can use multiple programming languages and are familiar with different frameworks and platforms. They’re able to write tests for their code and understand how to deploy their applications successfully in production environments. Mid-level developers also tend to be more familiar with industry best practices when it comes to building software products from scratch or redesigning existing ones.

More so, mid-level developers can work well without the micro-management that junior developers require, but it’s best to have an eye on them regardless. Most mid-level Go developers typically make between $110,456 to $142,902 per year.

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Senior Developers

Senior developers are experts in their field who may be working with large companies or startups as technical leaders or architects. They are expected to have excellent leadership skills, strong problem-solving abilities, and an in-depth understanding of their chosen tech stack. Also, they are often the most sought-after developers because they bring a lot of knowledge to the table and can handle complex projects with ease.

The yearly rates of senior Go developers and engineers typically falls between $135,000 and $264,000. However, some super expert professionals, especially in the financial industry, can earn as high as $463,000 annually working for large corporations, according to Glassdoor.

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Golang Engineer Salary Depending on the Engagement Model

We have prepared an analysis of the average Golang developer salary in different situations: depending on the hiring model. Knowing your options will help you make better business decisions as a startup.


In-house engineers are the most expensive, and they can also be the most rewarding. They get to work closely with their managers, who in turn can help them grow as professionals. They can also use all the resources and tools that the company has to offer, allowing them to learn new things quickly. However, the main drawback of the in-house model is that it costs a lot more than the other models.

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This is particularly a challenge when you need staff augmentation services, for instance because you’ll be responsible for not just salaries but also benefits and taxes and so on. The average Golang programmer salary in an in-house position is between $100,000 and $190,000 annually.


Outsourcing engineers are cheaper than in-house engineers, but that does not mean that they have less quality. In many cases, the affordability varies by location. In essence, outsourcing can be a more viable option than in-house hiring because you get access to a wider talent pool that cuts across the globe. Particularly, you can use outsourcing to augment your in-house staff, especially if the core responsibility of your startup is not a software product.

Outsourced developers provide the required flexibility that startups and SMEs need to thrive in the market. The average Golang software engineer salary working at an outsourcing firm is anywhere between $60,000 and $130,000 annually. This varies based on location. So, for instance, outsourcing a project to a Go developer from Estonia would cost way less than if the developer was living in France.

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Freelance engineers are usually more expensive than outsourcing engineers because they require more overhead costs to manage their projects. Freelancers tend to have fewer skills than full-time employees or outsourced workers, which means you will have to spend more time training them before they can start doing real work for you. Part-time freelancers typically make around $30 an hour, while full-time freelancers make around $50-$80 an hour, depending on their location and experience level.


Hybrid models are becoming popular lately: some companies hire freelancers on an ongoing basis, while others use them only during their busy season. Hybrid models allow companies to save money while still getting high-quality software products built by experts who know how to get things done properly. Hybrid engagements combine the best of both worlds, i.e., outsourcing and in-house engagement models. This helps you cut down on travel costs and overhead expenses associated with in-house teams.

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Moreover, it gives you the freedom to choose whom exactly you want on your team and work with them accordingly without any restrictions imposed by an employer/employee relationship

Go Programmer Salary Trends

How much does a Go programmer make is influenced by the language being one of the fastest-growing in the world. It has been estimated that there are about three million active developers worldwide who use this language.
The demand for Go developers is growing rapidly, and companies are hiring them in droves.

According to Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey 2021, thousands of Javascript developers want to start or continue developing using Go, which is a testimony of how far the language has come in the development space. In addition, according to statistics from Google Trends, interest in Golang has steadily risen over the past twelve months.

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One of the biggest advantages that Golang offers over other languages is its simplicity and ease of learning. With just a few weeks of instruction, you can start writing code like a pro using Go! The main benefit of the simplicity of programming language is that developers can write this code quickly and gain experience fast. So, developers don’t have to spend years trying to master their skills. And time is money.

Another benefit that Go offers is its ability to scale easily across many different types of hardware platforms and devices (including mobile). It also integrates well with other languages like C++ or Java.

How to Save Your Startup Budget with ProCoders Golang Developers

A startup budget is a limited resource, and it should be used wisely. You need to ensure that it is spent in the best possible way to get the maximum returns. When hiring Go developers via ProCoders outsourcing, you only pay for delivered code (no additional administrative, management and other costs). As a result, you get cost-effective solutions which are quick to implement.

More so, we are located in Central Europe where you can find expert developers for more affordable prices due to low cost of living.

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That’s why we always keep in touch with our clients during each stage of development, so they can always be sure that everything is done according to their expectations!

ProCoders has helped many companies build their brands by providing them with high-quality custom software applications on time and within budget. Our team of Go developers has a proven track record of creating innovative products that meet client demands while saving them money at every stage of development.

F. A. Q.
Is Golang good for startups?

Golang has many benefits for startups. For one, Golang uses native code generation to compile your code into machine code, which means it can run on any processor. The reason why you might not want to use Golang for your startup is because it’s not as widely used as other languages like Python or C#.

Golang salary vs Java: Which is more affordable?

The two languages are different in many ways, but they can both be used to write high-quality software programs. The cost of Golang development is lower than that of Java development because it costs less to hire Golang developers than it does Java developers. The salaries for each language come around $55k per year for beginners and $80k per year for experienced professionals.

When to choose Golang?

Go is a programming language that’s been used by startups for years. Golang is a great choice for your startup project if you have a need for speed, simplicity, and performance. It’s also fast, which means that you can get results quickly and use your resources to focus on what matters most—your product. If your startup needs to handle high-volume traffic quickly and efficiently, Go is probably the right choice. It’s also an awesome choice if you need to run on multiple platforms.

Conclusion: Takeaways

  • One of the biggest advantages that Golang offers over other languages is its simplicity and ease of learning. That’s why it’s such a popular choice for startups looking to grow their engineering teams quickly, without having to spend months training new hires on other programming languages first.
  • The level of expertise and the location are the most important factors that affect Golang engineer salary. If you want your project to succeed, then it’s important to hire the right person for the job.
  • If you are looking for someone to hire Golang developers, you should consider their location. You can outsource development to affordable programmers in Estonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the likes
  • Outsourcing engineers are more affordable than in-house engineers, but that does not mean that they have less quality. Outsourcing can be a more viable option than in-house hiring because you get access to a wider talent pool that cuts across the globe.
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