Node.js Engineers Salaries: Complete Data

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Oct 23, 2020
Node.js Engineers Salaries: Complete Data

Wondering how much you should pay for quality Node.js developer salaries? Check out this insider’s guide.

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If you’re looking to hire Node.js developers on a contract, the world offers you many choices. Software developers, programmers, and developers are available in nearly every country around the globe, waiting to be hired for your next project.

But Node.js developers are a special breed, requiring specialized expertise. You should not only prepare Node.js interview questions but also think about factors you should consider when you estimate Node.js Developer salary for your outstaffing needs. We’ll break some of the issues down for you.

Node Salaries Market Trends

As a relatively new platform, there isn’t much in the way of historical data for average Node.js developer’s salaries. But Node.js has quickly become one of the world’s most popular networks. Developers have embraced the advantages of Node.js, and as a consequence, expertise on the platform is in demand, as well.

This chart from Statista, shows the number of developers who say they have expertise in Node.js.

Node.js Developers’ Salary Criteria

How do Node.js programmer salary rates break down worldwide? We’ll take a look at this from a global, regional, and seniority point of view.

Node.js Developer Average Salary: Depending on Experience

A Node.js developer salary can vary widely, as well as salaries for Node.js engineers, as much as 50 percent based on how long the candidate has been working with the platform. This graphic from shows the span those positions can take in the United States, from junior-level coders to senior-level software engineers. breaks down the difference in Node.js developer salary between junior and senior levels more fully. While the average developer on this technology has three to nine years of programming experience in general, those with senior-level experience can expect to bring in far more than their junior counterparts.

Take the numbers, for instance, for the Node.js engineer salary. At $132,000, Node.js engineer salary is higher than all the others, based on the superior level of experience required.

Experience Level – US BasedSalary
Junior Developer$76,278
Full-Stack Developer$112,189
Senior Software Engineer$132,364
Junior Software Engineer$74,859
Frontend Developer$109,684
Entry Level Software Engineer$80,441

Node.js Developer Average Salary: Depending on Countries

When setting your development budget, Node.js engineer’s salaries can depend on where your developers are from, maybe the most important criteria of all. The reason is simple – the cost of living varies widely around the world, and that affects the average Node.js developer’s salary. And even though Node.js experts are highly sought after, their salaries do vary widely depending on where they are based.

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For instance, Node.js engineer salary in the United States is among the world’s highest, at $113,791. But Ukraine-based salaries for Node.js engineers can be less than half that. And that means if you look outside your home country, you can still find English-speaking, world-class programming talent for half the cost. So, if you decided to hire offshore developers it’s a great strategy for any company looking to save on a full-stack Node.js Developer salary.

CountriesMedian Salary Rate for Node.js Developers
United Kingdom$98,100
Sources: ziprecruiter, nuevoo, indeed

Node.js Developer Average Salary: Depending on Regions

IT talent often congregates in major cities, where clusters of companies needing talent also tend to be. The increased cost of living in these cities tends to drive up costs considerably, sometimes as much as 20 percent.

A good example of this effect can be seen in the chart below. Node.js Developers in Florida have a median annual salary of $100,000. Yet that same developer living in New York City would be worth $130,000. If you can hire your IT talent to work for you remotely, then it pays to hire in regions where it costs less for those workers to live, and the average Node.js developer’s salaries are far less.

San Diego$121,875
San Francisco$115,822
Sources: ziprecruiter, nuevoo, indeed

What Else Could Affect the Salary?

Market demand, experience level, education and location will always be the primary drivers that set prices for IT talent. But there are other factors that can make one Node.js Developer more valuable on the open market than the next, including:

  1. Their grasp of development tools like Node Package Manager (npm) and Grunt;
  2. Ability to work with the trickier systems issues, like juggling user authentication and authorization between multiple systems and servers;
  3. Understanding of how to make programs scale;
  4. Demonstrated experience working in agile and lean methodologies;
  5. Overall project management expertise

When you evaluate resumes, consider sweetening your offer for talent with these skill sets.

Where to Find Appropriate Node.js Developers: Cost and Quality

If you have a position for contract talent, there’s no shortage of job boards where you can post your listing. But if you go this route, there’s a fair chance you’ll get resumes from many different cities and regions.

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And even worse, you’ll get swamped with resumes from people who don’t have the qualifications or the English language skills you may need. IT talent hired this way can be difficult to vet, and their deficits may not become visible to you until after you’re midway through a mission-critical project.

We recommend seeking talent through companies like ProCoders, who not only can vet your contract hires for their skill levels but can offer you the talent you need at half the cost of the UK or US-based companies. Our Ukraine-based talent pool is English-speaking, and well versed in all the major languages and platforms you need to meet all your project milestones.

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As you can see, where and how you hire Node.js programming talent will have a big on your next development project. There are benefits to having your outstaffed team available to you in your market. But the cost and time savings of hiring contract programmers in lower-cost markets — like Ukraine — often outweigh those considerations.

A hire in countries where the cost of living is low can cut your costs by about half. And when you choose a company that can facilitate the hiring process for you, like ProCoders, you can assemble a highly qualified team in as little as two to three weeks, with a minimum of onboarding headaches.

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The competition for programmers proficient in Node.js is fierce. No matter how you plan to proceed, knowing the markets you are hiring is key to finding and securing the right team.

At ProCoders, we’d love to help you assemble the right time at the right price.

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