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Hire Symfony developers for your ongoing or next project and let ProCoders make it unique using our 9-year experience in providing top-tier technical skills, management, efficient communication, openness, and high quality standards. With us, you get a wholesome experience and flexibility in adapting to the changing needs of your business, such as scaling your development team up and down in a couple of messages!

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    Your Flexible Dream Team

    At ProCoders, we provide Symfony developers for hire to companies of different scales, from startups to global enterprises. Our goal is to create a flexible dream team for you, so we only hire Symphony developers with extensive experience in various industries. This ensures that you only need to change the team composition because you need one more programmer, not because you’re dissatisfied with the existing one.

    We hire a Symfony developer after candidates complete our proprietary 4-stage interview and testing process, proving their knowledge of the open source Symfony PHP framework.

    A Success Story from ProCoders

    Before you hire a Symfony engineer, you may want to find out more about our experience in building mobile and web apps. Regarding the NDAs our teams sign, we can’t share much about the ProCoders projects. But one client allowed us to take you behind the curtains.

    SaaS E-Learning

    Online language school Lingoda came to ProCoders with a request to develop its student-side platform. We had a Symfony developer for hire available and created a clean, fast, and flexible site that allows students to:

    1. Customize the classes they take
    2. Specify the times they’re available
    3. Stream their interactive group classes
    4. Keep track of their progress
    5. Connect them to classmates and teachers, etc.


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    Hire a Symfony Programmer with the Expertise You Need

    One of the best advantages of Symfony development services is the library’s modular structure, which allows coders to combine it with many other PHP-based database libraries and plugins.
    Hire full-stack Symfony developers from ProCoders, and you’ll get the talent that can handle the framework’s native elements, as well as additional tech like:

    API Platform
    Doctrine 2

    How We Work

    If you’re looking to hire an expert Symfony developer, you should consider various working models, choosing the most suitable one for your business. At ProCoders, we have 2 approaches:

    01. Staff Augmentation

    Staff augmentation is suitable for companies with a tech team that need additional specialists with a certain skill set. For example, you may have the frontend part of the team and augment it with our Symfony experts for backend development.

    02. Team as a Service

    TaaS or self-managed dedicated team is a perfect choice for businesses that have few to no tech specialists on board and need an entire team with a project manager and a quality assurance specialist. The people we provide will work independently, regularly updating you on the status of every task and communicate project needs, potential issues and fixes, etc.

    In this case, we approach a client in 3 stages:


    A free workshop

    A 1.5-hour meeting where you tell our specialists about your project, its challenges, and needs. We get to know each other


    Discovery Phase

    We analyze your idea and business objectives (from a technical standpoint). Within 2 weeks, we pick the perfect technologies, plan the budget and timeframe, creating a roadmap you can follow from start to launch and succeed even if you’re a non-technical founder.


    Team Assembly

    We complete a team of Symfony developers with experience in your industry and the frameworks needed for the project. We can also provide frontend engineers, QA, and design, whenever needed.

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    Benefits of Choosing Our Working Models

    Direct client management of your outstaffed development team

    Ability to staff up your team quickly to meet capacity needs surge

    Teams assembled and ready to work in just 2-3 weeks

    NDAs signed for every project

    Symfony Web Development Services in Your Industry Vertical

    When you work with ProCoders, you hire web programmers with deep industry expertise. Our team has years of experience developing applications using Symfony and a multitude of other frameworks for customers in various niches, so we’ll understand the unique demands of your business.


    Health & Wellness

    From wearables data collection to its intuitive visualization and quick loading.



    We handle both small niche online shops and large scale marketplaces with thousands of product pages.



    Courier services and warehouse management software with personalized user experience.


    Sports & Fitness

    From workout databases to complex apps with online booking, in-app payment, networking, and even social features.

    The ProCoders Work Process

    Ready to get started and hire a Symfony 2 developer? Our work process can ensure that you hit the ground running, whether you’re contracting with a team month-to-month or on retainer basis.
    We can usually have your team ready to go in under two weeks.


    Needs Assessment

    We discuss our collaboration and contributions to your project, build a roadmap and start the work.


    Interviews and Team Assignment

    We look through our talent pool to find Symfony developers of needed seniority. You then interview them and integrate into your internal project management systems.


    Regular Communication

    You’re in direct contact with the people developing your website or app. They update you regularly on the workflow, potential issues, and achievements.


    Monthly Billing

    Convenient and secure monthly billing, just like with any other subscription, but here you get high-quality skills and professionalism matching the project scope!

    Why Work with ProCoders?

    Other outsourcing companies let you pick your team from a job board of hundreds of developers, then manage them from behind a wall of outsourced project managers. That may be turnkey service, but it’s not exactly transparent or effective.

    At ProCoders, you get that transparency, along with top-tier service and proven experience.

    We carefully vet the developers we recommend because we hire the experts full-time. So, they are our permanent employees working for years within our team. Besides, we always look for a perfect match between our partners and skilled teams.
    You speak directly to the developers working on your business and include your outsourced team in the internal project management queue.

    The ProCoders Difference


    Middle/Senior Experts Only

    ProCoders is a middle to senior app development zone. Our 4-stage hiring process involves interviews and tests with practicing tech experts, allowing us to see the real skills of every candidate.

    Full-Cycle Tech Support

    In addition to Symfony programming talent, ProCoders has the resources to cover the whole cycle of technical support. 

    From Discovery Phase and project design to quality assurance and post-launch maintenance – we have the specialists to close all your needs long-term.

    The ProCoders Difference


    Direct Communication

    No middlemen. With ProCoders, you see the development unfold from the first row. Our team becomes yours, and we never hedge reports or hide emerging problems.

    International Corporate Culture

    Our engineers will assimilate perfectly into your corporate culture as they regularly work with companies from around the globe, including North America, Europe, and Asia. 

    We understand the importance of project security and never share data with third-party services unless discussed beforehand. We safeguard your data in industries as sensitive as Healthcare.

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    What Partners Say About ProCoders

    Brian Herbert, CTO at AxisPoint

    ProCoders offers project management experience but we chose to handle this in-house. The members of the team we have now do not require a ton of hand-holding and are very proactive in solving problems.

    Brian Herbert
    CTO, Manufacturer & Distribution Software Provider


    How fast can ProCoders hire a Symfony coder for me?

    If we have developers available on bench, a couple of days! But generally, it takes about 2 weeks to get started on a project. Everything depends on the client’s needs.

    How fast can ProCoders add/remove team members?

    If we have suitable developers on bench, you can onboard a new team member in several days. In another case, we can provide you with a new team member within two weeks, and you can “offboard” a team member with a one-month notice.

    Do you bill hourly or monthly?

    We use hourly rates and multiply them by 160 hours if it’s a full-time position and 80 hours if it’s a part-time one, billing monthly. Our developers usually work a little overtime each month, so it works out to a discount for most clients and a better deal than hiring hourly.

    I'm a non-technical founder. Can I manage a team?

    With the roadmap you get after our Discovery Phase, you can manage a team. However, we can also provide a project manager to overview the development process and save you time to handle the core business tasks.

    What kinds of specialists do you have on board?

    Our staff covers over 50 technologies, both for mobile cross-platform and web application development. We also have designers, quality assurance specialists, and project managers to complete a unique team for your project.

    Are Symfony developers hard to find? Is it difficult to hire dedicated Symfony programmers?

    Finding good Symfony developers can be challenging due to the framework's popularity and demand. However, we manage to find and recruit some of the most seasoned professionals for our clients’ projects.

    Who developed Symfony?

    Fabien Potencier developed the Symfony framework in 2004 to enhance the use of PHP 5 for his company's benefit at SensioLabs.

    Is Symfony a good framework?

    It’s a well-regarded PHP framework known for its flexibility, stability, and active community support. It offers reusable Symfony components, which is great for building content management systems, follows best practices, and is widely used in various industries. Is it a good fit in your case? It depends on the project. If you’re in doubt, ProCoders will happily consult you on the best tech stack!

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