React Native Developer Salary Guide – Real Price for Top Engineers
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React Native Developer is one of the most sought-after jobs in the IT market. It has become so famous because companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Uber are using it, giving future specialists a huge field to develop in their careers.

However, how to win the talent battle for React Native developers with Forbes top-100? This article will discuss React Native, its peculiarities and compare React Native developer salary in different regions. Let’s start!

React Native developer salary

Growing Demand and Popularity for React Native

You’re not alone if you’re looking for a React Native developer, programmer, or engineer, especially information about React Native developer hourly rate to develop your next project. With all the React Native pros and cons, it is one of the world’s most popular JavaScript-powered, cross-platform frameworks. Even if we compare Flutter vs. React Native, it is still a good competitor for its younger brother.

In fact, according to a survey by Similartech, React Native is now being used by more than 1 million websites around the world.

June 2021June 2022Deviation, %
React Native3801 387+27
The number of vacancies in Central Europe. Sources: Indeed, Totaljobs

Fortunately, the growing demand and popularity of React Native mean that more coders are familiar with the framework and comfortable coding in JavaScript. But that doesn’t make hiring a React Native developer any easier.

Should your company hire on staff or contract the work-out? Would you like to work with programmers close to home or overseas? What’s a reasonable annual salary range? A reasonable app developer hourly rate? React Native app development cost? And how do those React Native developer salary trends vary from region to region?

Will outsourcing (offshoring) the React Native Development save the budget for your location, and what countries to outsource then?

Estimate your Application on React Native

Today Procoders will help you do a React Native Programmer Salary Comparison and Hourly Rate Comparison to help you decide.

React Native Developer Salaries Trends:

What’s the correct amount for a React Native app developer salary? The amount varies widely depending on experience level and the competitiveness of the market you wish to hire in (this is true for Rust dev salary as well). As more websites are created in React Native, competition for talent competent in this cross-platform framework intensifies.

Over the last few years, the salary of react native developer has risen by about 5 percent yearly:

2021 (monthly salary for junior, middle and senior React Native developers)

The UK$4150$5450$7300
The USA$7900$9785$12800

2022 (monthly salary for junior, middle and senior React Native developers)

The UK$4150$5450$7300
The USA$7900$9785$12800

React Native Engineer Salaries based on Work Experience

If you’re wondering what the average React Native engineer salary is, the only answer we can give you is that it depends on the market demand in the country where the talent is located and the expertise level of the talent you hire.

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For instance, an entry-level JavaScript web designer will make a fraction of what a senior-level React Native programmer might make. And that senior-level programmer might understand other key issues—such as developing a mobile app with proper security and user privacy controls, cross-platform protocols, third-party modules and testing, and more. All of this may be a worthy investment, depending on your project.

There are several factors that affect a React Native developer salary in US. The most important ones are:

  1. The state they live in, as cost of living differs in every state. For example, New York City is where people spend money on their lifestyle, and therefore developers have to be paid more than their colleagues who work in smaller cities or rural areas.
  2. Personal skills and years of experience in development. For example, finding a job and getting paid well will be easier if you are working on something unique.
  3. The company itself, the industry it belongs to, and any benefits besides the salary an employer provides to its employees (such as medical insurance), etc.

In general when you hire React Native developers from Central Europe, depending on their experience, skills, language proficiency, and a mid-level technology base, expect to pay around $6,400 per month. In comparison, a senior programmer will likely earn around  $8,000 per month, depending on how much experience they have in the field programming.

The important thing, for Procoders at least, is that the hourly rate of a React Native developer stays within the expected range given clients’ budgets. At the same time, there are no junior specialists in our company. We only hire developers with proven experience with React Native. If the client needs it and there is a margin of time, we take juniors but test them thoroughly. 

If you need help with Rect Native outstaffing, Procoders can help you. We will provide you with a team with the right expertise for your project, and you will be sure to pay only for what you need with no hidden costs. 

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And what are hidden costs? Let’s read further!

React Native Developer Salaries based on Countries

React Native salaries vary significantly from country to country. In Asia, for example, Indian developers have a high hiring rate, mainly because they have the cheapest wage – $15 per hour. However, there are also significant disadvantages: you cannot be sure of the result because you may hire an Indian developer who is not as good for the same amount of money.

Communication can also be a problem due to cultural differences, and the person may not always speak English well enough for you to understand them. Besides, there’s an opportunity that if you hire a developer for a cheap price, they may not fulfill your expectations, and you would need to hire a new one and thus double pay.

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And what about Europe? Central European countries have long been known for their excellent engineering and technical degrees. They produce some of the best programmers, developers, and engineers worldwide.

Besides, a difference in average salary for a React Native developer in Central Europe compared to Western Europe and the USA is caused by a couple of other factors: 

  • location. Developers in Central Europe have lower taxes than the US or Western Europe. They also have lower living costs, so they don’t have to charge as much as, for example, American developers. 
  • high level of education and experience of developers. Central European developers get a high-quality education as well as American developers. However, for the above-mentioned reason, they cost cheaper than their colleagues from other countries.

Many developers in Estonia have affordable prices and a high level of English, and you can be sure of the quality of work. However, it should be stated that price also varies country by country: for example, in comparison to Estonia, a German developer will cost more.

See how senior React Native developer salary vary by country (senior annual salary is presented):

Country Average annual salary
United States$121,875 per year
United Kindom$105,941 per year
Estonia$36,979  per year
India$22,500 per year
Poland$38,109 per year
Germany$59,000 per year

You should also remember that salary of a react native engineer is not the only expense, as there are additional expenses for equipment, vacation pay, sick leave, part of the insurance, etc.

Due to such nuances, the difference can reach 50%, and, for example, a developer’s cost in Canada of $75,000 per year can increase to about $114,000, taking into account additional costs for equipment, vacation, sick days, insurance, etc.

Going back to the United States (let it be Kentucky), there are additional expenses on the salary. Let’s take a Rect Native developer with an average salary of $75,000: 

  • Wage Increase Per Year – 2% of the salary
  • Bonus Estimate – 10% of the salary
  • Social Security Tax – 6,20% of the salary 
  • Healthcare Tax – 1,45% of the salary
  • Headhunter fee – 25% of the salary
  • Internal hiring cost – 5% of the salary
  • And much more.

So, as you can see, both parties lose something: you lose costs that you could spend on the project development, and your employee loses costs after paying taxes. 

As for the latter, it’s one more piece of evidence why offshoring is a good idea: for example, compared to the USA, where the tax rates can be as high as 37%, in Estonia, the income tax is only 20%, and in Poland, employees shouldn’t pay income taxes at all if they earn less than PLN 30,000 ($6,772) per year. If income exceeds PLN 120,000 ($27,091), the tax is PLN 10,800 ($2,438) + 32% of the excess over PLN 120,000. 

So, if you contact ProCoders, you can avoid all those hidden costs. We will select specialists for you from Estonia, Croatia, and other countries from Central Europe, working at our company, provide you with a team of professionals, and then you will only pay for the project itself! P. S. Contact us today. 

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Other Factors that Affect React Native Developer Salaries

Besides those factors ProCoders has already mentioned in this article, there’re a couple of other ones of the same importance: 

The Level of Experience with Technologies other than React Native 

Developers with expertise in languages like JavaScript will be able to do more interesting work and thus command a higher salary.

Developer’s Communication Skills

Whether a team member is an engineer or a project manager, their communication ability can determine how smoothly software development moves. Developers who can work well with other developers and communicate with stakeholders are more likely to be compensated better than those who do not have these traits.

Industrial Expertise

The industry a React Native developer works in will have a significant impact on your salary. A React Native developer working in banking or financial services will typically earn more than one working in retail or manufacturing.

Additional Stack

For developers, it can be hard to keep up with all the new technologies out there, but it’s important to stay on top of them as it affects their salaries. Here are three additional stacks that every React Native developer should master:

  • React Native + Ionic
  • React Native + Angular 2 or Angular 4 (preferred)
  • React Native + Meteor

Front-end and Back-end Skills Simultaneously. 

Some employers may be more interested in hiring developers who can develop both front-end and back-end code. They might also be willing to pay more for this skill set.

How to Hire Best Talents and Save Budget: Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for React Native developers, it’s important that you find the right candidate for your project. Following ProCoders tips and tricks below, you can hire quality talent without breaking the bank:

Identify the Specific Type of React Native Developer you Need

You should know the developer’s role and determine the required skill set. Once you’re done with that phase, check their successful track record and make sure they can handle your project.

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Validate the Candidate’s Programming and Problem-Solving Skills

Once you’ve identified candidates who fit the job well, it’s time to test their programming and problem-solving skills. There are several ways you can do this.

  • Code challenge – This involves providing your candidate with programming challenges, such as a code snippet or problem statement they must solve within a fixed time frame. 
  • Online coding tests – These usually consist of multiple choice questions testing basic knowledge of computer science concepts like data structures, algorithms, and design patterns. You may also include an open-ended question where the candidate has to explain why they chose one solution over another in some practical scenario.

Determine Whether a Developer is a Good Culture Fit

You can find it out by having them complete a test that evaluates their communication skills, ability to work under pressure, and ability to work well in a team environment. The test should also evaluate their problem-solving abilities, coding skills (which may be learned over time), and understanding of the business domain where they will be working on your project.

Check Coding Performance via Specialized Tools and Platforms

For example, check candidates’ GitHub profiles and see what projects they have worked on. The same applies to StackOverflow profiles and Codementor profiles as well. You can also check their portfolios for past work on platforms like CodePen, CodeWars, or Hackster.

Have a Look at a React Native Developer’s Previous Projects

Ask them to provide references from clients who have used their services. Also, it would be helpful if you could check with one of these projects before hiring them so that you can talk about your business goals with them and find out more about the kind of work they do now.

Hire Directly or with ProCoders (mean without additional fees)

Are you scared of the workload you may face after reading all those tips and tricks? Well, you can avoid them all! At ProCoders, we do a thorough pre-screening before we provide a worker to our clients. With us, you can avoid hidden hiring costs and all the hiring mess connected with getting a new employee!

How much does it cost to outsource React Native development?

A React Native developer salary depends on the country you are considering hiring your developer in. For example, a React Native developer costs $877 to $3000 in Portugal, $787 to $3545 in Croatia, and $1000-$4000 in Estonia per month. You can also consider India for hiring: react native developers cost from $503 to $1600 monthly. However, if you want to hire a developer in the USA, be ready to pay them monthly from $8333 to $13541. 

However, outstaffing companies can provide you with lower prices. For example, ProCoders can offer you a customizable price depending on your project.

What is the best proportion of junior, middle and senior programmers to develop an awesome mobile app?

A good mix of junior, middle, and senior developers is essential. If possible, a team should be composed of three juniors for every mid-level person and four mid-levels for every senior. However, the proportion can vary depending on task level and deadlines.

Junior programmers are the ones who should be hired for the basic support of a project. They are responsible for learning the codebase, building small features, and fixing bugs. In this phase, having enough experienced people is essential to help them out if they get stuck or run into an issue.

Middle-level developers are responsible for maintaining existing code and adding new features. Therefore, they need to have a good understanding of how the application works and how to add features without breaking anything else.

Senior programmers are responsible for reviewing code written by others and ensuring that it follows best practices and company coding standards. They also design new features and ensure they fit well with an existing codebase.

Does a React Native developers team need a project manager?

Yes, it is important to have a dedicated project manager to help ensure there are no missed deadlines and that the team is working towards the right goals.Otherwise, it can be led by a technical team lead.

What key questions to ask while hire remote React Native developers?

To ensure that you are hiring the right person for your project, here are some key questions you should ask while hiring remote React Native developers:

  • What is your JavaScript proficiency level?
  • How familiar are you with React Native components?
  • Out of technologies like redux, mobX, bower, gulp, enzyme, and hockeyapp, how many are you familiar with?
  • What are the components in React? 
  • Can you explain different threads in react native?


  • Although React Native is used by more than 1 million websites worldwide in 2022, it doesn’t mean that React Native developers are easy to find and cost less because of their quantity. The tendency has shown that the React Native developer salary rate grows by 5% yearly. 
  • The rate depends on the country you want to hire your developer in. For example, in the USA, such factors as the state a developer lives in, their personal skills, experience and even the company itself, the industry it belongs to, and any benefits besides the base salary. On the other hand, React Native developers in Central Europe cost less, ut provide the same level of quality due to the next factors:
    • their location; 
    • their experience; 
    • level of education. 
  • Other factors affecting React Native Developer salaries are a company’s reliance on react, experience with technologies other than React, developer’s communication skills, and experience in the industry. 
  • To hire a good react native developer, you should keep in mind that you need:
    • Identify the specific type of React Native developer you need; 
    • Validate the candidate’s programming and problem-solving skills; 
    • Determine whether or not a developer is a good culture fit; 
    • Check coding performance via specialized tools and platforms;
    • Have a look at a react native developer’s previous projects. 
  • You may consider outstaffing for React Native development. Such outstaffing companies as ProCoders will not only help you avoid hidden hiring costs this way, but will make sure that your React Native developer provides you with high-quality work and achieves the KPIs you put for your project.
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