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With almost a decade of WP development experience and a talent pool of 120+ engineers, we've augmented over 150 teams to success. Hire WordPress developers within 3 days through ProCoders and watch your projects flourish!

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    Services ProCoders WordPress Developers for Hire Offer

    Website Development

    Website design and development using WP as the Content Management System (CMS).

    Plugin Development

    Designing & building custom plugins or modifying existing ones to add features to a site.

    Custom Theme Development

    Custom WordPress themes to match the unique branding and design requirements of a website.

    eCommerce Solutions

    Developing and integrating eCommerce solutions using plugins like WooCommerce.

    Website Migration

    Smooth migration of websites from other platforms to WP (and vice versa!)

    Custom Theme Development

    Ongoing WordPress maintenance, updates, and tech support to keep a website secure and up-to-date.

    Pick Your WordPress Services Based on Your Goal

    Through ProCoders, you can find and hire Enfold WordPress developers to create a customizable theme with Enfold-level capabilities. Do it to boost brand awareness with your colors and unique design.

    You can also captivate users, who may as well be your potential buyers/customers, with exclusive functionality of your WP site or a WooCommerce marketplace. Our WordPress plugin developers for hire will make any feature happen without bulking up the site and making it slower.

    Many ProCoders clients hire dedicated WordPress developers as a team to take care of the whole project. We arrange a free workshop to discuss your needs, conduct our proprietary Discovery Phase, and connect you to a team of middle and/or senior engineers with experience in their industries.

    You can also hire JavaScript WordPress developers, as well as experts to style CSS part of the design to work on the user interface of your site, making it responsive and intuitive, thus drawing more people.

    And if you need to amp up the backend of the website, making it faster and more secure, hire PHP WordPress developers via ProCoders. Our programmers will go through every PHP file, optimizing the existing code or writing your website’s base from scratch if necessary.

    What Option Suits You the Best? Let Us Know, and We’ll Assign the Best WordPress Developers to Your Project!

    Why Hire Remote WordPress Developers with ProCoders?

    Time-Proven Skills

    Many WordPress developers have worked with ProCoders for over 6 years, contributing to a wide variety of verticals for clients all over the world.

    Middle/Senior Devs Only

    Here, we only hire certified WordPress developers with sufficient experience to actually contribute to our clients’ projects.

    Rigorous Testing

    ProCoders has a proprietary hiring process consisting of 4 stages, including interviews and tests to see if candidates can provide web development services on our level.

    English Proficiency

    There are no misunderstandings and language barriers when you’re working with our web professionals. We test English proficiency during the first interview.

    Strong Soft Skills

    The developers hired at ProCoders will communicate with you openly, with an understanding of your business culture, challenges, and goals.

    Self-Managed Professionals

    No need for micromanagement. Take care of the core business tasks, and we’ll handle the tech part. ProCoders’ engineers possess impressive self-management skills.

    Meet ProCoders Developers

    a man

    Head of WP Development, Senior Developer PM


    Senior Developer

    More Than High-Quality Web WP Experts

    WP, being a widely used CRM, comes with complimentary programming languages, frameworks, and plugins if you want an extraordinary result. So the expertise in the field comprises not just WordPress for web developers.
    Here are some of the technologies our WP coders have mastered to improve our partners’ projects:

    More Than High-Quality Web WP Experts

    WP, being a widely used CRM, comes with complimentary programming languages, frameworks, and plugins if you want an extraordinary result. So the expertise in the field comprises not just WordPress for web developers.

    Here are some of the technologies our WP coders have mastered to improve our partners’ projects:

    Contact Form 7
    – Elementor + Unlimited Elements
    – Genesis
    – Guttenberg Blocks
    – Advanced Custom Fields
    – HS integration
    – REST API
    – WPRocket
    – Lottie animations
    – Yoast SEO
    – Git Updater

    Contact Form 7 is one of the most effective plugins on WP to create and embed forms on your site for people to fill in their data. Using Elementor is highly beneficial for page building – it’s a plugin that enables you to customize a website with a drag-and-drop interface – very convenient! And you can use the Genesis framework for custom theme creation.

    Hire WordPress Genesis developers, Elementor experts, Contact Form 7 specialists, and other professionals through ProCoders for a wholesome WP website. And if you need programmers with experience in other frameworks, we’ll easily provide them as well!

    Hire WP Talent to Create Custom Websites Based on the Platform!

    These Companies Hire WordPress Developers Through ProCoders

    Software as a Service

    Bringing a new SaaS product to market takes enormous amounts of development time and talent. That’s why frontegg decided to hire remote JavaScript WordPress developers via ProCoders – to get their product to the right people ASAP by creating a business card website.

    Our developers created an intuitive admin panel that allowed the frontegg team to swiftly and consistently update information about their product on the website, keeping customers informed about all the latest releases and changes.

    Health Wellness & Fitness

    Yoli is a new way to make people's lives better. With their unique approach to the selection of high-quality natural health products, they help people on their way to transforming physically and emotionally.

    With this platform, users can get the recommendations and products that fit the best for weight-losing, staying fit, or just for everyday wellness. The company chose to hire remote PHP WordPress developers and our specialists in other technologies to create a website that would not only draw buyers but retain them effectively.


    We Want Your Success Story to Be Next!

    How We Work

    At ProCoders, we offer two main working models:

    01. Staff Augmentation

    Take control of your project management while we provide skilled specialists to complement your existing team. Our developers work together with your in-house engineers, allowing your managers to delegate tasks effortlessly.

    02. TaaS (Team as a Service or Self-Managed Dedicated Team)

    For a more comprehensive solution, ProCoders is ready to have a complimentary 1.5-hour workshop, where we dive into your business goals and needs. Then, through our Discovery Phase, we create a roadmap for the project. And finally, we assemble a full team, backed by a dedicated Project Manager, to passionately work on bringing your vision to life.

    Why Choose One of ProCoders Working Models

    • Confidentiality and NDAs signed for every project
    • Proprietary Discovery Phase if you choose TaaS
    • Clear monthly fees and no-surprise billing
    • Direct client management of your outstaffed team
    • Ability to scale your team up and down quickly to meet capacity needs
    • Teams assembled and ready to work in 3-14 days

    Hire Offshore WordPress Developers in 3-14 days with ProCoders!

    WordPress Experience in Your Industry

    Some of the most trusted sources online are built using WP. Here are the industries we most often see in the WP niche:

    eCommerce eLearning Healthcare
    Legal Logistics Marketing
    Real Estate Retail Sports & Fitness

    This is not an exhaustive list, so if your niche isn’t listed here, feel free to contact us directly to discuss how we can assist you!

    What’s Next? How to Hire Expert WordPress Developers with ProCoders?

    Whenever you’re ready to hire WordPress web developers with ProCoders, here’s our workflow:

    First Contact

    When clients approach us with their project requests, we schedule an initial call to discuss their requirements.

    NDA Signing

    To ensure confidentiality, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) before delving into sensitive project details.

    Discovery Phase (for TaaS)

    If you require a complete development team, we conduct a thorough analysis of the project, budget, and timeline to create a detailed roadmap.

    Developer Selection and Interview

    We carefully select WordPress experts for hire that suit best to the project, and you as our new partner interview them to ensure a perfect fit.

    Project Execution

    Our developers adhere to the roadmap, providing regular updates and managing risks while maintaining open communication through your preferred channels.

    Monthly Payments

    Clients conveniently make monthly payments for the developers' services via our smooth and hassle-free billing process.

    What our clients say about us

    We could talk all day about the work we do. But we’d rather have our clients tell their experience with ProCoders had a real and lasting impact on their business goals. Here’s one of our favorites:

    Eldad Giladi

    We never got a no from them, they said they can do anything and they really do.

    Eldad Giladi
    Full stack Team leader, Frontegg

    The ProCoders Difference That Brings Businesses Success

    One Team – One Project

    “One man, one goal, one mission” is about ProCoders. When you hire a WordPress development team with us, rest assured these people have only one priority – your project.

    Hand in Glove with Your Team

    If you augment your team with our specialists, they will integrate with your engineers, contributing instead of dividing.

    Commitment to Values

    When we look for WordPress consultants, we always check their commitment potential, as we need that for the sake of our business. Of course, each of our partners benefits from this potential as well.

    Flexibility as a Power

    We work with a multitude of companies, from startups to multinational corporations. Our experts understand business objectives of any scale and are ready to deliver any needed scope of work.

    Transparent, Direct Communication

    If we had experience with a similar solution and see that your team may use the wrong approach, we’ll respectfully say so. If we see an issue with the website that jeopardizes its success, we’ll make sure you know about it. ProCoders is about honesty in every interaction.

    Distance Means Nothing

    Yes, when you hire remote dedicated WordPress developers, they may be far away. But this is a good thing! First, we discuss the working hours, so you can stay in touch with the team. Besides, isn’t it an advantage to get a multicultural look on your site, especially if you want to target an international audience?


    How fast can ProCoders hire a WP developer for my company?

    3 days is usually the fastest we can provide WordPress professionals. If we need a little more research or we don’t have a free expert at the moment, the search and onboarding may take 2 weeks. We know where to look for professional programmers, so there’s always a candidate pool we can work on to provide our partners with their dream teams.

    If a staff member needs to be removed or added, how quickly can that be done?

    We can add a WordPress site developer in up to 2 weeks, but if you need to remove a member of the team, you’ll have to provide a one-month notice. We understand that the project priorities and tasks can change, so we’re always open to adapting the team by adding or removing a developer to maintain the efficiency of the process.

    Do you bill hourly or monthly?

    We bill monthly as this practice has proven convenient for most of our clients. It’s like a subscription, but you get full time or part time professionals working on your website.

    Do you have a translator or anyone who will help me communicate with my outstaffed team?

    Your ProCoders outstaffed team doesn’t need a translator. Every software engineer we employ is required to be fluent in both reading, writing, and speaking English. We consider ourselves a truly international firm, and that starts with being able to communicate fully with our clients!

    'm not a technical founder of a start-up. Can I manage a team?

    Yes, you can. After we have a 1.5-hour free workshop and conduct the Discovery Phase, you receive a clear understanding of what to do tech-wise. How many people you need, how much time the development will take, what tasks to prioritize, etc. You can then go on to hire WordPress coders for the project via our company.

    Can you assemble a team that’s right for my project's needs?

    Yes, we can. The choice of WP devs is a complex process – we have a whole expert program going on, yet it doesn’t take much time. At ProCoders, you don’t just get any WordPress developer for hire that we have on bench. We first learn about your project and consider what kind of experts you need. Do you need a senior solution architect to take a look at it? Or we can assign a senior developer to curate and overview the process from the technical side? Do you need a designer? If so, for how many months? We don’t want a specialist to just be on the team when their expertise is no longer needed. We go through each of these questions and assemble a team for a website or application optimization or creation from scratch, depending on who you need and when you need them. You can then scale the team up and down depending on the requirements of the project.

    What kinds of specialists do you have onboard?

    We provide middle and senior developers, designers, quality assurance specialists, UI/UX experts, project managers, and more! Our engineers are fluent in 50+ programming languages and frameworks, so there’s not a pool but an ocean of specialists to choose from.

    How much does it cost to make a web app?

    WordPress projects often start with a $10K price tag. However, a more sophisticated website can cost you $100K. There’s no ballpark estimate because every project is unique. You may need a complex admin panel, custom post types, plugin development, theme customization, smart WP query search, register post types, create a feature-rich WP nav menu, integrate a nonce field to prevent unauthorized access, and much more. Such websites will cost more than a regular business card-type site with base theme development and basic support most maintenance companies provide. If you need a clear estimate as to the time and money it will take to build your project, a roadmap, and professionals to transform your vision into life, hire WordPress developers via ProCoders! We’re ready to take up your project!

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