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    Hiring a Shopify Developer from ProCoders

    Over the course of 8 years completing IT teams with top-tier talent, we’ve gained extensive experience on working with online stores. ProCoders doesn’t just provide designers, developers, and testers for your team. We learn your business objectives and take into account your marketing efforts, highlighting them with a premium user experience.
    So, as a result, you get more than a decent Shopify store. You get a wholesome selling tool addressing your business needs.

    Hire Shopify Developers Providing These Services for the Best Outcome


    Custom Theme Development

    At ProCoders, you can hire a Shopify coder to improve an existing theme or create a new custom one with a responsive design and a mobile-first approach.


    eStore Setup

    We can also integrate 3rd party apps into your store, install themes, prepare forms, and fully set up the store, so it’s ready to be filled and launched.


    Application Development

    Shopify developers you hire through ProCoders can create web and mobile apps for your store using cost-efficient and time-saving approaches.


    Support and Maintenance

    You can also find a developer for your Shopify maintenance and support here. We’ll plan and implement all the changes to the website and/or app to ensure proper operation and steady buyer flow.

    ProCoders’ Working Models

    We at ProCoders know for a fact that every business has different requirements and needs for their projects. So, we have 3 working models for you to choose from depending on what your Shopify project needs.
    Choose based on your point A a.k.a what stage the app/site is at and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help to make the right pick.

    The perfect option for those who don’t have a clear understanding of their technical needs and no IT department to handle them. Let us discover what budget you need to implement your idea, the time needed for its completion, and how many Shopify programmers you’ll need to save time.

    This is the option for businesses that already have a roadmap and a team but need additional staff to meet deadlines, for example. Get Shopify coders to complete your development team, hire additional QA specialists to ensure your shop is ready for launch, and secure a leading place for it with ProCoders.

    And this is suitable for companies where there’s no technical team whatsoever, but there is a ready roadmap. Let us assemble the whole Shopify development team for hire 2+ times faster with our help. ProCoders has dozens of top-skill middle and senior devs ready to build an app or website for you from scratch, or join at any stage if you look to switch from another provider.

    Just 5 Steps to a Successful Shopify Project: The ProCoders Way

    NDA Signing

    As client data safety is one of the top values for us, every member of the team working with the information on your project signs a non-disclosure agreement.

    Pre-Development Research

    We take some time to look into your idea, the stage the project is at, its needs, technical requirements, desired results, and more to make sure we make informed decisions afterward.

    Assembling a Team

    We go through our existing employees to find the best-fitting teammates for your developers or gather a team from 0. In case you need more people or a narrow-field developer we don’t have on the bench, we’ll use the elaborate 4-stage process to hire them for you.

    Regular Reporting

    We take communication very seriously, so you’ll get regular reports about the job done. Besides, if you choose outstaffing with us, our devs become a part of your team, so you can contact them like any other employee of the company.

    Monthly Billing

    To make things more comfortable for our clients, we have a monthly billing where you pay a fixed price on a subscription basis. This Team as a Service approach is one of the most appreciated details according to our partners.

    Make Finding Shopify Developers a Breeze with ProCoders!

    Find a Shopify Developer at a Fair Price for the Services They Provide

    Let us introduce you to the pricing plans we’ve been improving for over 8 years:
    Hours per month:
    1+ month
    • 2 business days response time
    • 1 hour Min billing quote
    • QA service included
    • Project manager included
    • Range-only tasks evaluation
    • x1.5 Non-business time
    Hours per month:
    1+ month
    • 2 business days response time
    • 2 hours Min billing quote
    • QA service included
    • Project manager included
    • Range-only tasks evaluation
    • x1.5 Non-business time
    Hours per month:
    1+ month
    • 1 business day response time
    • 2 hours Min billing quote
    • QA service included
    • Project manager included
    • Range-only tasks evaluation
    • x1.5 Non-business time
    Hours per month:
    2+ months
    • 2 business hours response time
    • Full time mode
    • QA service not included
    • Account manager included
    • x1.3 Non-business time

    Why Hire Shopify Web Developers with ProCoders to Create or Improve Your Shopify Store?

    Before you hire Shopify programmers through staff augmentation, it’s clear you may have questions about the quality of work, long-distance cooperation, and more in the realm of “why should I work with you”?
    Here are some points to help you make up your mind:

    We assemble teams x2 faster.

    Based on ProCoders 8+ year experience, we can confidently state that this company is stress-resistant. We’ve had clients come in needing a team in 14-30 days, given the regular timing falls between 3-6 months. We can staff your project in weeks as ProCoders already has top-level Shopify programmers hired full-time.

    We cut your expenses almost in half.

    Depending on the level of the developer and their location, we can cut your expenses by 40%. Not to mention you save 99% of HR costs as we assemble and manage our Shopify team for hire ourselves.

    We speed up time-to-market by 20%+.

    Depending on the scope of work and how long it takes to find the right Shopify developers for you, we’ll speed up the products’ time-to-market by at least 20%. This is due to our in-house QAs who make sure everything is tested thoroughly and how we prioritize learning about our clients' needs and vision from the outset of our cooperation.

    Top-3 Benefits ProCoders Offers to Each Client

    01. Individual Approach

    Finding an individual approach for each client is one of our superpowers. We provide high-quality service based on your business and technical needs of your company instead of using ready templates for every project.

    Top-3 Benefits ProCoders Offers to Each Client

    02. Fair Pricing

    We at ProCoders hire expert Shopify developers from Central Europe. Fluent in English and just as skilled as the US experts (many even more proficient), they have lower rates. So, you don’t just hire Shopify coders with experience and a portfolio, but achieve cost-efficiency without losing an ounce of result quality.

    Top-3 Benefits ProCoders Offers to Each Client

    03. Active Communication

    When you hire professional Shopify developers with us, you opt for regular honest communication. As our devs become a part of your team, you can connect them to team calls or request reports and ask questions at any other time during the working hours.

    Looking for More? We Have Engineers Fluent in Over 50 Programming Languages and Frameworks. So, We Definitely Have Something to Contribute!

    Businesses That Have Trusted Their Projects to ProCoders

    S.E.E.K Arizona is a project we’re exceptionally proud of. They offer behavioral treatment for children and young people with developmental disabilities. By working on their platform, ProCoders has made our contribution to this great cause, helping the company deliver their agenda and services to the target audiences.

    Ask Our Clients About Their Development Experience

    We can provide customer contacts so that you can ask them directly about their paths with ProCoders.


    Why are ProCoders the best choice to hire Shopify developers?

    ProCoders is your best choice because we offer the best IT talent for a fair price. In over 8 years, our hiring process has evolved to the point where every applicant must go through 4 stages to actually be hired. Not to mention that all the people we hire to stay in our team, which means we pay them even when they aren’t engaged in any project. This also allows us to provide you with staff in several days.

    Can you hire Shopify web developers in less than 48 hours?

    We already have a lot of skilled developers on the team, so if our capacity matches your needs, you can get the staff in less than 48 hours.

    How can I be connected with developers?

    When you hire a Shopify app developer team with ProCoders, they basically become your employees, only without vacation pay and insurance spendings.

    How much does It cost to hire a Shopify programmer?

    This greatly depends on the level of expertise you want your developer(s) to have, their location, the urgency of your project, the scope of work, and much more. Usually, Shopify projects start at $10K, but we can only provide the final number after studying your case.

    When hiring Shopify engineers for my project, is there a trial period available?

    You can address all your concerns during the interviews with our programmers. However, in certain situations, we’re ready to provide a brief free trial to help you make sure you have found the right match for your project.

    Do you support the project after the job Is done?

    Yes, we can provide post-launch support for your project, maintaining and improving your website even more. ProCoders is focused on long-term projects, so we don’t leave our clients after their ship sails.

    Which UI/UX best practices do your Shopify expert developers adhere to?

    Some practices include simplifying product discovery and checkout, opting for minimalistic over flashy, adding personalization features, and more. However, we understand that each project is unique. So, first of all, we learn about what your shop needs to get more buyers, using the best practices that match your particular requirements.

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