Elevate Your WordPress Site’s Search Experience with ChatGPT

With the BrainySearch plugin, you can provide your site visitors with more accurate and relevant search results. Our plugin uses OpenAI same as ChatGPT to index and analyze the content of your blog posts, and then returns the most relevant search results for each user query.

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    ChatGPT for Wordpress

    The BrainySearch plugin indexes your blog posts using the embeddings feature of OpenAI and uses this data to enrich the AI search request

    • An AI summary response of the most relevant results based on the content of the indexed blog posts
    • The most relevant search results based on the content of the indexed blog posts, along with a temperature label (0-100) that indicates the “creativity” or “diversity” of the results
    • Links to the indexed blog posts that match the user’s search query.

    Why Choose BrainySearch

    Increased Accuracy: Deliver the most accurate search results to users.

    Customizable Settings: Fine-tune the search functionality to your exact needs.

    Easy to Use: With shortcodes and template files, BrainySearch is easy to install and use.

    Superior User Experience: Deliver the most relevant search results to users.

    Where to Use BrainySearch

    The BrainySearch plugin can be used on any WordPress site where advanced search functionality is desired.


    Provide accurate and relevant product search results to customers

    News and Blogs

    Provide targeted search results based on article content

    Education and Online Courses

    Provide effective search results for course content

    Knowledge Base

    Improve the search experience for users trying to find specific information

    Expert Systems and Decision Making

    Fast and accurate search functionality

    Ready to get started with BrainySearch? Download the plugin today

    The BrainySearch plugin is currently free to use until July 15, 2023

    After this date, a new Pro version of the plugin will be released, which will include additional advanced features such as:

    • Customizable search filters and weighting
    • Real-time search suggestions
    • Custom result templates
    • Custom post types support
    • ACF support
    • Caching requests & response
    • Throttling and limits by User or IP

    Don’t miss this opportunity to try out BrainySearch for free and experience its powerful search capabilities on your WordPress site. Sign up today and take your search functionality to the next level!

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