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Unlock AI talent with ProCoders! As a leader in staff augmentation with over 9-year experience, ProCoders have matched 150+ engineering teams with clients worldwide. Discover the finest IT minds for your projects, harnessing the transformative power of AI. Elevate your business with ProCoders and reimagine what's possible!

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    Shorter Team Assembly Time

    Hiring locally and in-house may postpone your project by 3-6 months if not more. ProCoders will equip your team with top-tier engineers in 2 months max.

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    Decrease in HR Costs

    Bring HR costs to the minimum by letting our specialists choose the best developers for the project.

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    Total Costs Decrease

    ProCoders rescues businesses from hidden costs associated with in-house hiring (insurance, vacations, equipment, etc.)

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    Sooner Time-to-Market

    Through speedy AI engineer selection and well-coordinated collaboration, you can launch the solution ⅕ faster!

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    Teams Expanded

    In 8 years of experience, we’ve augmented over 150 teams quickly and effectively, helping to release websites, web apps, mobile apps, chatbots, and other projects.

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    Programming Languages and Frameworks Available

    We have various engineers on the team, middle and senior, so the equipment of your team will be speedy.

    Top Businesses Trust ChatGPT Integration to ProCoders

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    Metallurgical manufacturer in the construction industry

    A task for ProCoders? A customized bot for consultations based on the company’s knowledge base. 

    What did we do? Leveraging our OmniMind project, we trained ChatGPT with comprehensive data on the company’s product range and specifications.

    Results? The implementation of the bot empowered sales managers to efficiently handle the diverse assortment, resulting in faster order processing and increased customer satisfaction.

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    A Human Resources business

    A task for ProCoders? An efficient onboarding solution through a customized Learning Management System (LMS).

    What did we do? Our expertise involved refining ChatGPT to create a knowledgeable bot that encompasses the organization’s processes, values, and beliefs

    Results? New employees can now conveniently seek instant answers to their queries, eliminating the need for frequent manager interactions.

    Embrace the AI Revolution with ProCoders Outstaffing Services!

    Step into the future of technology and harness the potential of AI. Our talented developers can propel your projects forward, unlock new possibilities, and outshine your competition. Don't miss out on the AI advantage – start your journey with us today!

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    B2B Chatbots: Registration Made Easy

    Simplify and enhance the B2B registration process with our intelligent chatbot powered by ChatGPT and OmniMind. Say goodbye to lengthy forms as our conversational chatbot collects and validates customer data seamlessly. Enjoy personalized assistance and support throughout the registration journey, while integration with existing systems ensures a smooth flow of information. Streamline operations, save time, and foster positive customer relationships with our innovative B2B chatbot solution.

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    AI-Powered Document Translation: Unleash the Potential with ChatGPT

    By harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT, we revolutionize the way businesses handle translations. With our technology, you can effortlessly translate documents of any format, including PDFs, while maintaining accuracy and context. ChatGPT, backed by our proprietary OmniMind platform, integrates seamlessly into your organization’s workflow, enabling streamlined communication across language barriers.

    See How AI can be Usefull in Your Industry!

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    AI Production Optimization

    Enhance your production processes with cutting-edge AI-driven solutions. Predictive maintenance minimizes costly downtime and optimizes maintenance schedules. Benefit from accurate demand forecasting for efficient production planning and inventory management. Leverage AI-powered quality control to ensure impeccable product quality and customer satisfaction. Streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency with AI-driven optimization.

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    Use ChatGPT Audit in Business

    Seamlessly automate audits with OmniMind’s custom AI solution. Keep data secure within your organization while optimizing efficiency. Tailor AI models to your knowledge base. Conduct fully automated audits and gain valuable insights. Enhance productivity and make data-driven decisions with ChatGPT Audit’s innovative features.

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    AI Accounting

    From automating data entry and reconciliations to predicting financial trends based on historical data, OmniMind ensures accuracy and efficiency. With its capability to be trained on your specific datasets, it understands your business’s financial nuances, ensuring personalized insights and recommendations.

    How Can ProCoders AI Developers Be of Service?


    AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

    Solutions that understand natural language Improved customer support Streamlined employee education


    AI-enabled IoT Solutions

    Smart and autonomous decision-making Predictive maintenance Efficient resource management


    Intelligent Automation

    Automating repetitive tasks, workflows, and business processes Robotic process automation (RPA) Cognitive automation


    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Sentiment analysis Language translation ChatGPT-based chatbots Voice recognition


    Recommendation Systems

    Product suggestions Customer assistance Higher personalization


    Data Science

    Statistical modeling Data visualization Data-driven decision-making


    Machine Learning Development

    Algorithms to enable systems to learn from data Prediction making Task automation


    Predictive Analytics

    Analyze historical data Make predictions about future trends Forecast customer behavior and market dynamics

    Why Hire ProCoders

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    Full Tech Support

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    Flexible Development

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    Honest Communication

    So, How to Get Started?

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    Step 1: Secure Data Protection

    Your data security is our top priority. We ensure confidentiality with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to guard your sensitive information.

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    Step 2: Personalized Consultation

    Our initial consultation helps us understand your project challenges, enabling us to provide the right ChatGPT programmers tailored to your needs.

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    Step 3: Expert ChatGPT Developers

    Our senior specialists handpick skilled ChatGPT coders who possess the expertise necessary for your project's success.

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    Step 4: Timely Task Completion and Updates

    Our professionals deliver high-quality results and provide regular updates for seamless communication and rapid development.

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    Step 5: Flexible Monthly Billing

    Enjoy peace of mind with our flexible and secure monthly billing options. Plus, we offer a subscription-based model that aligns with your budget.

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    • Cutting-Edge AI
      We provide the latest advancements in AI technology for innovative solutions that will give your business a competitive edge.
    • Tailored Solutions
      Customizable AI solutions are available for you to address your unique challenges, optimizing performance and driving cost savings.
    • Real Business Impact
      We provide tangible results with AI solutions that improve operations, enhance decision-making, and drive revenue growth.


    What programming languages and frameworks are available to ProCoders engineers?

    ProCoders engineers have expertise in 50+ programming languages and frameworks for AI, web, and cross-platform mobile app development, etc.

    Can you provide us with a consultation and a preliminary plan for applying ChatGPT in our business?

    Absolutely! Let's schedule a call where you can share your needs, and we'll provide a consultation and preliminary plan for integrating ChatGPT into your business.

    How is ChatGPT utilized to address specific business challenges?

    We apply AI-powered algorithms to speed up, automate, recognize, and streamline routine tasks and vast data processing. ChatGPT is a powerful AI language model that can assist in natural language processing, customer support automation, content generation, and more. Its flexibility allows it to be applied to a wide range of use cases.

    What specific results and achievements can we expect from implementing an AI solution in our business?

    The implementation of an AI solution, like ChatGPT, can lead to improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, streamlined processes, personalized interactions, and potential cost savings. The exact outcomes will depend on the specific use case and integration strategy tailored to your business needs.

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